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Teach Math Faster (Kindle book) Teach Math Faster (Kindle book):

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Me?  Keep the Sabbath? (Kindle version) Me?  Keep the Sabbath? (Kindle version):

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Young Men Preparing for Marriage (E-Book version)

Young Men Preparing for Marriage (E-Book version)

What to do if it’s a long time before you find Miss Right.  Contains ideas for how to focus on productive activity that will make a huge different in the success of your future marriage, redeeming the time for the things that count.  Build your foundation now, and build it right.  Includes frank but discretely worded thoughts, intended for post-adolescent single godly men.  Written to be read by men who are ready to be married but who have not yet married.  For post-high school men.  9 pages.  Read the table of contents.

This version of this item is in PDF file format, for you to print out at your own computer as an E-Book.  It is also available in print format, for us to mail to you in a bound booklet.

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Price: $2.50