Character Traits coloring book and songs 

Take a break, mom! Your kids can color and sing their way to more noble character! You get 48 “get-you-to-think” coloring pages, 48 “stick-with-you” songs (professionally recorded, with large-print lyrics), and 48 object lessons to drive each point home. 97 pages, with 60 minutes of songs on an audio CD. Read the table of contents.

The 97-page coloring book contains pictures of animals and words that actually look and act like the trait they describe. Includes a memory verse for each character trait (your choice of New International Version or King James Version).

Each song is a catchy advertisement for maximum ways of doing things and relating to people. Contagious, foot-tapping powerful one-liners, ready to grab when you need them most in life, about determination, grumbling, gratefulness, joyfulness, love, procrastination, etc. Just the kind of catchy ads you want your kids to sing! Get double use of the follow-along song words for character training while your children use them for practicing their typing or penmanship, too.

You may purchase the hard-copy spiral-bound coloring book with the audio CD, or buy our 2-CD album. One CD is the audio CD of the 48 character traits songs; the other CD contains PDF files of all pages of both versions of the coloring book (NIV and KJV), along with the song words in large print and all the memory verses compiled together. This gives you the option of selecting whichever of the 48 songs you choose; printing out the corresponding character trait picture to color); printing out the large print words to the 48 songs; and printing out a dozen pages of memory verses about those traits – in either King James or New International Version.

Ordering options: for all the different ways to order this, go to the Child Training/Character tab -- most people order the NIV-version coloring book and songs.

We give permission to the buyer to make extra pages of the coloring book for your family or for others you teach.

Demo sample for you to see and hear online

Here is a sample. Each of the 48 songs has its own essence, but this shows you how each character trait is presented.

Punctuality       Listen to it.

Words to the song:
I've got p-p-p-punctuality.
That means I'm there on time.

I plan a little extra
to get there in my prime.

How to describe this picture to your child: A failure to be punctual always produces frenzy, panic and all out last-minute ditch efforts that totally exhaust the body. Note that the turtle is going round and round the leg of the clock, spinning his "wheels" and going nowhere!

Object lessons:

  1. Make up a schedule with three columns. Down the first column, write the hours from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Title the second column "Punctual Pete" and label the third column "Late Larry." Fill in Pete's column with the phrases "getting up," "eating," "at school," "studying," "playing," "at the dentist,"" eating dinner," and n going to bed." Fill in Larry's column with" sleeping," "getting up," "eating," "shopping," "still at school," "playing," "calling the dentist too late," "feeling guilty for missing an appointment," "shedding tears," "having a fit," and "going to bed without supper."
  2. Draw two stick figures. One is a person who is running and has a furrowed brow. Write "worried, stomachache and guilty" under him. Then draw a stick figure (beneath a halo) sitting calmly in chair. Write underneath him "prepared, rested, loving." Discuss the relevance of the scripture verse, "In love esteem others (including their time) better than yourself (your own time)" (Philippians 2:3b) as it relates to being punctual.
  3. Discuss God's punctuality with the sun and the moon, nature, and the seasons. Talk about how He orders His events, and point out that history is His-story! Note that He died on the cross exactly on Passover. He was dying for us at the very moment the Jewish priests were slaying the lambs for the most holy annual sacrifice.

Memory verse: "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven." (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

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