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People like to buy our products because they are rich in substance, are quickly digested, and they really work!  Zoom-Type and Quick Piano will enable your family to master the skills of touch-typing and the basics of playing the piano, faster than any other programs out there.  Our QuickBooks will help you to digest the essence of many areas of home school life, whether it be how to teach (and learn) more effectively, how to balance the demands of home and home schooling, how to resolve marital conflicts, how to eat more nutritiously, and many other how-to helps especially intended for home educators.

Do you have Renée Ellison’s Cross-Over educational products ? 

101 hassle-free get-to-the-point homeschooling how-to’s!

To request a :
Click here to print out the entire 16-page Cross-Over as a PDF file.
Click here to print out the one-page PDF order form to mail in your order.

Click here to email us a request for a printed through the mail.

(1)  One-of-Each Special Deal!   Buy one of every Cross-Over printed publication and additional items for $199.00 + $10 s/h-- save more than $120 off of our  already low prices.  Includes Zoom-Type, Quick Piano, Character Traits coloring book and songs CD, and all of our homeschool how-to's.  (The Dickens audio CD set is half-price when ordered at the same time as this deal, and as a free bonus we'll throw in your choice of one of our single audio CDs.)
(2)  Order our 2 most popular products and save $12: both Zoom-Type and Quick Piano for $47.90!
  Sale on Ruth Knutson's Hymns and Classics CD: 1/3rd off!

To download Adobe Acrobat to read PDF files:  Before you can view it, you will need a recent (7.0 or above) version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC, click here and follow the instructions for downloading, opening, and installing Adobe Acrobat Reader (it's free), then return to this page. After you have a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC, you may click on the article's title at the beginning of this paragraph to access it directly.

The article, Just Starting to Homeschool, is available free to you for your personal reading, in PDF file format.  

What's interesting?

Dynamite Discipline Strategies for Managing Any Group of Children (DVD) (approx. 30 minutes; item #95; $6.99)

Kitchen Efficiency Tips (DVD) (approx. 45 minutes; item #94; $7.99)

Simple Sewing Solutions for busy moms (DVD) (approx. 30 minutes; item #93; $6.99)

Homeschool How-To's on audio CD!  (item #86) Listen to Renee as she shares 101 homeschool how-to's.  Strap on an apron with a pocket for a CD player and start flooding your brain with dynamite, empowering ideas…all while you prepare meals, clean house, weed the garden, and run errands. You’ll emerge all smiles. A mom in Florida wrote, “I could have sat there ALL DAY listening to all your wise words and encouragement.”  
$69.50 for the whole set of 26 CD's, or $39.50 for Set 1 (teaching tips) and $39.50 for Set 2 (domestic tips).

Workshops DVD (item #87):  Now available by popular demand, three of Renee's Top Homeschool How-To's Seminars (three 50-minute/1 hour workshops on 1 DVD).  Includes 12 Optimum Ways to Trigger the Brain, Turn-Your-Head Home Management Strategies, and Teaching the Resistant Student.  Introductory special price $15.00.

Ethel Barrett tells the story of American evangelist D. L. Moody. Audio CD, 42 minutes, all on one track. Only $5.99. (Plus $2.50 for s/h.)

Beautiful Christian lullabies audio CD, 30 minutes. Just $5.99. (Plus $1.50 for s/h.)

And do you know about these additional audio CDs?

* Ethel Barrett's Bible told a half-century ago! 
Just $5.99 for this 76-minute audio CD containing 12 stories, exquisitely told by "The Story Lady." (Plus $2.50 for s/h.)

* Charles Dickens' entire book, A Child's History of England, read aloud by Renée, and ready for you on 12 audio CDs.  $45.00 -- or buy the One-Of-Everything Package Special and get this set for half price ($22.50).

Three new how-to booklets by Renee: Coping with Personally Induced Stress, Seven Womanly Secrets to Marital Harmony and Senior In-law Etiquette.

EBooks:  Avoid the effects of the post office's huge shipping cost increases! Now, in response to customers' requests, you can choose to order an email attachment that has one of our booklets in PDF file format for printout directly at home, without shipping.  Requires Acrobat 6.0 or more recent version (free online download).  The price is the same as in our , but without a shipping charge (only a handling charge, because we send these to you manually through a personal email response to the email address on file with PayPal).

Free E-Books:  Click here to read the section on sleepovers which is part of Renee's QuickBook on Training Children Further Other E-Books currently available for you to download to read at no charge include:  Just Starting to Homeschoool and the Biblical Headcovering: Scarf of Hidden Power -- and two others you will discover as you peruse our web pages!

How it works: once we receive your order for an E-Book and your payment has cleared, we will manually email you the file as an email attachment to the email address you provide.  It is up to you to provide an address that can accept the size of files you order as EBooks (the file size is listed below).  If you prefer, we can mail you the file(s) on a CD-ROM for an additional flat charge of $5.00.  Page length noted is generally of actual content (excluding title page, etc.). Copyright provisions apply the same as if you had ordered a printed copy of the item.  All of our homeschool how-to's are available in this format.  Our E-books include the following (as well as our Character Traits coloring book as an EBook):

#1N   Speedy 10-Key (12 pages; 2.3Mb)
# 4     Goal Setting and Time Management (12 pages of printouts; 112Kb)
# 5     Money in Your Pocket (40 pages; 275Kb)
# 6     Critical Thinking Skills (20 pages; 167Kb)
# 7     Twelve Optimum Ways to Trigger the Brain (28 pages, illustrated; 1.94Mb)
# 8     Teaching Gifted Children (18 pages; 193Kb)
# 9     Motivation, the Academic Energizer (6 pages; 291Kb)
#10    Classics Study Questions (46 pages; 350Kb)
#11    Wind in the Willows Study Questions (25 pages; 740Kb)
#12    Forgiveness (5 pages; 36Kb)
#13    Rindercella (4 pages; 152Kb)
#14    A List (with comments) of Famous People Who Homeschooled (8 pages; 1.16Mb)
#15    Study Techniques (8 pages; 197Kb)
#16    Training Children Further (24 pages; 375Kb)
#17    Sure-fire Penmanship (4 pages; 981Kb)
#18    Picture Math Facts & Action Academics (22 pages; 1.14Mb)
#19    No Monkey Business (52 pages; 599Kb)
#20    Rooms with a Message: Interior Design Principles (22 pages; 710Kb)
#21    Dinner: The Stage and the Drama (28 pages; 322Kb)
#22    What?  I Have To Fix Dinner Again! (29 pages; 431Kb)
#23    Feminine Dress (14 pages; 4.24Mb)
#24    Women: A Stumbling Identity (56 pages; 507Kb)
#25    No Cost Funny Rewards and Tricks (12 pages; 150Kb)
#29    Lost Treasures from Men of Character (32 pages; 491Kb)
#30    A Child's Grip of Biblical Doctrine (112 pages; 14.8Mb; because this is too large to send intact via email, we have divided it into four files that we can attach to an email to you; see note above re: ordering it on a CD for an additional fee)
Party Themes and Activities (set of 8) (32 pages; 1.81Mb)
#32    How to Keep Your Kids from Slipping into the Sea of Materialism (5 pages; 285Kb)
#33    The Gospel in Colors Booklet (4 pages; 92Kb)
#34    T.V. Watching Out of Control (16 pages; 385Kb)
#35    Resolving Marital Conflicts Happily (28 pages; 715Kb)
#36    Drive 'n Shine: Car Detailing Business Manual (40 pages; 884Kb) (plus, this purchase includes a separate file of just the forms, 11 pages, 197Kb, also available as a Word document, that you may modify for your own use.)
#37    A Challenge for Graduating Seniors (4 pages; 224Kb)
#38a  Godly Daughter Checklist (13 pages; 544Kb)
#38b  Godly Son Checklist (13 pages; 114Kb)
#39    Wesley's Daily Holiness Checklist (4 pages; 125Kb)
#40    Prayer Quotes Collection (28 pages; 231Kb)
#40b  Sharing the Birds and the Bees (5 pages; 42Kb)
#41    Special Creation vs. Evolution (12 pages; 507Kb)
#42    Christ and His Birth: Object Lessons (24 pages; 834Kb)
#43    Why We Got Off the Christmas Bandwagon (12 pages; 536K)
#44    Jewish/Biblical Holidays Made Simple (28 pages; 1.15Mb) (plus a bonus!  With this order you also receive the 3-page Haggadah of the Passover Seder, which you have permission to copy and use for non-commercial purposes.)
#45    Humor Packet (32 pages; 471Kb)
#46    Tips on How to Write a Play (8 pages; 852Kb)
#47    Raising an Only Child for the Glory of God (12 pages; 180Kb)
#48    How Not to Waste Your Youth (12 pages; 650Kb)
#49    Bach: Man of God  (a story of his life and work; 24 pages; 821Kb)
#50    Bach: Man of God  (play script; 56 pages; 1.32Mb)
#51    Speak-Ease (32 pages; 292Kb)
#52    Academic Checklist (3 pages; 431Kb)
#53    Think Like an Inventor: Humpty Dumpty Intellectual Stretch  (4 pages; 287Kb)
#54    Draw to See (8 pages; 510Kb)
#55    Grandparents Make a Difference (4 pages; 109Kb)
#56    Children Can Gulp the Word (12 pages; 387Kb)
#57    No Stress Holidays for Moms (5 pages; 394Kb)
#58    Turbo-Charged Nutrition for Peak Performance Kids (48 pages; 425Kb)
#59    Me? Keep the Sabbath? (26 pages; 4.7Mb)
#60    Just Starting to Homeschool (10 pages; this one is also available for free download; 391Kb)
#61    Burnout! (28 pages; 591Kb)
#62    Miscarriage (12 pages; 116Kb)
#63    Preserving and Arranging Your Family Papers (16 pages; 347Kb)
#64    Emergency Preparedness for Homeschooling Families (32 pages; 1.4Mb)
#66    Ten Extraordinary Stories of Ordinary People Who Got Free of House Debt (30 pages; 437Kb)
#67    Earmarks of Academic Idolatry  (28 pages; 253Kb)
#68    The Biblical Headcovering: Scarf of Hidden Power (56 pages; 575Kb)
#69    Teaching the Resistant Student (16 pages; 235Kb)
#70    Daughters in Waiting (12 pages; 242Kb)
#71    Young Men Preparing for Marriage (12 pages; 276Kb)
#72    Home Management Strategies (36 pages; 713Kb)
#73    Let a Woman Keep Silent in the Assembly…but Why? (8 pages; 118Kb)
#75    Rembrandt: Held by God (25 pages with 15 illustrations; 3.27Mb)
#77    Sarah's Beauty Secret (8 pages; 115Kb)
#78    Recipe Ideas (24 pages; 526Kb)
#79    Shape-Up Sentences (8 pages; 439Kb)
#80    Preschool Pizzazz (40 pages; 550Kb)
#81    The Right Stuff: for Grades K-12 (34 pages; 2.15Mb)
#83    How to Ignite the Love of Writing (8 pages; 150Kb)

#88    Coping with Personally Induced Stress (7 pages; 253Kb)

#91    Senior In-law Etiquette (4 pages; 215Kb)
#92    Seven Womanly Secrets to Marital Harmony (10 pages; 163Kb)
#96    The Power of a Focused Mother (13 pages; 781Kb)

Payment options:
1)  By check or money order through the mail (for orders from anywhere in the United States), or by online Bill Pay from your bank (anywhere).  Mail your orders to: Cross-Over, 190 Vista Linda Ave., Durango, CO  81303.

2)  Using a credit card over the Web.   If you already have a PayPal account, it's easy to order from us.  You may use the order Solution Graphicsform on our website to make online payments through PayPal, which gives you various options such as credit card, electronic check, or direct payment from your bank account.

Shipping and handling prices are for the continental U.S. (the 48 contiguous states). 
If you are planning on ordering from outside the continental United States, please email us first (rather than by phone) to make arrangements for shipping.

International orders via PayPal.  Because sending a payment to us from outside the U.S. is FREE (or nearly so), you have increased purchasing power as an international buyer!  Our E-Books are the best option for ordering any of our printed materials internationally.

Click here to print out the entire 16-page Cross-Over as a PDF file (1.8MB).

Returns policy:  Our descriptions and titles give you fair notice of what is in each of our products, and our practice is not to refund the purchase of these materials.  Items may be returned, at our discretion, only if: (1) you have first obtained an approval number from us by phone or email, (2) you make this request within 10 days of your receipt of the material, and (3) we receive the material back in re-sellable condition.  A 15% restocking fee will be deducted from your refund, along with excluding postage and handling charges and any PayPal fees that were charged to your order.  No refunds on E-Books.

We offer no guarantees on our materials (such as Zoom-Type or Quick Piano), because these are like a good math textbook.  If you do it, it works.  If you don't do it, it won't.  Besides, our typing and piano programs are low risk purchases.  For the cost of just one or two piano lessons, Quick Piano basically covers the first year of piano lessons; plus, all the sheet music in the back of the course more than pays for the cost of the book. Both courses include a "show-me-how" audio CD.

Our privacy policy:

We take your privacy seriously. We only use personal information we collect from you for the following general purposes: to customize the advertising and content you see, to fulfill your requests for products and services, to send you periodic communications about us and our products, to improve our services, to contact you, to conduct research, and to provide anonymous reporting for internal and external clients. We do not rent, sell, or share personal information about you with other people or nonaffiliated companies except to provide products or services you've requested, when we have your permission, or when we respond to subpoenas, court orders, or legal process, or to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims. Please email us if you would prefer we not send you any emails regarding our products or upcoming events. If you have questions or suggestions, please complete a feedback form or you can contact us at: Cross-Over, FLC 7028, 1000 Rim Drive, Durango, CO 81301; phone (970) 385-1809; email [email protected]

Policy effective date: August 1, 1991

Questions? send an email to [email protected] or telephone us at 1-970-385-1809 on Monday-Friday (we take phone orders, too).

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