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Phonetic Letter Cartoons Packet Phonetic Letter Cartoons Packet:

After reading Teach Phonics Faster (available from us formatted for Kindle, print, or regular e-book), purchase… more >>

Teach Math Faster (Kindle book) Teach Math Faster (Kindle book):

Want to remove exasperating moments from the way your youngster learns basic math? Because math is so… more >>

Kindergarten Songs and Rhythms (audio CD) Kindergarten Songs and Rhythms (audio CD):

Enjoy this sweet,calming music for families with young children.  Music plays a beautiful role in a godly… more >>

Nutrition and Health

Look here for some thoughtful, practical helps and ideas for meal preparation and family dining experiences.

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    Blue Folding Needak® Rebounder:

    Enjoy the many health benefits of rebounding exercise by purchasing your own Needak® soft-bounce folding rebounder at a discount, plus free accessories.  Needak has produced… Read More >>

    Price: $290.00

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    Blue Non-Folding Needak® Rebounder:

    This is the best possible price on a Needak rebounder—quality-made by homeschoolers in Nebraska.  This model has the quality of the other soft-bounce Needak rebounders,… Read More >>

    Price: $280.00


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