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Home Management

Thoughts about wise use of time, Finances, etc.


Turn-Your-Head Home Management Strategies                    $5.50

   For moms.        (56 pages; #72)      Also available as an E-Book.  

Click here to read the table of contents.

Super tips you wish a whole string of grandmothers had passed down to you.  Scores of techniques to make getting through your school day and home life easier, more productive, and happier.

This is also covered by audio CD #14 in Renee's homeschool how-to CD's. Also, you can order a DVD to watch Renee present this live workshop.


Goal Setting and Time Management

 For high school through adult.       (10 pages; #4)       Also available as an E-Book.

Includes gems from scores of books on highly effective people.  Gets you on top of your circumstances rather than under them.  Just one of these powerful ideas could catapult your influence and productivity far above what they are at present. Read the table of contents.



Conquering Personally Induced Stress                            $3.75    

 For youth through adults.       (36 pages; #88)        Also available as an E-Book

How to overcome addiction to your own adrenaline. Break the hurry syndrome! Signs of adrenaline addiction; problems of adrenaline stress; how to change; and some compensating strategies for gaining control over high-stress habits. Read the table of contents.


In Dire Straits? How to Wrench Your Family out of Financial Catastrophe                          $5.00

Especially for homeschooling families who are in financial crisis  (43 pages; #109)                  Also available as an E-Book.

Click here to read the table of contents.

Strategies for a person who isn't earning enough money to meet his family's current financial needs. Most everybody nowadays knows of about a dozen families personally who are currently in financial hard times. And with the downturn in the economy we know that there are more to come. This timely new QuickBook is loaded with helpful suggestions and tips to reverse your financial condition quickly. How to manage money and how to make money.


  Mrs. L. in Minnesota wrote the following about this new e-book: "This great advice got us on our feet after being HOMELESS, PENNILESS AND JOBLESS ... a VERY humiliating and some would say, frightening place to be.... These two have perused and summarized for your convenience and 'cut to the chase' read..... COUNTLESS journals and videos and CD'S and audio's and seminars AND REAL LIVE family interviews and counseling situations.... LET'S spread this info FAR AND WIDE as we first use it to get our own homes OUT of debt... Six years ago we had a $130 mortgage and 60k of extraneous debt NOT TO MENTION two cars in hock AND no business prospects on the horizon. Within two years ALL that was wiped, in large part due to this advice... Is that FAST, or what??? THIS ONE IS A KEEPER, A MUST-HAVE, A DO-IT-NOW-TODAY purchase...and TALK ABOUT ECONOMICAL!"


Sure Financial Steps for Beginners                          $5.50
  For high school through adult.      (38 pages; #5)                  Also available as an E-Book.

Click here to read the table of contents.

Tips for mending the holes and filling your wallet! ... for the fastest route to getting out of debt – even house mortgage debt!  Powerful and do-able strategies to start gaining money instead of losing it.  You’ll be so glad you read it!

There are many fine books on finances.  Why we’ve chosen to write yet more on the subject is that we’ve attempted to help you with the EMOTIONS of managing money.  We focus on the rewards for yourself, the gumption it takes to get there, and how to manage your thoughts in the process.  We begin with a bit of inspiration by offering you a collection of quotes from some sterling historical figures who knew how to manage money.  The next section is written to a young adult who has all of his financial life ahead of him.  We’ve attempted to steer those first critical strategies in the right direction in order to make huge differences later on for this early starter.  The sequel section is written to the middle-ager.  It is a summary of the four strategies to move you out of debt to the place where you actually have MONEY IN YOUR POCKET.  Then each section that follows is an expansion of that first summary.

It is our hope that these principles laid out with this sort of emotional pungency will be the boot you need to get you across the line from financial chaos to solvency.  That they will, in fact, move you from having a hole in your pocket to having a full wallet.

Readers of "Money In Your Pocket" have commented:
"After reading your article, my husband finally got it!   Your article did more for him than all the financial courses we had just taken." 
(Mrs. C. L. in Phoenix)

"Your article really helped me; I've read it over and over!" 
(Mrs. M. B. in Boulder, Colo.)

This is also covered by audio CD #16 in Renee's homeschool how-to CD's.


10 Extraordinary Stories of Ordinary People Who Got Free of House Debt

  For high school through adult.      (27 pages; #66)           Also available as an E-Book. Read the table of contents.

Get out of house mortgage debt?  Whatever for?  Everybody has a mortgage.  Not these families!  Find out why “mortgage” means a covenant with death!  Find out how others have cast off wallowing in debt and instead have laid hold of the fresh air and blue sky of financial solvency.  Read how God has miraculously assisted families who resolutely determined to believe that His ways are better than the so-called American dream.  There just might be enough inspiration in this one to launch you into a story of your own. This is also covered by audio CD #21 in Renee's homeschool how-to CD's.

Mortgage free! 
Read how the Heavenly Father miraculously assisted families who resolutely determined to believe that His ways are better than the so-called American dream.

Home Staging: Putting the best face on your home    

               (10 pages; #108)
Also available as an E-Book.

 How to put a wow factor into your home by applying elbow grease and planning and time to optimize your living space to make the best first impression. Home staging is the process of stopping and tending to your home for the sake of INFLUENCE, either to influence a potential buyer or to influence your neighbors and guests with a first small tease that caring and loving people live INSIDE your home. Read the table of contents.


Biblical Tassels: Tzitzits                $2.50

   (for men; written by a man; 14 pages; #65)          Also available as an E-Book.

What they are, who they’re for, and what they do. Thoughts on the commandment in Deuteronomy 22:12: “You shall make yourself tassels on the four corners of your garment with which you cover yourself.”. Read the table of contents.


Survival for Simpletons: Emergency Preparedness         

        (40 pages; #64)                        Also available as an E-Book, for $3.99.

 It is wise and prudent to be prepared for any emergency, so we can be the ones to help rather than needing help ourselves.  Tips on how to prepare physically, spiritually and intellectually.  Includes plans for making a solar water distiller, a solar oven, and an odorless non-allergenic indoor/outdoor cook-stove-- all, that you can build yourself without hammer and nails, simply by placing the easily acquired components together. Also includes details for evaluating and selecting the best tent for a temporary shelter for your family.

Revised and expanded, to include thoughts on preparing for two different types of scenarios. One is the equipment for you to survive at home without help from the outside.. The other is for what to do in the event that you have to make an exit from your current circumstances—such as, lightweight four-season camping equipment so that you and your family can survive somewhere outside the city for an extended time. Read the table of contents. This topic is also covered by audio CD #22 in Renee's homeschool how-to CD's.


Preserving and Arranging Your Family Records and Photos: A Guidebook

     (16 pages; #63)                        Also available as an E-Book.

Principles for managing and preserving your family’s im­portant documents, photos, papers and memorabilia.  Written by a Certified Archivist. Read the table of contents.


Wish You Could Sew? Sewing Basics

      (15 pages, illustrated; #100)                          Also available as an E-Book.

An article to get a rank beginner launched positively; attitudes, pitfalls, and winning ways and thoughts. The checklist of skills (a number of which you can teach yourself by ordering the DVD below) will keep you on the fast track to speedy success in learning how to sew. Read the table of contents.


Simple Sewing Solutions for Busy Moms (DVD)         $6.99

     (approx. 30 minutes; #93)

A living room demonstration of some simple alterations you can sew, to optimize your children's clothing, and your own, too! Includes an introduction to the best basic sewing tools to use, and how to use them. Take the fear out of sewing, and learn some new tricks.

"We listened to Simple Solutions for Sewing the other day and found it excellent.
Your detailed methods for preparing and then sewing were so clear and well organized." (Mrs. E. in Philadelphia)


Rooms with a Message:
Interior Design Principles             $3.50

 For moms and other homemakers.       (20 pages; #20)           Also available as an E-Book. Click here to read the table of contents.

Ever walk into a home or see a picture of one that was so charming, you didn't want to leave? Ever wonder how they do that?  Want your home to take on a new luster?  Here are some simple principles--taken from interviews with top-notch designers--that can transform your home with little or no money.  Ideas about how to improve the visual beauty of your home and its practicality.

Nutrition and Health

Here are some thoughtful, practical helps and ideas
for meal preparation and family dining experiences

Special: order our Kitchen Tips bundle (item #97):  Save on this trio of nutritional best-sellers, plus a DVD. Includes Turbo-charged Nutrition for Peak Performance Kids, Fast & Easy Raw Food Recipes; What? I Have to Fix Dinner Again?!, and the Kitchen Efficiency Tips DVD. Click here to read more. $18.00


Turbo-charged Nutrition for Peak Performance Kids    $5.50

 A best-seller!         (44 pages; #58)             Also available as an E-Book.

Click here to read the table of contents.

How would your car perform with ice cream in its gas tank?  Give your kids the best fuel possible.  Learn nuggets of nutritional know-how that'll make your family feel healthier and happier.  Readers have commented that at long last they know how to change and are actually excited by it! 

This is also covered by audio CD #20 in Renee's homeschool how-to CD's.


Fast & Easy Raw Food Recipes                      $3.50

       (19+ pages; #78)                    Also available as an E-Book.

Mother-easy quick-fixin’ great-tastin’ super healthful mostly raw delicious food ideas.  A booklet of scores of mouth-watering, healthful food combinations that you may never have thought of … gets you goin’ in the right direction right now! Read the table of contents.


What? I Have to Fix Dinner Again?!

 We sell scores of these!  Updated and expanded.  (30 pages; #22)               Also available as an E-Book.

Click here to read the table of contents.


1. Six encouraging meditations on the seeming drudgery of fixing meal after meal; reverses the bondage of fast food restaurant quicksand and presents freeing new approaches to stepping into your kitchen.

2. Three large dynamite quotes to put up in your kitchen to KEEP you inspired.

3. Simple weekly formula to help you run ahead to make dinner before the dread of it un-makes you.  A redeeming lift to both veteran homemakers and new cooks.

4.  Kitchen efficiency tips – attitudes, tools, food preparation tips, and more!


This is also covered by audio CD #18 in Renee's homeschool how-to CD's.

Also: watch Renee Ellison demonstrate these tips in a new DVD:

Kitchen Efficiency Tips (DVD)
(approx. 45 minutes; item #94; $7.99)

Save $2.50 buy purchasing this and #93 together in a 2-DVD set.

Mrs. Garcia in Albuquerque, NM wrote: "I have benefited greatly from your information.  Mealtime has gotten better around my home."


Listening Apron Pattern         $1.00

Wanta save time? stay inspired? Put on a Listening Apron! (4 pages; includes pattern, instructions, and more; #22A)

Has a large pocket to hold a CD player. Learn on the go . . . while cookin’ supper! A listening apron helps keep you inspired and learning while you work. Just slip a CD player into the apron’s pocket and you get your house clean and your meals fixed while your mind stays encouraged. Make it out of pretty fabric or from clear plastic (available at fabric stores and hardware stores on large rolls). Soon you’ll be multi-tasking with a personal, joyous benefit!

Save on shipping, and make it sooner! This item is also available in PDF file format, for you to print out at your own computer as an E-Book.

We also offer three customized apron construction options (shipping is additional to the price listed):

  • $10.99 If you send us a yard of your favorite fabric, we’ll custom-make one for you.
  • $15.99 If you want to accept whatever look we come up with for you, we can custom-make it for you, using our own mill-ends fabric (every apron different).
  • $16.99 If we custom-make it for you using our own plastic. I wear mine all the time! Goes with any outfit.


Dinner: The Stage and the Drama

 For moms and other homemakers.  (24 pages; #21)                 Also available as an E-Book. Read the table of contents.

The stage (your table settings) and the drama (the people who enjoy them); a whole new way to look at dinner.

Ideas for making dinnertime at your home very creative.  Table settings drawn from actual dinners served at Creative Homemaking seminars.  The variety is amazing!  You'll say, "I never would have thought of that!"

This is also covered by audio CD #19 in Renee's homeschool how-to CD's.

Jump for joy!           
Treat your family to a
NeedakŪ Soft-Bounce™ Folding Rebounder at a discounted price!  Your choice of standard black or cobalt blue: same price (click on icon by picture to the right; default is black, above icon). Includes free DVD, free book Jumping for Health by Dr. Morton Walker, and carrying case.  Your total cost for each is $230.00 plus $22 shipping charge.

Add $50 plus $7 shipping to include a stabilizing bar; bar must be ordered at the same time as the rebounder for this deal (shipping is $12.50 for just the bar ordered separately from the rebounder).  The design and function of this particular rebounder are infinitely better than that of the cheap chain-store varieties.  The key is the soft health-bounce of the NeedakŪ--so much easier on your joints.

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Rebounding is the ideal way to conquer a "non-weather-dependent" means of exercise -- one that doesn't cost anything or demand that you go anywhere.  The more hurdles you have to overcome to do it, the less likely you'll be to stick with it.  Some believe that rebounding is absolutely the best exercise, because it stretches every cell against a gravitational pull--even exercising your lymphatic system itself, for maximum toxin removal.  Long walks will be sabotaged the instant the weather turns sour.  If you establish a basic exercise habit in the house, you can always go out for a walk in addition when the weather permits.  You need something that will carry you through the inclement days that will stockpile to break your habit.  Click here for more info.

Holidays, Holy-days, and Re-Creation

Flee while you have a chance!  From materialism into the Father’s rest. 

Me?  Keep the Sabbath?                          $3.50

 For young adults and adults.       (25 pages; #59)                 Also available as an E-Book.      Read the table of contents.
Want it right now? Click here to print out this entire E-Book for free  (and click here if you need instructions for opening a PDF file).

Want to get off of the treadmill?  Discover how the Heavenly Father  provided a full day of rejuvenating spiritual rest for man, and how it was lost in history.  Scriptural and historical evidence for a much-needed and forgotten gift.   Not having grown up observing the Sabbath, this was a revelation to us.  Includes a section on Sabbath activities for families with young children.  Also, a seven-page chart of the days of the week in 160 languages throughout world history.  (This 1896 chart is also available in larger format, on seven ledger size sheets, for $5.00.   Click here to preview it)


Click here to read a poem by Renee Ellison, Anatomy of a Sabbath, describing the experience of following the seventh-day Sabbath. 
(Note: you will need
Adobe Acrobat Reader freeware to open the poem.)

Jewish [Biblical] Holidays Made Simple

For all ages.            (25 pages; #44)               Also available as an E-Book.       Read the table of contents.

Click here to print out this entire E-Book for free  (click here if you need instructions for opening a PDF file).

Nowhere did the Heavenly Father command us to celebrate Valentine's Day or Halloween or other such days.  But He did command the Jews to celebrate His feast days.  They are packed with meaning and analogy and renewal instead of exhaustion.  Try celebrating these for a year -- see if you don't wind up closer to the God you love.  Information includes what the holidays are, when to celebrate them, and simple suggestions for how to celebrate them.



No Stress Holidays for Moms

 For moms.  (4 pages; #57)                   Also available as an E-Book.

 How to do holidays with finesse and without fatigue.


Party Themes and Activities
                       $5.00                        Read the table of contents.

 For moms of elementary age children.      (32 pages, for 8 different parties; #31)      Also available as an E-Book.

Give your kids experiences rather than things!  Choose from eight unforgettable, unusual party ideas.  All pre-planned.  Party titles are: A Fling in Space; Nothing but Nonsense; Sports Fever; Razz-ma-tazz; Clowning around with Character; Whirl around the World; Broadway Show Tunes; and (for pre-schoolers) Showtots.  Includes #13 (Rindercella) and the words from portions of the Character Traits coloring book.


Family Road Trips Humor

  For all ages.     (28 pages; #45)         Also available as an E-Book      Click here to read the table of contents.

One side-splitter after another.  Great for reading aloud on trips or at family gatherings.  No one will be left sitting straight up and dignified.  We doubt that the person who tries to read these aloud will make it all the way through without “losing it.”

How to Keep Your Kids from Slipping into our Culture's Sea of Materialism           $1.50

 For moms.  (4 pages; #32)                      Also available as an E-Book.

Some practical tips for curbing this run-away appetite.  Nip it now, before you can't!  (This item is included in item #42, Christ and His Birth: Object Lessons, below.)


Christ and His Birth: Object Lessons
         $3.50. Read the table of contents.

 For families with young children.   (21 pages; #42)                 Also available as an E-Book.

Script for 25 object packages that lead to the Messiah.  Awe inspiring.  A real deliverance from anxiety-producing materialism.  For use during the Feast of Tabernacles or at Christmas.  (Includes item #32, above.)


Why We Got Off the Christmas Bandwagon

 For all.   (9 pages; #43)   Click here to read the table of contents.                  Also available as an E-Book.

Pagan origins of Christmas, and surprising info about the Messiah's real birthdate!  The buyer has permission to reprint this one.


Feminine Identity
Now more than ever, true femininity is under attack.
It is difficult to define and is challenged by the culture


Woman: Crown Jewel of Creation or Radical Feminist?
              Read the table of contents.

 For women and young women.  (53 pages; #24)                       Also available as an E-Book.

Why does a woman's assuming certain roles break her apart over a lifetime, whereas other roles add grace and luster?   Some unusual insights about the underpinnings of both, beginning with little known clues from our anatomy.  The content of this one can add sizzle and conviction to the rest of your life!

This is also covered by audio CD #s 23 and 24 in Renee's homeschool how-to CD's. One reader wrote about the above QuickBook:
“Thank you for giving me such a deep and thorough understanding on this subject.  It’s just wonderful, a relief to have a written, detailed, sophisticated, godly resource to help me.  I hope to influence others” (Mrs. C. in Colorado). 
Mrs. M. in Washington wrote: "I ordered Women: A Stumbling Identity last year and found it one of the best articles on womanhood I ever read."


Sarah’s Beauty Secret

 For women and young women.  (7 pages; #77)                Also available as an E-Book.

How submission can actually add beauty to your face and youth to your countenance.  Learn how the women of old used to make themselves beautiful.



The Biblical Headcovering:
Scarf of Hidden Power                         $4.00

  For women.   (56 pages; #68)                                   Also available as an E-Book.
Click here to print out this entire E-Book for free.    Click here if you need instructions for opening a PDF file.    Click here to read the table of contents.

A Biblical, historical and practical examination of a neglected and blessed aspect of Christian practice.  Written from the woman's perspective.


One reader wrote, "...very helpful, comprehensive and challenging.  Your personal story speaks so much -- accompanied by your keen observations and clear use of scripture."  Click here for more readers' comments, more information and to read the introduction.


Feminine Dress                                     $2.50

 For women and girls.   (13 pages; #23)                              Also available as an E-Book.

How to make the transition from daily pants to daily dresses.  Be a real lady and bless your family! Read the table of contents.



Let a Woman Keep Silent in the Assembly: But Why?

 For women.    (6 pages; #73)                              Also available as an E-Book.

Some thoughts and observations on the rich rewards of a gentle and quiet spirit in the congregation.



  For young adults and adults.    (4 pages; #12)             Also available as an E-Book.

"I think I've forgiven, but help!  Here it is again!"

Strategies for how to wrestle free from the tentacles of a lingering battle of wondering if you’ve forgiven.  Even the most upright of Christians (who are successful in other spiritual disciplines) can experience a chokepoint in attaining complete victory in forgiving.  No more!


7 Womanly Secrets to Marital Harmony

 For wives.   (10 pages; #92)               Also available as an E-Book.               Read the table of contents.

Learn how a woman’s godly ways can make a world of difference in any home. Discover the secret tools God gave to a woman to promote harmony and achieve good conflict resolution. With divorce at epidemic highs, this is a must. Presented by a seasoned older Titus 2 wife, who began as an apple-pickin’ daughter of Eve!


How to Resolve Marital Conflicts Happily

 For wives.   (26 pages; #35)              Also available as an E-Book.              Read the table of contents.

Sooner or later, every couple winds up on opposite sides of a problem.  Conflict resolution is vital to a good marriage, yet most pre‑marriage counseling rarely touches on HOW!  Try this proactive approach and we just think both of you will feel more satisfied and remain in love.

Mrs. R. wrote, "I just finished reading your article titled, `How to Resolve Marital Conflicts Happily' in my most recent issue of Crowned With Silver.  The article was excellent.  It was most informative and inspiring.  I have literally read hundreds of books and articles on marital conflicts and yours surpasses all I have read by far." 
Another wife phoned and told us, "I just loved your article on Resolving Marital Conflicts.  It's the best I've ever read on marriage, and I've read lots."
(Mrs. B.)


Miscarriage                                           $2.50

  For women.   (9 pages; #62)               Also available as an E-Book.               Read the table of contents.

The unspoken drama in the bathroom.  Women emerge from this sorrow wondering what to think.  Here, at least, is a beginning place...

Messages from persons who used these homeschool how-tos:

Mr. W. wrote: "I just wanted to encourage you about how important the teaching you're providing is.  There just aren't many sources for this kind of in-depth Biblical instruction."

Mrs. Bates wrote:  "There is much wisdom in your booklets, simply laid out for hectic parents and homeschoolers who don't want another part time job reading through excess verbage in hope of finding treasure.  It's right there in your writing for a quick read and quick application.  Zoom-Type is just superb in simplicity, effectiveness and ease of use for the `kidlins'.  You are offering a great service to moms and dads who need easy to implement helps."




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