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Teach Math Faster (Kindle book) Teach Math Faster (Kindle book):

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Me?  Keep the Sabbath? (Kindle version) Me?  Keep the Sabbath? (Kindle version):

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Coping with Personally Induced Stress (E-Book version)

Coping with Personally Induced Stress (E-Book version)

Insights and tips on conquering self-induced stress.  Learn how to overcome addiction to your own adrenaline.  Break the hurry syndrome.  Identify signs of adrenaline addiction; problems of adrenaline stress; how to change; and some compensating strategies for gaining control over high-stress habits.  Also includes gems about goal setting and time management drawn from scores of books on highly effective people, and tips on no stress holidays for moms (how to do them with finesse and without fatigue).  Gets you on top of your circumstances rather than under them.  Just one of these powerful ideas could catapult your influence and productivity far above what they are at present.  For youth through adults.  20 pages.  View the table of contents.

This version of this item is in PDF file format, for you to print out at your own computer as an E-Book.  Have a Kindle reader?  This is also available as a downloadable Kindle eBook, and also as a printed booklet that we mail you.

Price: $2.99