Bach's Passion: The Life of Johann Sebastian Bach

a novel by RuthAnn Ridley (also published as Sebastian)

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Fourteen-year-old Johann Sebastian Bach worked late into the night.  The notes in front of him sang.  Little did he know that he was preparing to make history.  This is the untold story of the man whom many consider the greatest composer who ever lived, the story of Bach’s love for his family, his battles with fools and his passion for God.

Sebastian transports you into the world of 18th century Europe.  It places you at the scene of the creation of musical masterpieces.  It inspires you with the assurance that perseverance will be rewarded.

400 pages.  (Republished 2003)

Sebastian: The Life of Johann Sebastian Bach
an overview of the historical novel by RuthAnn Ridley

The untold story of the great composer Johann Sebastian Bach, his love for his family, his passion for God and his struggle to conquer himself.  At age nineteen Sebastian sets his face to fulfill his dream of writing a personal and excellent music for the Lutheran liturgy, but he is hindered at every turn.  His employer Duke Wilhelm considers him a troublemaker who must be brought to heel.  His friends Prince Leopold and Picander challenge him to broaden his mind with Enlightenment thinking and seize a better destiny.  And to make things worse, his penchant for a fight is always erupting at the wrong time.

As his family grows, Sebastian experiences high success and profound tragedy.  He wrestles with guilt feelings over his wife's death and struggles with distraction when his children need his time.  He vacillates between a sense of failure in the workplace and a conviction of mission that will not be denied.

A gripping story for adults and young adults alike, this book is a love story, a tragedy, a comedy, a pageant and, above all, a saga of the soul. It places you in the middle of 18th century Germany with its Adonis wigs, bi-monthly clothes wash, pot-holed roads, flamboyant courts and frigid cathedrals.  It involves you in the world of Baroque music and the creation of masterpieces such as the Toccata and Fugue in D Minor and the St. Matthew Passion.

You will identify with the struggles of Sebastian and those he loves, and will be inspired by the assurance that perseverance will be rewarded.

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