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Typing tests and typing games:

Many free online typing tests and online typing games are available. We don't intend to try to improve on them; what we've focused on is an improved basic method for learning how to type. We are happy to introduce you to our competition, because we are convinced our typing program is the best. The difference between any of these typing programs and Zoom-Type is the right brain approach -- now you see it, now you don't -- and also that you learn to type away from the keyboard before moving to the keyboard to get your speed faster. The online typing tests include the following (with a few comments and observations by us). If your typing speed is too slow, buy Zoom-Type to retrain your fingers quickly!

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Typing tests:

PowerTyping offers a number of free online typing tests. It immediately tells you your typing speed in WPM and mistakes made.

The ScriptureTyper Bible Memory System offers an app to practice your speed typing and memorize scripture at the same time.

Learn2Type tells you your typing speed (but not your accuracy figure) for typing a variety of paragraphs of texts. Also, a ten-key test. The pages include ads and unsolicited pop-up screens, which some may find objectionable. The user must log in to use other features of this site.

Typing Pal Online has a test and a productivity calculator to evaluate how much time you could save by reaching your target typing speed. For the test, you type 6 short lines of text at your own pace; as with many other programs, if you make an error while typing, the cursor will stop until you type the right key.

TypingMaster tells you your typing speed, accuracy and net speed.

FreeTypingGame provides two timed keyboarding tests, one of which allows you to print out a typing speed certificate. Site includes ads and unrequested pop-up screens.

TypeOnline presents a variety of paragraphs for you to speed-type -- and also tests for typing numbers. As with most online typing tests, when it reports your errors it counts typos you corrected as you were typing the test.

FreeTypingTest is marketed towards persons considering a career in the field of Medical Transcription.

BlackDog's Typing Speed Test measures accuracy as well as speed, and offers a results page. Its downside is that the text is there for someone to read ahead of time, unlike others that continue to open a new screen. The page is supported by advertising.

CalculatorCat calculates your speed only. When you refresh the page, it gives you a new sentence to type.


Typing practice and games:

PowerTyping includes a number of word-typing games. Also, a helpful build-your-own list of words to drill: you decide what words or phrases you want to practice. It stops and forces you to correct, any time you make an error. As with the typing test, it tells you your typing speed and number of mistakes.

DanceMatTyping by BBC Schools provides free practice screens for typing the letters of the keyboard.

Krazy Keyboarding for Kids has 16 free lessons and a review.

TypingMaster has a bubbles game to practice typing letters and numbers. Requires Java software.

FreeTyping Games offers a number of arcade-stype games in which you type the words that are coming across the screen, blasting them away. The site has paid advertising in the form of pop-up banner ads.

The keyboard playground has ten free online typing games -- plus some from TypingMaster that are downloadable.

And more at Learn to Type on the Web: A review for students and professionals.

Read an online review of the world's best typing lessons, by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

Typing program review by Dawn Wahl:

Zoom-Type "has far exceeded my expectations. In one week I have taught 9 children to type the alphabet in under one minute with the keys blanked out, using proper finger strokes and without looking at the keyboard. They are continuing to learn commonly used words and are steadily increasing their typing speed. I, also, have increased my accuracy, and my speed has increased from 40 WPM to 60 WPM."

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