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Teach Math Faster (Kindle book) Teach Math Faster (Kindle book):

Want to remove exasperating moments from the way your youngster learns basic math? Because math is so… more >> store overview store overview:

Resources for homeschooling.  For quick, inexpensive or free practical boosts for homeschooling, click on one of… more >>

Me?  Keep the Sabbath? (Kindle version) Me?  Keep the Sabbath? (Kindle version):

Want to get off of the treadmill?  Discover how the Heavenly Father provided a full day of… more >>

Teens and Beyond

Practical ideas for teenagers who are terrific, not terrible.

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    Classics Study Questions (E-Book version):

    Double the great classics’ contribution to your academics by the superb questions you ask: open-ended questions that direct your child to think about the great… Read More >>

    Regular Price: $5.00
    Sale Price: $4.00

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    Creation vs. Evolution (E-Book version):

    A short summary of the most powerful arguments against evolution.  Teach it in 15 minutes!  For elementary and junior high.  10 pages.  Read the Read More >>

    Price: $2.50


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