Here's how you can teach yourself how to type in 5 days instead of wasting all year on it.





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How it works:


How  Zoom-Type works!

Remember playing the game of concentration when you were a child? You'd put all the cards face down, and then have to remember what they were. It was a game of "now you see it, now you don't." Well, that is similar to how you'll learn with Zoom-Type. Pictures of letters will appear and disappear, and that will trigger your brain to recall what they were and where they were.

This course of hundreds of pictures is totally portable. That means you can learn all the basics by tapping right on the pages of the book! Children can even learn outside under a tree or in the back seat of a car, while mom runs errands. Mom can learn while sitting/waiting in the dentist's office. When you/and or the children get home, after five days of practicing through the whole book, you'll be able to type on your real keyboard. All of the hard stuff will already be in your fingers! And there really is no hard stuff, because the brain learns such tiny pieces of the skill at a time, that you trick it into thinking it is all easy.

There is no typing course like it in the marketplace today. You can't buy this course in an office supply store. When I was teaching junior high, I used to lament that 7th graders were wasting so much time in typing class. That's why I invented this course. You only need one Zoom-Type course for the whole family. All your friends and neighbors will want to borrow it once they see how fast, and how accurately, YOU type.

Read the table of contents and see what is different about this typing program.

What it contains:


Your Zoom-Type course comes to you in a 117-page wire-bound volume that includes user-friendly instructions, progress charts, practice keyboards, all of the snapshot pages, and practice word lists (the Doltch 220 common words) and (for more practice) words to Character Traits songs. Click here to print out a free online practice list of the most common 400 English words, formatted in 40 word charts so you can test your typing speed.

The course also includes a Musical Finger March audio CD (7 lessons in nearly 39 minutes) that is especially recommended for typing students at the 3rd grade level and below, because the narration walks a young student through the entire program. Hundreds of people have found our "picture" course enjoyable after trying the tedious left-brain approach of other typing programs.

Get a 20% discount: save $12 by buying both the piano and the typing courses!

Plus, learn the numbers section of your computer or calculator using Speedy 10-Key! Choose the hard copy version or the E-Book that you can print out and start using today!