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Hebrew Alef-Bet for Simpletons (Cartoons) e-book version Hebrew Alef-Bet for Simpletons (Cartoons) e-book version:

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Hebrew Alef-Bet for Simpletons (Cartoons) print version Hebrew Alef-Bet for Simpletons (Cartoons) print version:

Your Hebrew alef-bet learning “woes” are over! That feeling of “I’ll never be smart enough to… more >>

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08/07 : Don’t answer questions at your front door

Beware of a young foreign man or woman who knocks at your door during the…  more >>

Don’t answer questions at your front door

Wednesday, 07. August 2013 by Renee Ellison

Beware of a young foreign man or woman who knocks at your door during the day, some weekday, soliciting and attempting to gather information about your family.  This is for real; numerous accounts of this activity around the nation.  These individuals are working as a team, selectively going to homes that have children in them, and persistently asking personal questions about ages, where schooled?, how many? etc. under the guise of selling educational books. 

They will make mention of their foreign accents, and, if pressed, will name a country in Europe (Scotland, Latvia, Russia…) as their home and will claim that they are international college students.  What matters most to them is their notebook in which they record any information people give them, not their book sales.  Be aware, and alert families in your area.  You have no obligation to say anything to such an intruder on your private property, other than to order them to leave immediately. 

It has been noted in several states that when you are not interested, they turn mean-spirited.  We don’t know what the source of this activity is, but these activities are suspiciously concurrent with aggressive U.N. legislation on the rights of the child.  Beware.

Click here for more information.

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Renee’s recent radio broadcasts and webinar

Tuesday, 05. March 2013 by Renee Ellison


Renee Ellison of has been interviewed by Messianic Lamb Radio and Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington; tune in to the rebroadcasts to listen.

March 5, 2013: Homeschool Burnout: Its Causes and Cures—webinar available for you to watch after the fact at Christian Heritage of Washington.

Episode 34 - February 27, 2013: Interview by Susan Hooge, producer of the Walkabout program on Messianic Lamb Radio.

Also, Renee has her own hour-long weekly broadcast of Homeschool How-To’s on Messianic Lamb Radio, live on Sunday mornings at 10 am MST.  All of her past broadcasts are archived here as podcasts for you to hear at any time.  If you have any comments or requests for future broadcasts, please let us know.

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Exciting LIVE inspiration for homeschoolers!

Wednesday, 16. January 2013 by Renee Ellison

Listen while you do dishes!  Fly through your chores while living off ideas for how to homeschool yet better and better!

Renee has a new hour-long weekly radio show on homeschooling!  Listen live at 10 a.m. Mountain Time Sunday mornings, or hear the past broadcasts whenever you want.  The first show was recorded January 13th, on the topic of WHY homeschool? All the reasons stacked up at once to buttress your resolve !

See the program listings at

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How a Wife Blesses Her Husband (Generations Radio interview online)

Wednesday, 26. December 2012 by Renee Ellison

Listen to Kevin Swanson’s recent interview of Renee on Generations Radio on the topic of her new book, Growing Marriage.  The interview topic is How a Wife Blesses Her Husband.  Generations Radio describes the content of the interview thus:

“The egalitarian, humanist, me-centered worldview has pretty much ruined marriage and family in the western world, so most of us have given up looking to the humanists for advice on marriage.  But what does the Bible say about marriage, from the perspective of the wife?  Renee Ellison joins us on Generations with down-to-earth, practical, biblical advice for wives. Married to a difficult, passive, unbelieving husband?  Renee offers helpful advice for setting boundaries and continuing to submit in the Lord to him.”

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Free ACE booklets

Friday, 30. November 2012 by Renee Ellison

Have a young adult who needs to learn some business basics?  We still have the following unused ACE Paces and answer key booklets, available to you for free; you pay the shipping (Media Mail).  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we’ll send you a PayPal request for funds for the shipping and will mail you the booklets you requested.  You can purchase the missing booklets directly from ACE.

+ Basic General Business (booklet #s 97, 98, 100, 101, 103, 104, 106-108) [i.e., this set is missing booklets 99, 102, 105, and the two answer key booklets]

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New quickbook for moms on how to use effective homeschool to do charts

Sunday, 15. March 2009 by Renee Ellison

Have you seen our booklet/ebook on How to Make Optimal Homeschooling To Do Charts ?  We’ve heard from numerous mothers who implemented it.  They reported that the very NEXT DAY their homes went from chaos to order and all SMILES!!!  One was a brilliant woman Ph.D. doctor attempting to educate her children at home and it was chaos.  She thought her kids would LOVE this short and sweet route, and sure enough, they DID.  Another mom reported that they were all done with homeschool by 11 o’clock in the morning and she is sooooo happy!

A third mom wrote that her family has tried using rigid schedules 100 times and felt that they were failures because the schedule NEVER worked.  Her husband would get upset that the family didn’t stick to it.  With many young children, something ALWAYS changes the schedule EVERYDAY.  She was encouraged to read about a more flexible approach.  Now, when people visit and want to know what she is teaching the children, she can show them their charts.  She is glad to have the children policing themselves—something that brings peace to the home.

When children are occupied with the completion of their own progressive mini-tasks, they don’t have time to hit, scratch, bite!  Read the article, it is loaded with all sorts of tips to make your day go smoother.

To download a free customizable chart that you can fill in yourself, choose either the pdf version or the .doc version.

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Celebrating homeschool how to booklet 100 by Renee Ellison

Thursday, 04. September 2008 by Renee Ellison

Renee has produced her 100th “homeschool how to”.  This one is Beginner Sewing Basics: Why sew? Plus a checklist of sewing skills to conquer.  Like most of her other how-to booklets, this one is inexpensive (costs less than 3 dollars) and will help to motivate a mom to make headway in yet another aspect of home management.  Renee began working on these how to’s thirty years ago while she was a teacher in various types of schools up and down the Front Range of Colorado.  The joke her family has heard for the last ten years is when Renee has said, “Really, this is the last one I’m going to produce.  Now I’m going to settle into cooking the meals, making the clothing, and other aspects of home life (along with homeschooling).”  That was when we were at about number 40.  There’s no telling how far Renee will go with her future (as yet unknown to the rest of us) how to booklets and home management solutions, but to celebrate, we’re having a sale on a funny DVD about how to manage groups of children.  Renee (and hubby Todd, as “Mr. Wrong”) produced this video as one of the first projects of their married life in the early 1990s.  It’s on sale just in time to give a boost to all you parents who are taking on running an Awanas program or other children’s club this fall.  Order the DVD today and get some laughs along with some very helpful tips.

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Dynamic homeschooolhowtos website

Tuesday, 29. April 2008 by Renee Ellison

We have transformed this website into a dynamic site that will better serve your needs.  First, it is browser based, offering you greater flexibility and ease of use because you can do a keyword search of everything on the site.  Second, we have improved our capability of offering you downloadable PDF files.  And third, the site uses blogging rather than static fixed web pages—which connects us more closely with the world of Internet search engines.  The end result of these three areas of improvement: we are moving us into a better level of communication with you.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, a prominent magazine for homeschoolers, cites statistics gathered by The International Digital Publishing Forum, that “sales of digital books in the wholesale market more than tripled from 2005 to 2007.  In late 2007, Amazon’s new electronic reader for books and newspapers sold out in a matter of hours.  People are expecting information to be readily available via their computer, cell phone, PDA and other electronic devices.”

Ipswitch, a provider of file transfer software, recently reported that “the number of PDF documents indexed by Google™ is topping 100,000,000 [one hundred Million!]. PDF has quickly become the electronic equivalent of printed paper and ultimately the worldwide standard for sharing documents. That’s because PDF documents are compact, universally viewable, print the same as they do from their original application, and they’re not as susceptible to carrying computer viruses as other formats.”

A key benefit of this revamping of our website is digital delivery of the content you are finding here:
* Faster delivery—no matter where you are in the world.
* No shipping charges—free delivery of ebooks.
* Ability to store the files on your computer for you to retrieve at any time.  This can reduce paper usage and be a means of uncluttering at least one aspect of your home.
* Faster ability to find specific content of interest.  You can open a pdf file and do a keyword search to take you a specific section of Renee’s homeschool how-to’s.

Please send us your comments, so that we can continue to serve you better!  We invite you to add your comments, once you’re registered on our site and are reading one of Renee’s blogs or a description of one of our homeschool how-to’s.

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