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Godly Son Checklist (E-Book version)

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Godly Son Checklist (E-Book version)

Guys, put yourself through a crash course of Godly Man Boot Camp with this and our Item #71 (Young Men Preparing for Marriage)!

A pre-marriage or graduation checklist for adolescent men. Arranged in categories reflecting the godly man’s role as a priest, a provider, and a protector of his home. Includes frequently overlooked skills and concepts—some that you could teach in less than an hour—saving your son years of hassle or sorrowful wrong-headedness. You might even want to check yourself off on the same list. Measurable skills and achievements. For junior high and high school boys. 8 pages. Read the table of contents.

This version of this item is in PDF file format, for you to print out at your own computer as an E-Book. It is also available as a printed booklet that we mail to you.

Have a Kindle reader from Amazon? Order the Kindle version, which includes as a bonus these two additional items: John Wesley’s Daily Holiness Checklist and A Challenge for Graduating Seniors.

Also: for a hearty additional read that you can download for free from the Web, open this PDF file: Thoughts for Young Men, a Christian classic written by John Charles Ryle (1816-1900). Mr. J. C. Ryle, who became Bishop of Liverpool in 1880, was a minister of the gospel within the Church of England. He attained international prominence as a godly man who wrote and preached on practical and spiritual themes. This 40-page item is one of hundreds of classical conservative Christian writings from previous times, made available by Chapel Library (click here for the full list of titles) as a ministry of Mount Zion Bible Church in Pensacola, Florida (no connection with Homeschool How-To’s).

Price: $2.50

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