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48 Clever Character Trait Object Lessons (Kindle eBook)

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48 Clever Character Trait Object Lessons (Kindle eBook)

Want your child to display noble character for a lifetime? These winsome character trait object lessons are an easy way to slip awareness of these attributes into your child. These object lessons are fun, very instructive, and memorable. These lessons use simple objects you already have in your home. The novel way each concept is presented is insightful as well as inspiring. Heavily illustrated, and hyperlinked with scores of scripture references.

If you want to add rhymes and singing to your study of object lessons, order the companion Kindle eBook of rhymes about these 48 character traits, and the separate audio CD of the songs. Better yet, order the whole package: the audio CD of sing-along songs and the coloring book of the 48 character traits. Your children will love gaining strong noble character through these enjoyable means.

A reader’s review of this Kindle book:
Mrs. Webb of N.J. wrote: “I have always focused on character development being an integral part of our homeschool education. I have used character based unit studies, studies on the book of Proverbs, Bible reading, and lesson books & devotionals on character. What I love about this is: it’s so simple! It puts into practice the use and development of Godly character via easy teachable moments and lessons. This book lists a trait and a simple object lesson on two to go with with. I can’t wait to plan these into our lives! Very doable, and very useful! It will be a great complement to our Bible studies and curricula for next year.”

Price: $2.99

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