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Beyond Discipline: Train your child’s character (Kindle edition)

Beyond Discipline: Train your child’s character (Kindle edition)

Train your child’s character: what happens when you aren’t looking? Turn your exasperating discipline challenges into successful encounters that make a difference for the next time. Instead of doing figure 8’s with their behaviors, your children will make progress in their understanding of why they themselves want to improve!

A child is made truly noble by carefully training his character, not just by curbing his external behavior via discipline. Beyond Discipline looks at numerous immediately practical and effective strategies to accomplish that. These insightful protocols were gathered from Renee Ellison’s veteran teaching experience of over 25 years, while working with hundreds and hundreds of students. These strategies work. In this book you’ll learn how to “run ahead” of your child’s disturbing behaviors as well as now to shore up the “afterwards” of these events to far better advantage than you ever thought possible. You will now find yourself surer of your children’s behavior, even when you aren’t watching them. Your children, so trained, will be at peace with themselves and with others, making your family life a happier one. These are teacher-proven, time-tested techniques that produce exceptional results.

This Kindle eBook includes further ideas for training in subtle areas that most parents just let go. What a difference this further refinement can make! We drew these tips from interviews with families whose children turned out exceptionally well.

Bonus section: Discipline strategies to use for managing groups of children. These strategies were originally developed to use with very unruly children in afterschool programs. These do the job!

Kindle file size: 589KB. Published January 2013. ISBN: 978-0-9882835-4-1. Once you have purchased it and downloaded the file to your computer, email it to your dedicated Kindle email address. If you don’t know what that is, go into your Kindle managing account on to ascertain your Kindle email address.

Don’t have a Kindle reader? This is also available as a regular ebook in PDF format, and also as a thick printed booklet that we mail to you.

Mrs. S. of Phoenix wrote this about this book: “Incredible! My husband and I are implementing it immediately! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and God’s love.”

Another mom said, “Your discipline CD (of your Beyond Discipline book) is unequivocally the best material on child-raising all in one place I’ve ever had the fortunate privilege of discovering! We listen to it over and over!” (Mrs. L., mother of five, Arkansas)

Price: $4.99