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Individual user reviews:

"The typing program came on time and I used it diligently to finish learning the keyboard. I passed the typing test and was offered the job!" (Dede Giesa in Issaquah, Washington, who ordered Zoom-Type by phone because she had to take a typing test to get a new job, and only had ten days to prepare for it; we mailed her the course by Priority Mail)

"I love Zoom-Type -- I can imagine no better program! Zoom-Type is just superb in simplicity, effectiveness and ease of use for the `kidlins.'" (Mrs. Bates in Montana)

"I looked all over for a typing course to teach typing quickly. Everything I found was too tedious and took way to long to teach. I am a firm believer in learning something in the most efficient and stress-free way possible. THIS IS IT FOR TYPING! It's so simple - it is amazing and it works. Basically the idea is to trick the Right Side of the brain to learn something and the left side follows. Does it work? You bet it works. In one week my 10 year old was typing the whole keyboard correctly. Now he is just gaining speed! This program is no frills! No nonsense - yet easy, fun and doable. It takes 5 - 5 minute sessions the first week. It's non-consumable, so you can use it with all your children. Even yourself. It will totally amaze you how quickly you learn and gain speed with this course." (LaCelle Family Ministries, N.Y.)

"I have the next generation to teach typing and this program worked so well with my children, I want to use this program." (Nolan, second generation user of Zoom-Type)

"I love this typing program! I have told all my friends to Buy It. Wow! Thank you!" (Mrs. Kurt Haldeman, homeschool mom)

"I was so intrigued by your typing program that I took a leap of faith and finally ordered it. In the beginning, I thought it was just 'too good to be true'. My daughter is thoroughly enjoying it! Last night she said, `Can I type in Word to see if this really works?' It does! The blessing in it for us is that she is beginning 4th grade and is dyslexic and dysgraphic. She is very bright, but writing is such a hindrance. Everyone suggests typing for her, but if you can't type well, it really can be just as slow and frustrating." (Laura Roberts, Florida)

"My 8 year old learned to type using Zoom-Type, and we've told many others about it. It is a very successful program even if you just do it once or twice a day. I was also amazed at all that he retained once when we had a six week break!" (Lori McMullen, Spring, Texas)

"After being introduced to Zoom-Type, our Christmas shopping was slowed way down this year, because we had to drag our daughter off of every computer terminal we saw! She'd be over there practicing her typing, even in an appliance store. She types nearly as fast as I do, and I type 55 wpm! It's amazing. It's truly amazing." (Karen Decker, mother of a 4th grader)

"My six and eight-year-olds have learned their typing skills with your typing course. It proved to be everything good I had read it to be. Was I ever pleased when after I explained that they could learn PIANO with the SAME type of course as their TYPING, they eagerly wanted to give piano a try, too!" (Mrs. Fitzpatrick)

School reviews:

"This typing program is truly an inspired method of teaching. My students took to it like fish to water. My second graders were typing within a week. It's incredible!" (Ed Stayer, 2nd grade teacher)

After seeing the results with my own class, I wrote a grant requesting to put this program in 12 schools in Tennessee! There is simply nothing else like it on the market out there." (Cindy Bosse, 5th grade teacher, Knoxville Public Schools)

At a rehab class, a 4th grade student demonstrated to his teacher that he could touch-type when only a week before he had hunted and pecked his way through the lesson. His rehabilitation teacher exclaimed, "What is this program you've been learning?! Who teaches it?" She called both the school and the child's parents to track it down. (Susan Elling, speech language pathologist, Mapleton Pediatric Rehabilitation Center, Boulder, CO)

"I was surprised and delighted as I watched a four year old demonstrate her skills with this program! After watching her, I realized that this method ties into the natural learning process of children." (Dr. Carolyn Topping, Ph.D., principal, Mesa Elementary School)

"I have been using your typing program with my special needs kids. We've had to modify of course but they are doing very well with it. Even my autistic kids, they love it. They especially like the "musical" part of the course. Thanks for designing such a terrific program." (Janel Barr, Special Education Teacher, Cortez Middle School)

"When we first started Zoom-Type, I was hesitant. I thought the program might not work with this age group. But after one week, I was amazed. It not only teaches the kids how to type, it's good for developing eye-hand coordination, too. The enthusiasm is high. If we miss a day, the kids ask, can we type again tomorrow?" (Bobby Hertz, 1st grade teacher, Country Day School)

A junior high school student made the following comment to her elementary school brother; "This isn’t fair. We started to learn to type weeks before you did, and you're already finished! How did you do that?!" (Abigail LaPointe, student, Platt Junior High School, Colorado)

"After several months of Zoom-Type, my students are now typing 30 to 40 words per minute, without looking at the keys - and loving it! This simple, easy to use program really gets results. My student's spelling skills have improved because of it. I highly recommend it." (Pam Stayer, 4th grade teacher)

"Our child was so excited about Zoom-Type, he demanded that we bring an old typewriter home from work so he could practice in the evening." (Jane Stearn, parent)

"This creative and stimulating approach to keyboarding is refreshing. The multi-sensory focus met the needs of more kids than any other approach I've used." (Bill Dennler, 4th grade teacher, Bear Creek Elementary School)

"There is no question that this program is much more valuable than its cost! After seeing the results of the field testing, our school bought it." (Mayo Watson, private school principal)

Curriculum review by Dawn Wahl, in the Western Dakota Christian Home Schoolers’ newsletter:

"Once in a while I come across a program that is so good, I want to be sure that every parent learns about it. Snapshot Typing by Renée Ellison [now known as Zoom-Type] is such a program. I went to her workshop during our convention in July and was intrigued when she said that you could teach a child to touch type in two weeks. Since our computer typing program hadn’t seemed to give the results I was hoping it would, I decided to buy this instructional booklet. It doesn’t require a computer.

It has far exceeded my expectations. In one week I have taught 9 children to type the alphabet in under one minute with the keys blanked out, using proper finger strokes and without looking at the keyboard. They are continuing to learn commonly used words and are steadily increasing their typing speed. I, also, have increased my accuracy, and my speed has increased from 40 WPM to 60 WPM. It was well worth the cost."