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Why Israel? Why?

Sunday, 08. July 2012 by Renee Ellison


Most evangelical Christians are thrilled that Israel became a nation in 1948, are happy to visit the Biblical tourist sights there, and have some far-off notion that there is a volatile military build-up soon to explode in the Middle East that they will have a mild interest in reading about in the evening papers.

But what is UP with Israel and YHWH/God? What IS Israel, in the divine scheme of things? Have you ever pondered just WHY Israel is mentioned over 6,000 times in the Bible?

Why couldn’t redemption just be given to individuals all over the world without even a mention of a small rag-tag nation being attached to the passions of a redemptive God? Why the need for this ADDITIONAL story of a nation of a small band of Jews being superimposed OVER the story of an evangelical, INDIVIDUAL access to redemption? Why is the Father’s eye ALWAYS upon Israel? “He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep” (Psalm 121:4, NIV). Why? Why does it appear to be a DIVINE OBSESSION? What IS the deal here with this hunk of earth and an apparently indefatigable race of people devoted to a God Who once spoke to them from Mt. Sinai?

If one meditates on this mystery long enough, surprisingly five “aha’s” emerge. Wondrous musings, indeed!

One: Israel is LITTLE
YHWH even calls her “little”: “Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom” (Luke 12:32). He likes to work through little amounts, little events, little people—little everythings—to show his unmistakable MIGHTINESS. Little loaves and fishes, little uneducated prophets, little armies…“Gideon, for heaven’s sake, send home thousands…you have too MANY soldiers!” (rough paraphrase of Judges 7:2). Little David is needed because he is HALF the size of Goliath. Perfect.

Two: Israel is His FIRSTBORN
Firstborns have more responsibilities, more pre-eminence, larger inheritances, often lose their inheritances, and are more influential on all of the younger children, sought after by the Devil to destroy, tested more severely, and require more expensive ransoms and more elaborate celebrations. Firstborns get larger coveted blessings. When parental hands get switched upon son’s heads as blessings are uttered among the patriarchs, there is panic.

When Moses asked Pharaoh to “Let my people go” it was not because they were God’s people, it was because they were his FIRSTBORN. Moses tells Pharaoh that God says “Israel is my firstborn…let my firstborn go” (Exodus 4:22, 23).

YHWH says later in the New Testament, “This is My Beloved, My only begotten Son” (Matthew 3:17 and 17:5)—ipso facto, my FIRSTBORN. But Israel, too, is strangely His firstborn, here among the nations. And there are other firstborns, tagged to Israel. An entire tribe of Levi was offered as a firstborn replacement for the firstborn head of EACH house of Israel—to offer the equivalent of all the firstborn men of Israel in perpetual service in the temple (Numbers 8:16). Sacrifices need to be gathered from firstborns ONLY—not from any old animal, or any old crop. “Take the FIRST of your flocks, the first of your harvest” (Deuteronomy 12:6).

YHWH perpetuated His earthly seed through the lineage of His FIRSTBORNS here on earth—a divine lineage which He hovered over through all time. While this fragile lineage precariously careened this way and that, God hovered over it and hedged it in. It survived by a mere thread from the killing of Abel, the firstborn, onward to Herod’s slaughter of the baby boys, etc. Ishmael was an imposter to replace Isaac as the firstborn. They BOTH were firstborns—as were perhaps BOTH Mary and Joseph! FIRSTBORNS seem to be terribly important as some sort of divine funnel for divine activity—contested all the way. For some reason Israel is NEEDED as a FIRSTBORN. Redemption can’t be offered any old way, at large. It comes through a proper order, a specific lineage—a gate-keeper.

Three: Israel is deeply embroiled in a covenant
Israel was CUT a covenant by God. To make this covenant He required a split animal. He walked between the bloody halves. There was blood confirming this original covenant. (It is why we have a central aisle in churches; a covenant is CUT between the bride’s side and the bridegroom’s side—symbolized by the aisle, with the altar directly in front.) Israel was given not one covenant but SEVEN covenants, none of which have been done away with. We STILL have the rainbow. Israel has been promised “via covenant” a land, national security, a son of David to sit upon the throne, a millennium of peace, etc. These convents were not made with seven billion people, they were only made with a smaller pre-eminent representative of divine government—a group of people to traverse this territory FIRST. They are the elder brother. There is a hint here about some celestial legal deal about HOW redemption comes to the world.

Four: Israel is to be an EXAMPLE of the Divine Lifestyle
We, in America, believe in a redemptive GOD but spend our days in pagan CULTURE. Our lifestyle is the same as our neighbors’ lifestyle. Israel’s is DIFFERENT. This daily DIFFERENT lifestyle is marked by seven divine appointments each year (feast days such as Yom Kippur) and a centuries-old observed Sabbath that has never been deviated from, from the beginning of time. To this day, oddly, strangely, Israel’s commerce totally shuts down on the Shabbat—one day in seven in a full cease-fire from commerce—a truce with money and secular activity—devoted fully to Divine worship, instead. The Sabbath was kept alive through the centuries in little hovels in Yugoslavia to Spain; it was kept by the Jews without interruption.

Israel was meant to be the carrier of a message—a message of what divine life LOOKS like. Just take the story of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba and one sees the POWER of this example. The queen of another nation hustled to go SEE it. This is what Israel was designed to be to all of the nations on earth—an example of extraordinary occupation with God in exchange for extraordinary blessing. They are promised perpetual national security, abundance produce, and wisdom—depicted in the prototype of the judgments of Solomon, if Israel but consents to obey GOD’s commanded LIFESTYLE in addition to being redeemed by His blood. Men (and one very curious Queen of Sheba) CAME to Israel to get counsel, to observe the abundance, to gawk at the godly LIFESTYLE—in hopes that they would get the message, jettison their inferior gods, and desire to worship the one great “I Am.” Submitting to THIS God, and only this God, is the place of blessing.

And Five: Israel is very possibly the site of the original Garden of Eden
“He who began a good work will also bring it to conclusion” (Philippians 1:6, NIV). Did He abandon Eden? Start a new story somewhere else? Is it likely, given God’s nature to redeem all things? Some now wonder whether Israel is the site of the original Garden of Eden (Ezekiel 28:13). We had a worldwide flood in between—perhaps it camouflaged Eden’s location? Was it on purpose? Why the spiritual whirling dervish over the Temple Mount, and the foaming at the mouth of Israel’s enemies on her borders? Why the raging of the nations at her doors, the staging of all three SUPER powers there in the surrounding waters right now—China, Russia and the USA? Why the rush of all the religions of the world to possess the pinnacle site? ...unless this little piece of geography hasn’t been claimed and counter-claimed since the beginning of time.

WHAT has God’s attention? Let us ask ourselves why. Is it not a hint of something quite grand? larger than life? Look straight toward Jerusalem. Keep your eyes fixed upon ISRAEL. Here at the end of days, Israel is God’s hour-glass, and Jerusalem is His minute hand. We are PROMISED, “They that bless Israel, I will bless” (see Genesis 12:3). Love her. Seek citizenship in her forever. Die to a national love of ANY country but Israel and you’ll be on the winning team when this world’s house of cards crashes. She shall be a praise in all the earth, and Jerusalem shall enthrone the God you love.

For further reading, download our free 48-page ebook, A Simple Story of Israel, or order it in print.

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A miniature lifetime lived in each day

Tuesday, 26. June 2012 by Melanie Ellison


What kind of a life do you want to have lived by the time you go on to Glory? Does shaping your entire life seem overwhelming? It need not, because a lifetime is made up of many days, and days are manageable things. It is easier to succeed at exhibiting godly character when striving to do so a day at a time, rather than wishing one’s whole life will one day exemplify those elusive character traits.

Each day is like a mini-lifetime. The Bible shows (through Creation week) that the day begins in the evening, and so with the beginning of life. Every one of us began in that dark, special place within our mothers, and from there we continue to be knit together, sleeping and growing, as at night. Then morning dawns as we are born and begin to relate to those around us. Preparation for the day is mostly concerned with physical needs—dressing, eating, and cleanliness—as is a baby’s routine.

Then, life picks up speed, and by midday we are at the peak of productivity, just like in the height of midlife. Toward the evening of the day, activities wind down and become more passive, as they do in old age. Then, before sleep, the focus again turns to bodily needs (when we are elderly, our needs resemble that of babies’). At last, there may or may not be a sliver of time to reconcile with any alienated relationships before one’s day is over (Eph. 4:26: “Do not let the sun go down on your anger”). So with the end of life, as well, when people long to make it right with others before meeting the Judge of all the earth.

Finally, while lying in bed awaiting the unconsciousness that will last till morning or the Resurrection (as the case may be), the realization comes that the day/lifetime has been lived, and it is too late to change how. Preparing to meet our Maker is the only responsibility left. In prayer, reuniting the soul with its Lover, confessing our sins, and pleading for others in deep intercession is the best way to fall asleep in the Everlasting arms.

We can find encouragement in the microcosm (small-scale reproduction) of a lifetime in a day, because it shows that if a day is a picture of a life, the way we live each day will form the way we live our whole lives. A day is manageable enough to ask for Yahweh’s help to bridle passions, shape our character, and demonstrate self-sacrifice for others.

So, if your entire lifetime were encapsulated in today, how would you want to live it? Would you want to be more patient? Invest more in certain relationships? Display a more cheerful countenance? Serve people more often? Pray and worship the Creator more? Today is the opportunity of a lifetime! Let us live it in such a way that the King of Kings could condone with His glorious benediction: “Well done, good and faithful servant!” Happy first day of the rest of your life!

Melanie Ellison (21), is a stay-at-home daughter of Todd and Renee (authors at http://www.homeschoolhowtos.com). She loves classical music, babies, and sewing linen pillowcases that bless people with deeper sleep: http://www.pleasantpads.com. She would love to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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Teaching children how to handle their anger

Monday, 11. June 2012 by Renee Ellison


Anger is SUCH a hard emotion, even for adults to deal with, let alone children. It comes from feeling violated, stepped on, overlooked, treated poorly. We are all so frail underneath, that any episode of not being loved is almost too painful to bear—so we lash out. We were all originally created to have a legitimate right to a protected personhood, i.e. being treated with NOTHING but love. That was God’s original design. So anything BUT that, throws us for a loop. Due to the Fall, we not only have our own crookedness to deal with, but interfacing with others’ fallen natures, to boot. We are ALWAYS surprised and ALWAYS unsettled by other people’s unkindnesses to us, no matter how frequently we experience them, because it is not our EXPECTATION, having been made perfect (before the Fall) and in God’s image.

So, here’s tool # 1: Change our expectations about others.
Expect others to be unkind. Don’t be looking for a five-star hotel, when life is really a reformatory! Teach your children that they will experience MANY episodes with many people—too many to count—over a lifetime. Expect it. Tell them to saddle up / put their seatbelts on. Disillusion them about ALL people early on smile Teach them that people weren’t put on this earth to love US, they are in our life to give us practice in loving THEM.

Tool # 2: Go for a brisk walk.
There is no emotion that can’t be greatly settled by a LONG walk. Teach children to DELAY dealing with their problems with other people. Seek to settle almost NOTHING in the heat of the battle. Teach them to withdraw. Unhook. Take deep breaths. Tell your angry child: run to the fence outside, or the mailbox ten times, and THEN we will deal with this matter, perhaps even AFTER naptime. Patience. Developing the ability to delay anything IS maturity. Impetuosity IS immaturity, in every case—even in adults.

Tool #3: Spread the matter before God.
Hezekiah, in his utter extremity, taught us how to cope with outlandish provocation from others and do it with success. When Sennacherib threatened Hezekiah with a vile letter (II Kings 19), Hezekiah did not answer Sennacherib. Instead, he went into the temple and spread out the letter before God. By doing so, he would have NEVER needed to speak to Sennacherib about it, really. His relief in the matter was total. We need not spread the problem out before the other person, if we have spread the problem out before God.

(Now, in a family we can and should eventually work through that episode via some peaceful conflict resolution LATER to avoid a reoccurrence in an ongoing relationship—but it works best if we do so only AFTER we have spread the matter out before God.) And with extended family, it need never be spoken of or resolved, if given to God.

Stuffing anger doesn’t work. But shouting at the other person doesn’t work either, “For the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God” [James 1:20; ESV} EVER! So, who DO we tell? Tell God about it IMMEDIATELY. NAME the sin of the other person. Tell God specifically what they did toward you and how awful it feels, and then ask HIM how to cope. USE God as an understanding best friend. TALK to Him, AT THE MOMENT. God WANTS this. This will keep your children from developing ulcers!

Tool #4: Meditate on the other person’s good points.
A person is always far LARGER than this one cantankerous moment. Therefore, sometimes get your children to name (OUTLOUD) three good qualities of the person who has just offended them. Name those FIRST. (Teach them to do this always MENTALLY—even if it is not spoken). This immediately puts the conflict into perspective. Teach them to mentally reposition the offender in a larger setting. Help them recall that the offender was a sharing person with you YESTERDAY, and that you will rule angels together, TOMORROW, and that the “AWFUL OFFENDER” (really, just your wee sister, or spouse, or father-in-law) is faithful, hard-working, struggled at birth, has a cold, etc.!!! It has been said: “There is enough in every person to make them out to be a demon or a god, depending upon which you focus upon!”

Tool #5 Memorize all scriptures about anger.
Review them. They’re priceless.

Tool #6 Teach children how to fix their anger.
Teach them to get good at doing emotional repair jobs. Most all of us are too immature to do it right even 50% of the time, even if in calm moments we KNOW what is right to do. About 98% of the time, we’ll blow it. So FIX it; do it right LATER, even if you’ve done it wrong at the moment. And release the offender from the offense at their MOTIVE level. In other words, believe that they didn’t MEAN to hurt you—they were just after THEIR OWN “crayon” to finish THEIR project even if it meant roughly wrenching it from YOUR hand. Everyone is “ME”-driven. It has been said that “people care more about their OWN headache, then if YOU die!!!” Make your peace with their frailty and their self-absorption, because, given the right “off” moment, you have it, too.

Is believing in a 6-day literal creation a “hill to die on”?‏

Tuesday, 05. June 2012 by Renee Ellison


Is the issue of a six-day literal Creation part of your family’s core belief structure? Should it be? And, how does your conviction on this point affect the way your children are raised?

In our opinion, a six-day literal Creation is “a hill to die on.” Why? Because without it, statistically, a person would raise children for calamity—for secularism, for eventual total unbelief. The fruit of not believing in a six-day creation seems to be evident already in the current generation of children—including some of the ones who are homeschooled. As Ken Ham says, an evolutionary model is a fissure at the foundation of one’s total belief system; it is a slippery slope to unbelief. If the stress upon children’s faith gets high enough (the peer pressure of unbelief, and the college professor pounding on it), the culture (i.e., the children who are so trained), will collapse in the area of faith. The evolution issue is a major tactic that the Enemy has used to bring our culture to its knees. We already see it in American culture at large. Recent surveys are revealing that 85% of our young people (this is a tragic statistic) are losing their faith by the end of their first year in college. WHY? Over this ONE CORE, VITAL, PIVOTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL issue of Creation that is hammered on by the Enemy from kindergarten through grad school. No doubt this is why men like Ken Ham and Henry Morris have devoted their lives to clarifying this ONE point—as have the Institute for Creation Research and others. The results of NOT thinking it matters has become alarmingly dangerous in the world. Creation vs. evolution is THE issue before modern man. Its implications are TOTAL. We DO die on this one hill.

If a person has an evolutionary model of Creation, he may not know it, but he believes in evolution, PERIOD. All of it—even that we are STILL evolving. So, let’s run with where that leads. Is our conscience evolving, too? In our judicial system, then, can we try a person for robbery, or is he not responsible because he is evolving? The courts are currently saturated with this belief (chaos), rendering the administration of justice relative, i.e. virtually impossible. The confusion even outside the courts is all over the place. “Remember the Sabbath DAY”; is that a DAY or 1,000’s of days? or 1,000’s of YEARS? Do we work for 6,000 years WITHOUT rest, if we are waiting for Creation to be COMPLETED, before we can rest? Can we rest even now, if it is NOT completed; we’re still evolving, right? At what point did accountability/ morality enter the human race; in the trilobite?

But the absolute CORE issue (why it hugely matters in a marriage) is that evolution as a Creation model has huge implications for a literal Fall. The Bible states that sin entered the world through ONE man, Adam. If you tamper with that—that the Fall DIDN’T occur through one man—you don’t HAVE a fall. If you don’t have a Fall, you have no need for a Savior. This belief is ANTI-CHRIST at its core. The Enemy is anti-Christ. He has commandeered the evolution issue for this very reason—it is solidly anti-Christ. The Devil hates Him and he hates the redemption He paid. No doubt, the thought of Divine blood spilled for man makes him RABID. The Enemy is foaming at the mouth to STOP the need for it. So, his primary strategy is to eliminate the need for a redemption!

You can’t have a GENERAL Fall that happened over 1,000s of years, and sustain a faith in a need for a savior. You can’t have a slippery EVENTUAL Fall—because WHEN would it have been? Under what circumstances? How? You can’t have a belief in NO Fall, at all—or else where did Hitler come from? It puts one in a tailspin of logical incongruity. Without a Fall, without knowing it, a person ends up a secular humanist at one’s core, believing that man is basically good, or at the very least NEUTRAL. Regardless of how much one loves God EMOTIONALLY, even praising Him, such a person will be loving Him IN SPITE of his disbelief in what Scriptures tell us in Genesis—and eventually one will be at odds with himself spiritually at a deep level, even over other Biblically contested issues. It is a Pandora’s box. Many children from godly homes nowadays are there right now—wondering what is it all FOR. Likely, at some deep level they are not entirely convinced that it isn’t all a fairy tale, because of their daily “schooling” to the contrary—especially about ORIGINS.

Summit Ministries hits this issue hard. Thousands of young still-impressionable teenagers walk out of Summit knowing WHY a 6-day literal Creation matters and knowing why the theory of evolution is a sham. These students, so trained, emerge STRENGTHENED in their faith, in EVERY WORD that God has spoken—because they are presented with science that shows that there is not one whit of evidence to support evolution. We HAVE the science now; we don’t have to guess any more. Any one who WANTS to believe in a six-day literal Creation, CAN, with strong intellectual support. Anyone who is questioning this can visit Answers In Genesis’s website which offers a world of scientific material, and also could delve into The Creation Institute’s marvelous materials to clarify this point. Reading Morris’ book ALONE, would be sufficient to cover all of the bases, and would nail the issue cold.

To orient young children, easily, about this vital all-important issue download our Special Creation vs. Evolution. It’s a short summary of the most powerful arguments against evolution.


Thursday, 31. May 2012 by Renee Ellison


A mom asked, “Am I expecting too much of a six (almost 7) year old to work on an academic assignment without dawdling? Soooo frustrating. Any input?”

Yes, strangely it IS too much to ask. You see, that IS what immaturity IS. A child learns INTERNAL discipline only by the application of copious amounts of EXTERNAL discipline—actually EXPERIENCING what mental discipline FEELS like while sitting right next to a tutor. I used to educate my daughter while I was peeling potatoes or reading my own book right next to her, so I could POINT to the next problem when her mind would wander.

Gradually the child’s mind grows disciplined by DOING DISCIPLINE over and over. You, as the mom/tutor, will slowly and progressively change from “sage on the stage” to “guide on the side” as this process takes place. Be encouraged: although it happens gradually, it DOES happen! My daughter grew to be INCREDIBLY disciplined via this daily line-upon-line focus, hour after hour, from her early childhood. I have to pull her OFF a task now—she has such a long attention span, even with tedious mental work.

Your young child may be mature RELATIONALLY, but that is different from corralling the mind for CEREBRAL tasks. Scheduling active vs. passive periods REALLY HELPS. Have your child just do ONE problem, or just this ONE row, and then go clean the bathroom sink, or jump on the rebounder, etc. (This is one of the techniques described in 12 Optimal Ways to Trigger the Brain; download it for MORE of these ways to prime the mental pump. You’ll also find our booklet Motivation: Academic Energizer to be very helpful).

While your child is acquiring mental discipline, find lots of work for you to do right next to him. Do your work in your lap or on the table; fixing meals is the best. A mother can chop veggies for the whole day, etc., while sitting VERY close in PROXIMITY to help redirect the youngster’s mind with patience. In helping your child develop discipline, keep in mind that tackling the concepts is almost secondary to tackling the mental muscle growth. Five minutes with mama on piano or violin is way more powerful than a child trying to work for half an hour by themselves. The two different approaches result in vastly different outcomes. Think of Lipizzaner horse trainers putting those stallions through their paces again and again and again until sweat is pouring off those beasts—or think of the Olympic training coach who is hovering over those details, knowing that it is the route to excellence. External mental discipline wisely directed by a tutor grows champions. Stay vigilant and you’ll love the results.

Astounding benefits of fasting

Sunday, 20. May 2012 by Renee Ellison


Hope is immediately ahead! For those of you suffering from some long-term stubborn healing challenges, here are some reports of others who have found dramatic breakthroughs through fasting. Therapeutic fasting allows your body to clean out YEARS of metabolic nitrogenic waste that could not otherwise be removed because of the constant demand for digestion. During the fast your body lives on a secondary energy source; this is called ketosis. Ketosis kicks in and is produced by the liver when the body reaches the fasted state. This happens only through a water fast; it does not occur during a juice fast. Not only does the body heal—the liver itself completely rejuvenates itself because of the change in chemistry.

According to these reports, heavier people lose stubborn pounds and thin people quickly regain their weight after the fast and delightfully find that they add more weight because now their nutrients can reach their destinations. Their thinness was an indication of an absorption problem that was resolved through the fast. Here are some amazing highlights from four books on fasting. If you can only read one, go for the first one:

Fasting and Eating Your Way to Health/ by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. (ISBN 0-312-18719-X)
Fasting Can Save Your Life/ by Herbert M. Shelton, N.D. (ISBN 0-914532-23-5)
Fast Your Way to Health/ by Lee Bueno (ISBN 0-88368-219-2)
The Miracle of Fasting/ by Paul C. Bragg and Patricia Bragg (both, N.D. and Ph.D.) (ISBN 0-87790-035-3)

Healing through diet:
Healing can be accomplished through major dietary changes ALONE, as per thousands of testimonials gathered by Halleluiah Acres and both the Gerson and Hippocrates institutes, but it just takes far longer. Each of the authors of the above cited books on fasting emphasizes that major dietary changes must be established AFTERWARDS, if not before, as a lifestyle change for the rest of one’s life, to KEEP the dramatic gains made through fasting. Their combined seasoned brilliant counsel? Build your food intake around at least one pound of fruits and one pound of veggies PER DAY via juicing once or twice a day and eating one or two major salads per day, and remove the junk. That’ll do it. One woman in her sixties who was wheelchair-bound with Multiple Sclerosis now runs and horseback rides; she literally MEASURED out three cups of greens, meal after meal.

It is mysterious little fruit and veggie WARRIORS called “phyto-chemicals” and “buster-boxer anti-oxidants” that do the HUGE disease reversing battle. No other “food-feller” has these components; ONLY fruits and veggies. There are 1,000’s of these little guys, and 1,000’s more yet to be discovered in each thing called a “fruit” and each thing called a “veggie”. The radically different healing pyramid put out by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and others puts veggies at the bottom—as the largest part of the pyramid—NOT grains. This way of eating is veggie based. Veggies are given the biggest section on your plate.

Healing through fasting:
The fasts described in these books were major therapeutic fasts—not just 24-hour fasts, but instead, lasting between 10 and 21 days. Most of them were 10-day fasts. Fasts longer than that must be supervised by a medical doctor. Shelton alone supervised over 40,000 of them in a Texas clinic in the last century and witnessed great successes over a variety of health conditions. According to these authors, the sensation of hunger passes away after the second or third day. It simply gets easier once that toxic hunger (recreational hunger, comfort hunger) barrier is crossed when the body shifts into big-time house-cleaning.

Fasting addresses the underlying CAUSE of illness, instead of masking the symptoms with drugs. The diet/disease connection is historically well-established in the scientific literature. Chronic debilitating diseases due to poor diet have catapulted well into epidemic levels in recent years in America. Sick people who growing sicker are now desperate for answers. The largest hopeful answer is that life-changing rejuvenation can be obtained by diet-reversal and/or fasting.

Toxic hunger and food cravings are done away with through the fast. The body re-boots and forgets them. Food addictions are just as addictive as cocaine. They are very, very nasty things to overcome. Toxic junk food has hijacked our real taste sense. The water fast makes this job easier. Powerful anti-inflammatory agents are released during a water fast that can reverse even auto-immune diseases. Fasting normalizes and enhances immune function—and eats up benign tumors, metabolic wastes, and stored toxic salt.

Paul Bragg passed 1/3 cup of mercury that had been repeatedly given to him accidentally as a child in his cough medicine. He also got over tuberculosis through fasting. And—just for grins—he fattened up his skinny sister through a fast, as well. She did anything he told her, having already tried everything else with no success. He coached her into exercising massively, too—beginning with short walks and short spurts of all the types of exercise—progressively taking her to the next level.

Joel Fuhrman recovered from a severe foot injury that had badgered him for a year; he had been on crutches with chronically swollen ankles and no solution in sight. His non-healing leg and foot wound from an ice-skating rip of his foot and ankle tormented him for over a year. The day before a second major surgery a year later, he left his hospital bed and fasted, instead. After a 46-day fast supervised by Shelton, he skated his way to a 2nd place win in the 1973 U.S, National Pairs Championship and 3rd at the World Professional Pairs Skating Championship in Spain. Nearly 40 years later, he now can jump from the floor onto the examination table in ONE JUMP.

If nothing else has worked for you, consider trying fasting. The books cited above would offer a recommendation to begin with a one-day fast, then wait several weeks and try a three-day fast, and then wait another month and try another one. Practice these three-day fasts once a month for awhile and then attempt the 10-day fast several months later. In the meantime and in between fasts, eat VEGGIES and fruit—more than you ever have in your entire life. Greens will make you lean and mean smile If you are super-addicted to the wrong foods, just add MORE veggies and fruit. Eat big plates full of these FIRST. Up your QUANTITIES. Don’t eat veggies like a mouse. Move veggies from being a “suggestion” on your plate, to the “main story”. Then eat the junk with your LEFT-OVER appetite and your hunger desires should gradually change. You’ll go from an “eating bum” to a “dining sophisticate”—gaining EXTRAORDINARY health. Your desire for health has to outwit your tamper-tantrum old addictive flesh! Put yourself under new management; try it for one week. Your cells will say “Wahoo!!!’ and your health enemies will tuck their tails between their legs and scamper away, out of you, whimpering as they go.

Note: This is simply a report of what others have written about fasting. Nothing in this blog is intended to constitute medical treatment or advice of any nature. Furthermore, as every person responds differently to fasting, it is heartily recommended that anyone desiring to fast, even for a short duration, should consult his or her doctor, and should remain under the doctor’s close medical supervision and advice throughout the fast and during the entire period of adjustment thereafter.

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Corralling the influence of worldly media in the home

Wednesday, 18. April 2012 by Renee Ellison


My husband’s folks did not allow any private media of any sort in his home. There were no radios or technology of any sort in their rooms. The music that they listened to was what the ENTIRE family listened to. The children were not allowed to listen to any of their own choosing. The same was true for my family. Even though the TV was all the rage as a new invention, we weren’t allowed to have ANY for years and years. When it was allowed in later, it was heavily monitored—no shoot-em-up shows, etc smile We raised ours the same way: absolutely no private access to any media in the bedroom. Todd and I both grew up super PRODUCTION oriented, and it was the MAKING of both of us. It made us LEADERS. We are able to coast somewhat now in older age because of what our CHILDHOODS looked like. Those beginnings are SUPER significant for how the REST of life plays out.

You could say the same for many Jewish children today. That is why so many of them win Nobel prizes and take the highest music awards in the world, and why they have the highest number of entrepreneurs per capita and export a large portion of the produce consumed in Europe. They WORK like maniacs (six days a week, apart from the Biblical holidays). If you look at what an American child is doing at 3:30 in the afternoon it generally has something to do with media. If you look at what a Jewish child is doing, he is memorizing the Torah, learning agriculture, practicing for an eventual audition for the Jerusalem symphony, apprenticing with his father, publishing (the Jews publish an astronomical about of books, one of the highest publishing rates in the world) and their Technion (The Israel Institute of Technology) designs some of the major groundbreaking medical and agricultural inventions of the world.

If you look at the example of the Hebrews’ time under Pharaoh, living in Goshen, you see that they willfully SEPARATED from the Egyptian culture. They wouldn’t have THOUGHT of interfacing with Egyptians’ families or allowing their children to play with the others. Long before that, the Patriarch Abraham took it so seriously, he wouldn’t even let his son Isaac as a grown man take a TRIP by himself. smile Mordechai stayed outside the King’s walls and stalked them every evening to keep tabs on his GROWN relative, his cousin Esther.

The point of this is, our parenting job might be easier if we lay the axe at the root of our entire culture FIRST. This means our children will not be reading the world’s magazines, its books, or its blogs, or listening to its music. They’ll need to just get used to it. We are a separate people. If you have the one BIG battle of saying “NO” to the prattle of our culture, you might avoid 100 little battles. Turn off all the media and trade it for WORK, developing skills, producing things. Then vigorously applaud each of your children for each accomplishment. Draw their self-worth not from peers but from their OWN accomplishments and from their relationship to both their earthly and heavenly Fathers.

As a parent, you are right to be concerned over every little inroad of the world, no matter HOW mild. Maintain (or retrieve) control at the “letting out of waters.”

Anchoring our adolescents in a sinking culture (part 2)

Sunday, 15. April 2012 by Renee Ellison


A second way to help your growing children navigate navigating the rough waters of the modern sinking worldly culture is to tie them to their OWN devotions. Family devotions break down and are of NO EFFECT the minute the child is in a different setting. Their own personal daily devotions have to be ROOTED in their HABITS. Start yesterday. EVERY DAY without fail, have them read one chapter in the Old Testament, one chapter in the New, and one in the Psalms/Proverbs (i.e. treat P and P as a unit; don’t start Psalms again until they have finished Proverbs). Also, have them keep a little notebook, jotting down just ONE thought out of all those three chapters that struck them—only one—this is not difficult. This keeps the text from just lying on the page. Grabbing one thought as their OWN gets SOME spiritual digestion going. Then, you have them pray, with head down, eyes closed, for five minutes. Prayer is a spiritual muscle and must be exercised progressively, starting at the lowest entrance level. No exceptions. Day in and day out. If your schedule is crazy and they went to bed late, then they do devotions late the next morning. The rule is that AT THEIR FIRST AVAILABLE DISCRETIONARY MOMENT, even if that is 3 o’clock in the afternoon, they are to get that Bible open. It is a leash of no little proportions. This grows a lifetime spiritual muscle and a habit. It was the habit of every GREAT saint. George Mueller read the Bible through over 200 times. Every time there is THIS fixation there is OUTSTANDING spiritual fruit. To sit before the divine perspective every day reins in the wandering heart.

Third, keep the awareness open of OUTCOMES in other people’s lives. Constantly point out the INGREDIENTS in the lifestyles of others that make for a successful life—and, conversely, those that lead to destruction. Especially look for cheerful COUNTENANCES and the lack thereof. Guilt of a compromised spirit sallows the face. Study the faces—and the eyes. A bright unencumbered COUNTENANCE is show-stopping. You can pick them out a mile away.

Fourth, do not be fearful of social isolation. It is to be remembered that John the Baptist emerged as a LEADER of men out of almost TOTAL ISOLATION, as did Joash. Peers corrupt. Even if they are appear to be darling individuals, what they have been mentally FED since childhood is dry rot. They carry around a cesspool in their heads, through absorbing countless hours of TV, movies, worldly associations, liberal public education, and liberal relatives. The Freefall of the American University and College of Destruction are books that have been released recently that nail this insidious dynamic—that STARTS in kindergarten. What you must remember is that there are WORLDVIEWS in the heads of every peer. The sabotage happens at the presupposition level. It is airborne, caught like the common cold. Keep your children with deeply spiritual ADULTS, you and others; flood them with these associations by the HOURS. Arrange for mini-mentorships (even just afternoons, or a few hours) with them by the dozens. And if scores of such associations are not available, get these associations through reading VOLUMES of spiritual biographies. Godly books are lunches with saints.

Your great objective is to get your adolescent across the finish line of a spiritual MARRIAGE. Your goal is not career (which will come and go) or college (four years of ivory towers). Get your adolescents/young adults down the marriage aisle SAFELY, because that lasts a lifetime. Then they can SAFELY start the next godly generation. The huge vacation of “adolescence” (a term never used in Abraham’s day) is a no-man’s land of self-absorption, 4 to 8 years of WHAT?, filled by the Devil’s agenda to derail your firstborns and all who come after. This is not from heaven. Get your adolescents spiritually FIT, yes, as in EXERCISE, and get them ready for MARRIAGE: able to carry significant RESPONSIBILITY. Start NOW. Also, get them absorbed in entrepreneurial careers NOW; get their checkbooks FULL; and get them growing EXCELLENCIES in as many domestic skills as possible. We have work to do. Enlarge a well-groomed voracious reading schedule so that they self-educate at high velocity for the rest of their lives. Get them smarter than their peers, more capable than their peers, and richer than their peers (most of whom will graduate with great debt.) We MUST produce offspring that OUTDO our culture—who leave our culture in the dust. We can’t do that by sitting on the sidelines, wondering how we fit in. We are not TO fit in; we are to be jaw-droppers.

Anchoring our Adolescents in a Sinking Culture (part 1)

Tuesday, 10. April 2012 by Renee Ellison


More and more parents are wanting to dialogue about their emerging children in late adolescence and beyond. Parents, and the adolescents themselves, have angst over how are they going to fit into this sinking culture. Many parents are alarmed. And research bears it out: 85% of college freshman are now losing their faith. This is warfare. Here are some thoughts about navigating these rough waters.

Years ago a successful set of parents had a novel approach to this dilemma. Early on, they cheerfully told their two children, with a twinkle in their eyes: “You’re different; get used to it!” They CONFIDENTLY repeated the energizing phrase throughout their years. The parents informed their children that they would not be going to any activities their peers were going to, no dances, wild parties, nor listening to rock music. Instead, they would be raised on classical music, reading the Bible, etc. And then the parents kept their children so busy with positive endeavors that their adolescents’ heads were swimming with their own ACCOMPLISHMENTS and ABILITIES. Every time the parents went by their children they spun their top, so to speak, and then spun it again. There was no time left for their adolescents to even look in the mirror; they combed their hair WHILE doing something more productive! Those kids were fully occupied by early morning newspaper delivery routes, after-school horseback riding, engineering projects, weekend entertaining outsiders from church, late evening studying and paper-writing in rigorous academic studies, yard work or domestic skill development, earning money, and practicing musical instruments, etc. Those children emerged, strong stable individuals with a deep abiding faith.

First of all, we have to get over our OWN anxiety about our children fitting in and then our children will “catch” OUR confidence on the point! One must remember that hardly ANYONE throughout history who was a strong believer EVER fit in. The greater the discipleship, the more counter-culture they became. Martyrs are the quintessential example. They simply didn’t fit and never would. So, too, with people who weren’t even believers but who made some great contribution to mankind; it was almost always a solo flight in the midst of extreme social outrage. You cannot be great in this world or the next without first cutting the ties of the fear of men. “The fear of men bringeth a snare.” Die to it, and teach your children to die to it. Look ONLY at His face, and seek to please Him; let the chips fall socially where they may. Our holy lifestyle is GOD’s problem. Cease looking at outcomes. It is a sink-hole. Godly obedience is where there is a blessed future.

Spiritually, we must keep our adolescents’ minds riveted upon ETERNITY. Remind them that their every hour should be RULED by the final bar of history. That is why graveyards used to be placed around the front doors of churches—so that the church members would practically stumble over the gravestones on their walk up the path into the church. They were reminded of their mortality every SEVEN DAYS. The old Brethren pastor H. A. Ironsides said that “There will not be a saint THEN, at the last great bar, who will regret having lived utterly for Christ, but there WILL be MANY who would give WORLDS had they been but more faithful in this scene of testing.” Keep the heat up on your children’s awareness of their own MORTALITY.

(To be continued)

A strategy for raising mature adolescents: The theory and the practice

Friday, 06. April 2012 by Renee Ellison


The theory:

Imagine that you are the king of England as a parent. Your job is to raise the next king to assume the throne. You can’t afford to not do it well. The future of ENGLAND depends upon it. You can’t let your son out of your sight! He is much too important to play with the street children. You MUST train him in fencing, teach him history, etc., because he can’t sound un-skilled when he makes his first WORLD speech and he HAS to win the fencing duel because the entire realm will be WATCHING. He can’t afford NOT to win—because he is the future MONARCH of the realm. Translation: you take him out in the horse ring and put him through his paces, because soon he will have to perform before large audiences! You are grooming him for something very important. He HAS to be the best athlete and the most articulate spokesman, using his every hour to develop, because his future PUBLIC life depends upon it. He has got to be GOOD at EVERYTHING. So, too, you have to have your sights (as the parents), and their sights (as the emerging adults) fixed on what they were created FOR. BIG THINGS are at stake.

With this strong picture in mind, convince your children that they are spiritual royalty. They are on the cusp of the greatest spiritual army of all time, chosen for the last sliver of time. Make them aware that the enemy wants to sniper them off of the front lines, one by one. They must see that they are CHOICE TARGETS for the enemy because they are so VALUABLE to the kingdom. They come from a spiritually VERY ADVANCED family. Have them look around—do they know of any OTHER family that has studied Scripture like you have; NOT watched junk TV; gone to seminars, workshops and conventions; and trained its own children at such great personal cost? Ask your adolescent to look around for parents who are THIS hot after God as you two are. Convince them that worldlings’ parents don’t care THIS much. Teach them to pity the children of our pop culture, rather than to want to emulate them! Encourage them to look UPWARD to giants in the faith and giants in history, not downward to mediocrity.

Get your adolescents to understand that you are FOR THEM, and that HOW they are launched is SERIOUS business to you. Appeal to their EVENTUAL FUTURE selves. Show them that you want to give them every advantage, every EDGE over the entertainment-driven adolescents of the culture, and that you want to lift them HIGH—that you want to set them up for VAULTING huge successes, both spiritually and practically. Get them MENTALLY on the same page with you around God’s vision for THEM.

Get them seeing how SIGNIFICANT they are—that they can’t afford to be messing around with trivia or wasting even one hour, or taking even one wrong turn. WHO will condescend to MARRY them depends upon how on-track they have kept themselves NOW. There are other hidden gem adolescents who have kept VERY GODLY lives (this is what surprised the Prophet Elijah on Mount Carmel). Little deviances have huge consequences just around the corner; being godly marrying material is chief among them. Keep your children’s eyes focused on their upcoming FUTURE lives. You and they are building to something HUGE here.

The practice:

You can’t take something away from children (the culture, aimless peers) without substituting it with LARGE compelling goals that are exciting to THEM. Get your children to buy into setting (and achieving) high goals for themselves, so that they start out on TOP of their futures, not on the bottom as most of their peers will. Tell them they need to have several thousand dollars in the bank by the time they graduate so that they can have their own paid for home some day (never have a mortgage, even if they can only start with a scrap of land). Exhort them to learn skills—MASTER skills—so that they become EXCELLENT in as many skill areas as possible. Download our booklet of How Not To Waste Your Youth, to see how our forefathers did it.

Simultaneously, marshal their PLAY hours and their STRAY hours into high octane PRODUCTION. Split their time between either working for YOU (cultivating huge vegetable gardens for the family or working at whatever you want to see changed/improved/conquered on your estate) or working for OTHERS to earn money, or have them doing hands-on apprenticing under someone else, to build their own future financial empires/businesses, so that they will become highly sought-after for their extraordinary expertise in practical skills. They need practice, practice, practice with both the skill development and the productivity. Get their hands “knee-deep” in progressing with both. And get them “knee-deep” in digesting history, biography and how-to books. They have got to see how someone ELSE lived life to the max, to catch the dream for their own. Download our Godly Son and Godly Daughter checklist booklets, if you want a progressive list of what will prepare them WELL for their own futures.