Child Training How-To's by Renee Ellison

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Any homeschooler knows that academics are only part of the picture.  The strongest reason to home school is
to shape godly character in our children.

Here are practical helps for taking them further and higher than you could imagine.

Character Traits Coloring Book & Songs     
For elementary ages.           Listen to a sample song online!                 
  (97 pages, with 60 minutes of songs on an audio CD; #26)  

Take a break, mom!  Your kids can color and sing their way to more noble character!  You get 48 “get-you-to-think” coloring pages, 48 “stick-with-you” songs (professionally recorded, with large-print lyrics), and 48 object lessons to drive each point home.  Coloring book version choice: NIV (default) or KJV verses.


   The 97-page coloring book contains pictures of animals and words that actually look and act like the trait they describe!
Extra coloring books are $11 each. 

   Each song is a catchy advertisement for maximum ways of doing things and relating to people. Contagious, foot-tapping powerful one-liners, ready to grab when you need them most in life, about determination, grumbling, gratefulness, joyfulness, love, procrastination, etc. Just the kind of catchy ads you want your kids to sing!

     Get double use of the follow-along song words for character training while your children use them for practicing their typing or penmanship, too.

Read more about the character traits coloring book and songs, and listen to a sample.

Also available as an electronic file that we can mail you on a CD!
All of the pictures and text are on a CD of PDF files, for just $8.
  Gives you  the option of selecting whichever of the 48 songs you choose; printing out the corresponding character trait picture to color); printing out the large print words to the 48 songs; and printing out a dozen pages of  memory verses about those traits – in either King James or New International Version.  Buy one, along with the standard separate CD of the 48 Character Traits songs, and use it for all the people in your domain!

The buyer may make extra pages for your family or others you teach.


  Or order just the audio CD of songs
 for $5.99


One purchaser wrote that "I was anxious to try out your ideas with my children.  They love the Character Traits Coloring Book and tapes.  You're right, in no time they were singing up a storm!"  (Mrs. W., in Loveland, Colorado)

Another wrote, "We started home schooling yesterday and the Character Traits Coloring Book has been a hit with both student and teacher!  It provides me a great opportunity to discuss these topics in a fun way.  [Our child] loves to sing and color.   We listen to the song corresponding to the coloring page over and over and over while she colors.  It's the highlight of home school for her!  Your products have been a great help!  Thanks!" (Mrs. Jones, in Durango, Colorado)

Another mom wrote, "Thank you so much for your ministry!  My children love your Character Traits tape.  They listened to it over and over until my 2 year old had her way with it."  (Mrs. F., in Cheyenne, Wyoming)


In Better Arms Than These: Lullabies for God’s children

For the youngest...and their parents (and lots of other people enjoy them, too!)

  (audio CD, 30 minutes; #90)                      $5.99 

Original Christian lullabies with beautiful classical piano. Finally, some songs with choice words for BOTH mother and baby. Mothers are fed with inspiration, while babies are wooed to sleep.


Music by Kathleen Fagre; lyrics by Renée Ellison.  Click here for the tracks and more info (pdf file).


Ethel Barrett’s Bible stories…as told a half-century ago!

For elementary ages.   (audio CD, 76 minutes; #84)       $5.99 

Treat your family to an unforgettable listening experience.  Known as “The Story Lady,” Ethel Barrett had an exceptional ability to write and dramatize stories based on the Bible.  Click here for the tracks and more info.

Rene still remembers listening to these (on LP records) as a little girl in the 1950s!


Ethel Barrett tells the story of D. L. Moody

For all ages.   (audio CD, 76 minutes; #85)                      $5.99 

Another fabulous Ethel Barrett CD is now available: we acquired an exclusive, rare recording of the story of the life of famous American evangelist Dwight. L. Moody, as told by her. When Barrett told this story at Moody Bible Institute in 1967, it made people laugh and cry. It is a real treasure, an inspirational recounting of the effects of the life of a man who brought a million souls to Christ.  Click here for more information.


Some thoughts from Renee Ellison on the topic of a mother's discipline of her children:

"The great goal of all discipline is to achieve a neutral will in all matters in the child, against a backdrop of recalling to the child's mind that he could have NOTHING at all in homeless, lying in train stations on the ground in India. So that you teach them daily, hour by hour, gratefulness for the smallest of mercies. The child's responses should look like this: "Yes, maam I don't have to have buttered popcorn, plain (i.e. boring) popcorn is fine with me because I could be having NO popcorn." I don't HAVE to have this chair, this book, this pet, this undivided attention...

"General Robert E. Lee's (a devout Christian) only words to a young mother with a newborn were: `teach him to DENY himself.' We're told in writings by the great past Christian saints that this IS the goal of the mature ADULT have a neutral will before the Lord in all things. This is why it is important to train it in the CHILD, because it is our ultimate goal for him in his eventual adult life. When he learns it with small temporal matters he CAN see, it trains the child to do it well for the larger spiritual issues that he CAN'T see, later on in life.

"He must come to have a certainty that no will or preference of his own, a complete and total surrender to the Lord's will is the BEST course for His life both now and in eternity. Through good, consistent thorough parenting, over time, the child learns his life goes better as he exhibits such yieldedness. He learns to crave the blessings more than his own impetuousness. He has seen the good OUTCOMEs of God's dealings with his family over and over and has gained a sureness in trusting the Lord with all personal matters, both small and great. He must come to view the crucible with equal pleasure as the palace. That is what the earth experience garners for our Lord...a people who know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He can be trusted not only to rule the universe perfectly, but the individual life perfectly.

"Now the trick is to get the child to BUY INTO do this with HAPPINESS, reverence, a grateful embrace the be eager for holiness. This you do by pointing out examples of it in history, in storybooks, the Bible and in real life in other adults...the mother asks the small child again and again, `Do you like the nature and spirit of that person? Why? Do you want to be like that? Then this is what we must be like today. We don't suddenly wake up and become it.'

"You must dangle the carrot of inspiration out in front while you come along behind with the pitchfork. It takes BOTH day in and day out. Tend to this business well and you'll have heart rest when they are grown."

For more on this topic, order Renee's booklet, No Monkey Business.

No Monkey Business:              $4.00  
Discipline Strategies for Homeschoolers        


For anyone who is raising young children.  (50 pages; #19) 
Also available as an E-Book.    A best-seller.

Practical, loving, nurturing discipline strategies that work.  How to run ahead of your children in training and disciplining them.  No ho-hum theory here . . . just teacher-proven, time-tested techniques used with scores of children at the worst times of the day in the worst settings, with happy results.

Mrs. S. of Phoenix wrote this about No Monkey Business:  "Incredible!  My husband and I are implementing it immediately!  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and God's love."

This material is also covered by audio CD #9 in Renee's homeschool how-to CD's. "...your discipline CD is unequivocally the best material on child-raising all in one place I've ever had the fortunate privilege of discovering! We listen to it over and over!" (Mrs. L., mother of five, Arkansas)


Dynamite Discipline Strategies for Managing Any Group of Children (DVD)      $6.99

           (approx. 30 minutes; #95)

Hilarious and power-packed! Each “discipline-how-to” is demonstrated incorrectly by a funny man named Mr. Wrong and then is re-done the right way by a different teacher. Useful for leading any homeschool co-op class, field trip, Sunday school, camping trip, or 4-H class. Learn 39 discipline strategies to manage any group of children. Click here for more information.

After viewing this, you’ll be able to easily and confidently handle any group of children. Because the children will be in the palm of your hand, under control, they will really LIKE you, and you’ll actually get to move on to LEARNING something together!

All techniques on the DVD are demonstrated with a real theater/movement class, but the principles can be used anywhere. This is a bag of management how-to’s you’ll never want to be without. Get this DVD and you’ll soon find yourself an expert at children/group management, far less exhausted and loved by the children you manage. Look out, you’re apt to be voted most favorite teacher with any mob of children!

(From a vintage recording; has some background hiss -- but you'll never get this information, presented in this manner, any other way!)


The Power of a Focused Mother         $2.50


  (13 pages; #96)     Also available as an E-Book. 

There is much to distract a mother “nobly” these days. But while she is preoccupied, her children are the silent losers. These losses are deep and irretrievable. In this article, we name them and expose where they lead. Then, by showing you how and where to raise your conviction and sharpen your aim, your children will end up a cut above the pack. The outcome of focused motherhood is huge and blessed. You can spot the difference in those children a mile off.


Training Children Further               $3.50


    (20 pages; #16)           Also available as an E-Book. 

Ideas for training in subtle areas that most parents just let go.  What a difference it can make!  Taken from interviews with families whose children turned out exceptionally well.

Read an
excerpt for free!  Click here to read the section on sleepovers.  (Click here if your computer doesn’t already have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat for accessing PDF files.)

Grandparents Make a Difference


 (3 pages; #55)           Also available as an E-Book.


Creative ideas to make grandparenting more fun, effective and influential.

Wesley's Daily Holiness Checklist          $1.00

(2 pages; #39)            Also available as an E-Book.

It is reported that John Wesley once wrote and then read this checklist every morning. 
Like a splash of cold water in the face, it puts to shame our natural inclinations for the day
but wakes us up to our real self.  The self with divine appetites.  Spiritually superb.   
A great morning wake-up!

Prayer Quotes Collection           $1.00

Only available as an EBook     (28 pages; #40)


26 large-print timeless quotes on prayer, from prayer warriors throughout history.


Raising an Only Child for the Glory of God


For parents of only children.  (9 pages; #47)                  $2.50

Also available as an E-Book.


Unique challenges, problems, solutions and opportunities. 
Compiled from scores of interviews with parents of only children.


A Godly Way to Share the Birds and the Bees


For elementary ages. (4 pages; #40b)                           $2.00
Also available as an E-Book.


Gives you confidence in sharing this important area with your child.



A Child's Grip of Biblical Doctrine          $12.00    


30 lessons.  For elementary ages and up.  (Stapled workbook with reproducible question pages and accompanying answer pages; total of 112 pages; #30) 

Also available as an E-Book (via CD, because this data file is too large to send as an email attachment).

A picture workbook of the great themes and concepts of the Bible.  Includes item #33, the Gospel in Colors.

Children of yesteryear could answer 100 questions from the Westminster Catechism.  Now yours can cover the same concepts and answer such questions as:

  What is the chief end of man? 

  Define omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. 

  Tell how Christ functions as Prophet, Priest and King. 

  What is the 9th commandment? 

A young man who used this Biblical doctrine workbook at the summer camp where he was a counselor wrote: "After learning the 10 Commandments in less than 5 minutes with your pictures, I taught them to the rest of the staff.  Soon, nearly every kid at camp knew them, and 80%-90% of the kids from all the camps after that learned them as well."



The Gospel in Colors                   $1.50  


Elementary ages and up.  (3 pages; #33) 

Also available as an E-Book.

A booklet to make and share.  Kids color, cut and paste the pages together and then use this simple booklet to clearly share the gospel with others.  Quite the winsome tool!


(Included in item #30, above.)


Children Can Gulp the Word                $2.50  

For elementary and up.  (12 pages; #56)          
Also available as an E-Book.

Six ways to pour the love of God's Word into your children, and have them still want more.


TV Watching out of Control:             $2.50  

Hidden problems for adults & children


  (12 pages; #34)                Also available as an E-Book.

An eye opener – a must read!


Humor Packet                                              $3.50  


For all ages.  (24 pages; #45)       Also available as an E-Book

One side-splitter after another.  Great for reading aloud on trips or at family gatherings.  No one will be left sitting straight up and dignified.  We doubt that the person who tries to read these aloud will make it all the way through without “losing it.”



Teens and Beyond


Want your teenagers to be terrific rather than terrible?


How Not to Waste Your Youth            $2.00  

For junior high and high school ages.  (8 pages; #48)  
Also available as an E-Book.    

How to get focused early on the right things so that, like Benjamin Franklin, your total life can count for much more.  How to plan your life for progress and not spend years merely doing figure 8's with your time and your money.

An early vital boost for your children’s financial, social and spiritual lives.  




Lost Treasures from Historical Men of Great Character                                                                                    

For high school through adult.   (27 pages; #29)                $3.00
Also available as an E-Book.

Notes from two large old turn-of-the-century volumes on character.  Principles about how men and women made their youth count for the rest of their lives, minimizing waste of time, money, and energy.  These books are not in Books in Print--they are indeed lost treasures.  Glean the gold for yourself from the solid way people used to think.  With these notes, you’re in for a treat.


Drive 'n Shine:  Car detailing business manual

For junior high and high school ages.  (36 pages; #36)             $5.00

Also available as an E-Book -- and we'll attach a separate file of business forms that you can modify for your own use!

Great for guys & girls!  They'll always have work, because they can always find dirty cars.  This formula for success will save them 100s of mistakes.  They’ll earn your money back when they do their first car.

      This nifty little manual can put your son or daughter in business by nightfall.

      Includes a list of equipment needed, a procedure checklist to ensure that they do everything the same way every time they clean a vehicle, marketing information (including advice about which markets have proved to be the best), pre-made ads, and a business card (all they do is photocopy them).

And what a bonus!  They can practice on your own family car or van!



Put yourself through a crash course of Godly Man Boot Camp with these 2!


Godly Son Checklist                                  $2.50  



For junior high & high school boys.   (8 pages; #38b) 

Also available as an E-Book.

A pre-marriage or graduation checklist for adolescent men.  Arranged in categories reflecting the godly man's role as a priest, a provider, and a protector of his home.  Includes frequently overlooked skills and concepts--some that you could teach in less than an hour--saving your son years of hassle or sorrowful wrong-headedness.  You might even want to check yourself off on the same list.  Measurable skills and achievements.



Young Men Preparing for Marriage       $2.50


For post-high school men.    (9 pages; #71)                        Also available as an E-Book.

What to do if it’s a long time before Miss Right shows up.  Includes frank but discretely worded thoughts, intended for post-adolescent single godly men.  Written to be read by men who are ready to be married but who have not yet married.


 And two for your daughters:
Godly Daughter Checklist

For junior high and high school girls.   (6 pages; #38a)   

Also available as an E-Book.

A pre-marriage or graduation checklist for young women.  Includes frequently overlooked skills and concepts--some that you could teach in less than an hour--saving your daughter years of hassle or sorrowful wrong-headedness.  You might even want to check yourself off on the same list.  The skills and achievements listed are measurable.



Daughters in Waiting                                $2.50  


 For post-high school women.     (9 pages; #70)

Also available as an E-Book.

What to do if Mr. Right doesn’t show up for years -- or never at all.

A Challenge for Graduating Seniors


                         (3 pages; #37)  

Also available as an E-Book.

Fifteen sterling principles that will make life click, no matter what happens. 

A real gem to send to anyone who is about to close one chapter and begin another.

Senior In-law Etiquette


                         (4 pages; #91)  

Also available as an E-Book.

How to love your children and their loved ones after they have left the nest.

Practical suggestions for growing in deference, the endearing attitude of in-laws.


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