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Beyond Discipline: Train your child’s character

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Beyond Discipline: Train your child’s character

How to train children, not just discipline them. Practical, loving, nurturing discipline strategies that work. How to run ahead of your children in training and disciplining them. No ho-hum theory here—just teacher-proven, time-tested techniques used with scores of children at the worst times of the day in the worst settings, with happy results. For anyone who is raising young children. 58 pages. View the table of contents.

Mrs. S. of Phoenix wrote this about No Monkey Business: “Incredible! My husband and I are implementing it immediately! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and God’s love.” Another mom said, “Your discipline CD is unequivocally the best material on child-raising all in one place I’ve ever had the fortunate privilege of discovering! We listen to it over and over!” (Mrs. L., mother of five, Arkansas)

Save on shipping, and read this sooner! This item is also available in PDF file format, for you to print out at your own computer as an E-Book. If you have a Kindle reader, order it in the Kindle format.

Or, save and buy this printed booklet in the Child Training Tips bundle.

Or, order the book of Teachers’ Secrets and Motherhood Savvy—it includes all of the content of this booklet, and a whole lot more—and is also available from this site in Kindle format!

This material is also covered by audio CD #9 in Renee’s homeschool how-to CD’s (our Item #86-1).

Price: $5.95

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