Picture Memory Tips for Memorizing Chunks of Scripture visually

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  1. Importance of committing chunks of Scripture to memory
    1. A bedrock for coming days
    2. Necessary for deeper understanding of the Word
    3. Reveals connections between phrases
  2. Benefits of using the picture method
    1. Facilitates memory work by using both right and left brain
    2. It sticks! (that’s why computers use icons now)
    3. Is personalized; you came up with the pictures yourself
  3. Explanation of the process
    1. Use lined 3x5 cards
    2. Convert every word or phrase to pictures
    3. Do a big chunk ( a chapter at least, or a psalm)
    4. Create all the picture cards first, then begin memory work
    5. Keep your cards with you at all times (protected in plastic sleeves)
    6. Use in small moments, and at end of day and when awakening
    7. It’s OK if it takes a month to “get it”, it will take!
  4. Examples
    1. How three people described the same verse (Genesis 1:1)
    2. Example of a whole chapter (John 15; on 4 index cards)
    3. Suggested Scripture chunks to store up
      1. Psalms 23, 91, and 103
      2. John 15
      3. Romans 8
      4. I Corinthians 13
      5. Letter to the Philippians
      6. Hebrews 11
      7. Book of James

Example 1: Genesis 1:1

Example 2: John chapter 15

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