Homeschool How-To's on audio CD!
26 audio CDs of practical helps by Renee Ellison for homeschooling families and anyone managing a home.
More than 27 hours of lively, useful teaching to help you through your day!


Homeschool How-to’s for Moms – Set I: TEACHING TIPS
13 change-your-life audio CD’s! Feel confident! Feel capable! $39.50

You’ll teach with victory by nightfall. A veteran teacher answers scores of frequently asked questions with powerful how-to tools. Tried and true teaching strategies and discipline techniques so successful you can forget wishing you had a teaching degree. Saves you at least $40,000 trying to get one…where you won’t learn these techniques anyway. “Your CD’s are so exciting, they are like Brain Candy to me! Your how-to’s blow me out of tunnel vision.” (Mother of five, AZ) Click here for testimonials galore!

Covers such topics as twelve ways to trigger the brain with any subject matter, how to teach a resistant student, how to avoid burnout, training children FURTHER, how to motivate a preschooler, an adolescent … etc.

Homeschool How-to’s for Moms – Set II: DOMESTIC TIPS
13 change-your-life audio CD’s! Feel confident! Feel capable! $39.50

You’ll manage your home with top-notch ability. A veteran homemaker and national speaker shares homemaking tips that you wish a whole string of grandmothers had passed down to you, but didn’t. Strap on an apron with a pocket for a CD player and start flooding your brain with dynamite, empowering ideas…all while you prepare meals, clean house, weed the garden, and run errands. You’ll emerge all smiles. “I could have sat there ALL DAY listening to all your wise words and encouragement.” (Florida)

Covers such topics as home management, kitchen efficiency tips, how to prepare for holidays with finesse and without fatigue, fast track ways to turn around your finances, how to resolve marital conflicts HAPPILY, etc…

Save $10 by purchasing BOTH sets!















Learn on the go!  How-to’s audio CD topics


2 sets: teaching tips and domestic tips.  Each set is $39.50. Save $10 and buy both sets!



Set 1: Teaching tips: CDs 1-13

(with corresponding homeschool how-to's booklet #)


CD 1:

Just starting to homeschool or tempted to quit? (60)

Famous people who were homeschooling (14)

How to motivate a student with any subject matter (9)

How to teach a resistant student (69)

CD 2:

How to identify the earmarks of academic idolatry and not “go there” (67)

How to identify the earmarks of a Biblically sound education (67, continued)

How to teach a lifetime passion for the Bible (56)

CD 3:

Twelve optimum ways to trigger the brain (7)

How to master top-notch study habits (15)

CD 4:

How to avoid burnout (61)

CD 5:

How to identify the right stuff (81)

How to train your children in public speaking (51)

Rindercella – an example of a funny speech (13)

CDs 6 & 7:

How to get your preschooler off to the right start (80)

CD 8:

How to teach the gifted student (8)

How to manage GROUPS of children (2nd ½ of 19, & 95 DVD)

Child Training

CD 9:

How to train your children (19)

CD 10:

How to train your children further (16)

How to share “the birds and the bees” (40)

CD 11:

How to keep your children from becoming TV addicts (34)

How to keep your children from falling into materialism (32)


CD 11

 How not to waste your youth (48)

Grandparents make a difference (55)

CD 12:

How to know if your daughter is prepared for marriage (35a)

How to know if your son is prepared for marriage (35b)

How to identify a godly betrothal possibility --

How to successfully look beyond graduation (37)

Wesley’s holiness daily checklist (39)

How a grown daughter can have a fulfilled life while waiting for marriage (70)

General Extended Family Issues/ Relating

CD 13:

How to make sense of a miscarriage (62)

How to relate with love to a controlling person (74)

How to forgive continuously (12)

How to overcome addiction to one’s own adrenaline (88)

How to overcome a besetting sin --

Set 2: Domestic tips: CDs 14-26

Domestic Skills

CD 14:

How to develop top-notch home management strategies (72)

CD 15:

Goal setting and time management for busy moms (4)

The quickest route to financial freedom for a young person (Part of 5)

CD 16:

How to gain control of your finances (Most of 5)

CD 17:

How to create/decorate a house to make it a home (20)

How to prepare for holidays with finesse and without fatigue (57)

How and why we got off the Christmas bandwagon (43)

CDs 18-19:

What? I have to fix dinner again? (22)

How to create/set the stage and the drama for the ideal dinner (21)

Kitchen efficiency – feeling confident in the kitchen (94 DVD)

CD 20:

Turbo-charged nutrition for peak performance kids (58)

How to make fantastic green smoothies for your family (in 22 and 58)

CD 21:

How to get inspired about eliminating your house mortgage (66)

CD 22:

How to prepare for a possible emergency (64)


CD 23:

Woman: A stumbling identity, part 1 (24)

CD 24:

Woman: A stumbling identity, part 2 (24, continued)

How Sarah kept her beauty into old age (77)

CD 25:

How to resolve marital conflicts happily (35)

How and why to convert your wardrobe to more feminine dress (23)

Inspiring Family Bedtime Stories

CD 26:

Bach: Man of God (49)

Rembrandt: Held by God (75)

Order today!

Academic How-to’s CDs 1-13: $39.50 (Item 86-1)

Domestic How-to’s CDs 14-26: $39.50 (Item 86-2)

Both sets: save $10 if you buy all 26 CD’s: $69 (Item 86)

Save even more! get it all in MP-3 format, on 2 CDs (NOTE: this requires MP-3 player; if you have any doubts, order all 26 CDs)(Item 86MP3) (MP-3 CD #1 contains the same content as CDs 1 through 19; MP-3 CD #2 contains the same content as CDs 20 through 26, plus 60 children's songs and the audio of our Quick Piano course). Or, only buy the MP3's of the Teaching Tips (audio CDs 1 through 12; on 1 CD) or of the Domestic Tips (audio CDs 13 through 26) plus 60 children's songs and other bonus items (on 2 CDs).

People like to buy our products because they are rich in substance, are quickly digested, and they really work!  These audio books will help you to digest the essence of many areas of home school life, whether it be how to teach (and learn) more effectively, how to balance the demands of home and home schooling, how to resolve marital conflicts, how to eat more nutritiously, and many other how-to helps especially intended for home educators.

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