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Solar energy generation made simple‏ (E-Book) Solar energy generation made simple‏ (E-Book):

A three-page fact sheet describing how a family can generate and use solar power with no hassles… more >>

Homeschool How-to’s Audio Thumbdrive Homeschool How-to’s Audio Thumbdrive:

Audio homeschool how-to’s by Renée Ellison on an 8GB flash drive.  More than 76 hours.  131 recordings;… more >>

Razor Sharp Teaching Tips for Homeschool Moms (Kindle version) Razor Sharp Teaching Tips for Homeschool Moms (Kindle version):

Reading this Kindle book, you’ll learn razor sharp tools to teach with cutting edge effectiveness.  It’s a… more >>


Read about our revolutionary typing tutor course materials.

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    Hebrew Zoom-Type:

    Frustrated with trying to type Hebrew words? Maybe you know the letters, but you’re bogging down while you painstakingly hunt for them. How would you… Read More >>

    Price: $15.95

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    You can learn how to type while sitting under a tree, relaxing at the beach or the pool, or while traveling!  Read More >>

    Price: $29.95

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    Zoom-Type audio CD:

    Zoom-Type audio CD; 7 lessons in nearly 39 minutes.  This CD is included in the typing course; you do not need to order it separately. … Read More >>

    Price: $5.99