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Needak Rebounders, America's only rebounder factory!

Enjoy the many health benefits of rebounding exercise by purchasing your own Needak® rebounder at a discount, plus free accessories.  Needak (homeschool families in Nebraska) has produced rebounder/mini-trampolines since 1990 and is the recognized leader in top-quality rebounders.  Needak also provides a great deal of information on the benefits of rebounding on their web site as well as the largest selection of books and videos on rebounding anywhere.  Go to the Needak Rebounders manufacturer's website to see the Needak® Soft-Bounce™ rebounder for yourself.  Then return to this page to save money on your rebounder purchase using our order form.

I hate to exercise…

And probably ... so do you!  But I can crawl onto a mini-rebounder and wiggle a little, and absentmindedly bounce gently, and soon I find myself actually jumping heartily.  Yup!  It happens over and over.  DREAD turns to DAWDLING  (gently bouncing) which ends in DELIGHT!  Not a bad scenario.  In any weather, at any time, it conquered my lifetime struggle to exercise…and now it can for you, too!

NASA released a study announcing that rebounding on a three ft. mini-trampoline is the absolute BEST EXERCISE ON THE PLANET!  Because it exercises every cell in your body against gravity – even your optic nerve, even your brain, even your appendix and big toe!  Jump IN extra oxygen while you pump OUT your entire lymphatic system to eliminate stubborn microscopic waste.  Research shows that you accomplish far more with less effort cardiovascularly than walking, jogging or treadmilling.  (Same with weights).

You can get a cheap hard-bounce version (including the light gauge Urban Rebounder), imported from China, but the insufficient shock absorption can cause bad joint stress and when something breaks or rips there is no place to turn to get parts. (Maybe you read that Wal-Mart was recalling one of their cheap Asian imported rebounders because they were collapsing while in use.)

Or you can order a state-of-the-art Soft-Bounce™ with a steel frame, more than 5,000 stitches, soft bounce mat, warranty, and free carrying case, book and DVD. We are in touch with the manufacturer and can pass on to you a group rate that gives you a discount of $50 or more, depending on the type of rebounder you order! The stabilizing bar is offered as an optional accessory to aid persons with balance concerns or those recovering from injuries.)  Click here to see your options for ordering online from by credit card, to save at least $50 over buying directly from the manufacturer--AND receive a $30 coupon for our how-to e-books. 

Get both sets of grandparents to order one, too.  This is the best hope they have of using exercise to reverse disease and pain!  And it is so easy that they will actually do it!

Enjoy these features of the Needak® rebounder:

o      American made quality: includes detailed stitching and reinforced mat.

o      Unique spring loaded legs for quick and easy fold-up (for storage or travel).

o      Molded leg tips to protect your floor surface.

o      40 inch diameter heavy duty metal frame for long life.

o      Individual spring mounting pins to prevent frame wear.

o      Genuine Permatron® mat for an invigorating soft bounce and long life.

o      Springs are shielded with a protective cover, featuring two arrows on it to remind you where to pull back the cover before folding up for storage/travel.

Plus, you will receive all these: The Needak® Rebounder comes with:

This $83.39 value ($43.39 for the non-folding rebounders) is our free gift to you when you purchase a Needak™ Rebounder from us.

More reasons to jump for joy!

ž     You do not have to sweat.

ž   You do not have to change your clothes.

ž   You do not have to go anywhere.

ž   You do not have to do it very long (two minutes between activities will release stress).  Five minutes sessions several times a day will increase your health . . . big-time!

ž   You do not have to think about it.  (You can watch the news or educational videos/ DVDs at the same time.)

ž   You do not have to pay anything (after initial lifetime purchase you do not have ongoing health club or fitness class expenses).

ž   You do not have to quit when you are old!

ž   You do not have to be fit to begin (even if you have a handicap; someone else can bounce you while you sit on it.) Or YOU can SIT ON it and wave your arms in the air, or get on your back, pull your knees to your chest and bounce, or kick at the ceiling!

ž   You do not have to also do weight training.  Just add weights while you bounce.  Increases the G-force and gives you double the mileage.

You get. . .

ž          MORE…Cardiovascular exercise in less time.

ž          More eyesight: optic nerve gets healthier.

ž          More energy: less stress.

ž          More parts of the body exercised: brain, nasal cavities, thyroid, etc.

ž          More staying nearer your small children or other family members while you exercise.

ž          More equilibrium and balance.

ž          More emotional fun: do it to classical music or hymns and feel REALLY joyful.

ž          More oxygen: roll it outside for increased oxygen during nice weather to feel even more refreshed.

ž          More exercise habit: you can do it inside for winter months and not break your stride. 

Memo: Regarding exercise



In spite of all your resolve to use that stationary bike sitting in your basement or garage, or your old treadmill, or take a two-mile walk, did you, in fact, do it today?  Did you do it yesterday?  Have you done it even once in the last month?  How ‘bout lifting weights so you won’t get osteoporosis?  

Wanta know why you don't?  It just feels like too much work!  Have you greeted yourself recently with,  “Hey nice guy, how’s life?  All work and no play!”   Do you feel like a drone just trying to get done what is already on your plate?  Why is it that you can seem to get everything else tended to but always leave off exercise!  Could it possibly be because it isn’t any FUN?!!  Rebounding is FUN – with your favorite music it can become the MOST fun part of your day.  It even has the potential of becoming a fun HABIT!  (Anything you do consistently for 30 days.)

We spend over a trillion dollars in health care – or rather sick-care -- in the last 30 days of life.  That seems mildly tragic.  Why not sell your TV and buy a top of the line soft-bounce rebounder. Come on, isn’t there something in your house that you aren’t using that you could sell?  How ‘bout your recliner!   All right then, perhaps earning a little extra is the way to go.

If you were told when you were born that you only get one car for your whole life, how would you treat that car?  Put ice cream in the tank, let it sit and bake and rust in the sun and never move it?  Well, you’ve only got one body.  Get the picture.  Move it or lose it.  Your old excuse was that it wasn’t any fun.  We’ve got that problem fixed.  Jump for joy!  Now what’s your excuse?

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Needak® Soft-Bounce™ Folding Rebounder (black) (price includes $28.50 UPS ground shipping per rebounder)


Needak® Soft-Bounce™ Folding Rebounder -- Platinum edition (cobalt blue, as pictured above) (price includes $28.50 UPS ground shipping per rebounder) Same price as black!

Needak® Soft-BounceNon-Folding Rebounder Platinum edition (cobalt blue) (price includes $38.50 UPS ground shipping per rebounder) This gives you the best pricing: save a total of $14 over the folding model.


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