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Zoom-Type is a superior method for learning how to touch-type -- read why it's such a winner for you!

If a four-year old can learn how to touch-type in 5 days, so can you! We piloted this course with a four-year-old girl in 1989 who learned how to read while she learned how to touch-type.

Teach yourself fast keyboarding skills in 5 days instead of wasting all year on it.

You can learn how to type while sitting under a tree, relaxing at the beach or the pool, or while traveling!

Zoom-Type is a revolutionary breakthrough in teaching touch-typing FAST by using the right brain. Hundreds of quick snapshots and a musical finger march get you seeing, saying, and tapping the correct keys with the correct fingers in just 5 days (5 minutes, 5 times a day). Good for ages 4 to 94. Totally portable--no computer necessary. This is the only right-brain typing course of its kind on the market. The difference in the sheer speed of the results you see with Zoom-Type is head-spinning. You and your children will speed-type while others with other programs are still just getting the book open! Even the computer programs designed to teach typing are still in the dark ages. The brain learns best by pictures, so order Zoom-Type today to develop fast keyboarding skills.

See how this typing program works and what it contains...

We have sold this typing lesson book at educational conventions nationally since 1992. Now you can buy it directly. 3rd-party reviewers and customers love Zoom-Type!

This typing course is unique in three ways:

(1) Spaced repetition -- five-minute lessons, several times a day! Away with hour-long drudgery! Rapid-fire quick imprints of the autonomic nervous system gets the job done.

(2) Right brain -- uses the picture side of the brain, not just the left side as other typing methods do. With Zoom-Type, children subconsciously learn where the letters LIVE not just what they ARE.

(3) Splintered skills -- you learn each skill separately, in small increments, then when you put them together all the brain has to do is jump the synapses between the already acquired mini-skills. The brain is tricked into thinking the whole task is super EASY

Two free word lists, at no extra charge! This course includes a list of the 220 most frequently used words in the English language. Mastering this list, children will improve their spelling skills while raising their typing speed. Plus another bonus, an online practice list of the most common 400 English words, formatted in 40 word charts so you can test your typing speed.

Test your typing speed and get some practice typing, using some free online typing tests and typing games.

And, learn the numbers section of your computer or calculator, using Speedy 10-Key!

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