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48 Clever Character Trait Rhymes for Children (Kindle eBook)

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48 Clever Character Trait Rhymes for Children (Kindle eBook)

Want your child to display noble character for a lifetime? These winsome rhymes are an easy way to slip awareness of these attributes into your child. Use them for penmanship practice, or as typing exercises, or just short memorization challenges. They are fun, catchy, and unforgettable. Approximately 58 pages. Kindle file size 376K.

Order the companion Kindle eBook of object lessons to accompany these rhymes.

Your child can even sing these rhymes. Order the companion audio CD of the sing-along songs of these same rhymes, and the companion character trait coloring book which also contains object lessons for the 48 character traits, and more. Your children will love gaining strong noble character through these extraordinarily enjoyable means.

(Usually, people buy the coloring book + audio CD package deal. The product described on this page is for you if you use a Kindle eBook reader.)

Customer comments:
Mrs. Webb of New Jersey wrote: “As a homeschool family, we’ve always focused on character training and development. But this, especially in combination with Ellison’s Object Lessons book could easily form the basis of a character training program in a painless way! This is useful for any parent who desires to help train a child to have a solid Godly character - not only homeschool parents!

I loved the little rhymes in here, and I can’t wait to pair them with the 48 Object Lesson title as part of our family’s schooling. This book is a steal for such fun rhymes that will surely help them remember what’s being taught. Buy this book and use it for family time, or Sunday school, or just as a way to help deal with training out certain character flaws and training in more desirable traits! Buy it and be blessed!”

Price: $2.99

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