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Anchoring our Adolescents in a Sinking Culture (part 1)

Tuesday, 10. April 2012 by Renee Ellison


More and more parents are wanting to dialogue about their emerging children in late adolescence and beyond. Parents, and the adolescents themselves, have angst over how are they going to fit into this sinking culture. Many parents are alarmed. And research bears it out: 85% of college freshman are now losing their faith. This is warfare. Here are some thoughts about navigating these rough waters.

Years ago a successful set of parents had a novel approach to this dilemma. Early on, they cheerfully told their two children, with a twinkle in their eyes: “You’re different; get used to it!” They CONFIDENTLY repeated the energizing phrase throughout their years. The parents informed their children that they would not be going to any activities their peers were going to, no dances, wild parties, nor listening to rock music. Instead, they would be raised on classical music, reading the Bible, etc. And then the parents kept their children so busy with positive endeavors that their adolescents’ heads were swimming with their own ACCOMPLISHMENTS and ABILITIES. Every time the parents went by their children they spun their top, so to speak, and then spun it again. There was no time left for their adolescents to even look in the mirror; they combed their hair WHILE doing something more productive! Those kids were fully occupied by early morning newspaper delivery routes, after-school horseback riding, engineering projects, weekend entertaining outsiders from church, late evening studying and paper-writing in rigorous academic studies, yard work or domestic skill development, earning money, and practicing musical instruments, etc. Those children emerged, strong stable individuals with a deep abiding faith.

First of all, we have to get over our OWN anxiety about our children fitting in and then our children will “catch” OUR confidence on the point! One must remember that hardly ANYONE throughout history who was a strong believer EVER fit in. The greater the discipleship, the more counter-culture they became. Martyrs are the quintessential example. They simply didn’t fit and never would. So, too, with people who weren’t even believers but who made some great contribution to mankind; it was almost always a solo flight in the midst of extreme social outrage. You cannot be great in this world or the next without first cutting the ties of the fear of men. “The fear of men bringeth a snare.” Die to it, and teach your children to die to it. Look ONLY at His face, and seek to please Him; let the chips fall socially where they may. Our holy lifestyle is GOD’s problem. Cease looking at outcomes. It is a sink-hole. Godly obedience is where there is a blessed future.

Spiritually, we must keep our adolescents’ minds riveted upon ETERNITY. Remind them that their every hour should be RULED by the final bar of history. That is why graveyards used to be placed around the front doors of churches—so that the church members would practically stumble over the gravestones on their walk up the path into the church. They were reminded of their mortality every SEVEN DAYS. The old Brethren pastor H. A. Ironsides said that “There will not be a saint THEN, at the last great bar, who will regret having lived utterly for Christ, but there WILL be MANY who would give WORLDS had they been but more faithful in this scene of testing.” Keep the heat up on your children’s awareness of their own MORTALITY.

(To be continued)

A strategy for raising mature adolescents: The theory and the practice

Friday, 06. April 2012 by Renee Ellison


The theory:

Imagine that you are the king of England as a parent. Your job is to raise the next king to assume the throne. You can’t afford to not do it well. The future of ENGLAND depends upon it. You can’t let your son out of your sight! He is much too important to play with the street children. You MUST train him in fencing, teach him history, etc., because he can’t sound un-skilled when he makes his first WORLD speech and he HAS to win the fencing duel because the entire realm will be WATCHING. He can’t afford NOT to win—because he is the future MONARCH of the realm. Translation: you take him out in the horse ring and put him through his paces, because soon he will have to perform before large audiences! You are grooming him for something very important. He HAS to be the best athlete and the most articulate spokesman, using his every hour to develop, because his future PUBLIC life depends upon it. He has got to be GOOD at EVERYTHING. So, too, you have to have your sights (as the parents), and their sights (as the emerging adults) fixed on what they were created FOR. BIG THINGS are at stake.

With this strong picture in mind, convince your children that they are spiritual royalty. They are on the cusp of the greatest spiritual army of all time, chosen for the last sliver of time. Make them aware that the enemy wants to sniper them off of the front lines, one by one. They must see that they are CHOICE TARGETS for the enemy because they are so VALUABLE to the kingdom. They come from a spiritually VERY ADVANCED family. Have them look around—do they know of any OTHER family that has studied Scripture like you have; NOT watched junk TV; gone to seminars, workshops and conventions; and trained its own children at such great personal cost? Ask your adolescent to look around for parents who are THIS hot after God as you two are. Convince them that worldlings’ parents don’t care THIS much. Teach them to pity the children of our pop culture, rather than to want to emulate them! Encourage them to look UPWARD to giants in the faith and giants in history, not downward to mediocrity.

Get your adolescents to understand that you are FOR THEM, and that HOW they are launched is SERIOUS business to you. Appeal to their EVENTUAL FUTURE selves. Show them that you want to give them every advantage, every EDGE over the entertainment-driven adolescents of the culture, and that you want to lift them HIGH—that you want to set them up for VAULTING huge successes, both spiritually and practically. Get them MENTALLY on the same page with you around God’s vision for THEM.

Get them seeing how SIGNIFICANT they are—that they can’t afford to be messing around with trivia or wasting even one hour, or taking even one wrong turn. WHO will condescend to MARRY them depends upon how on-track they have kept themselves NOW. There are other hidden gem adolescents who have kept VERY GODLY lives (this is what surprised the Prophet Elijah on Mount Carmel). Little deviances have huge consequences just around the corner; being godly marrying material is chief among them. Keep your children’s eyes focused on their upcoming FUTURE lives. You and they are building to something HUGE here.

The practice:

You can’t take something away from children (the culture, aimless peers) without substituting it with LARGE compelling goals that are exciting to THEM. Get your children to buy into setting (and achieving) high goals for themselves, so that they start out on TOP of their futures, not on the bottom as most of their peers will. Tell them they need to have several thousand dollars in the bank by the time they graduate so that they can have their own paid for home some day (never have a mortgage, even if they can only start with a scrap of land). Exhort them to learn skills—MASTER skills—so that they become EXCELLENT in as many skill areas as possible. Download our booklet of How Not To Waste Your Youth, to see how our forefathers did it.

Simultaneously, marshal their PLAY hours and their STRAY hours into high octane PRODUCTION. Split their time between either working for YOU (cultivating huge vegetable gardens for the family or working at whatever you want to see changed/improved/conquered on your estate) or working for OTHERS to earn money, or have them doing hands-on apprenticing under someone else, to build their own future financial empires/businesses, so that they will become highly sought-after for their extraordinary expertise in practical skills. They need practice, practice, practice with both the skill development and the productivity. Get their hands “knee-deep” in progressing with both. And get them “knee-deep” in digesting history, biography and how-to books. They have got to see how someone ELSE lived life to the max, to catch the dream for their own. Download our Godly Son and Godly Daughter checklist booklets, if you want a progressive list of what will prepare them WELL for their own futures.

Animal midwifery: Spring kids

Wednesday, 04. April 2012 by Renee Ellison


As we approach Passover, it is the time of year that goats and lambs are born. Welllllll, recently we were baptized in animal midwifery. You think YOU have problems delivering babies. It was an eye-opener to see that the animal kingdom does, too. When we watched the mama goat deliver, I was absolutely no help at all. I promptly lost it and cried. The miracle of birth, whether to man OR animal, is so overwhelmingly awesome. The gal who owns these goats says she ALWAYS tears up, even though she has seen these animal births dozens of times before. Let me tell you, ‘twas NOTHIN’ like the birth of hamsters! While I was dabbing my eyes, my daughter didn’t bat an eye; she kept her total cool and stayed practical, practical, practical—you’d think she’d done it a dozen times before. She stayed keenly observant. While the owner and I were oohing and aahing with the second birth, my daughter barked like a Mayo Clinic surgeon: “Get those legs fully out of the birth canal! The third baby goat is right behind and has GOT to breathe—HURRY!” She had seen its nose. She quickly and professionally tore the sacks off the noses of all three newborn kids, to get them up and breathing—when they looked dead! Then the mom did the rest of the lick-up job. They looked like three kids swimming in egg whites, but it must have tasted like angel food cake because she practically licked the fur right off from them. A car wash couldn’t have done better.

That mama goat was a riot to watch. She had never given birth before, so she didn’t know WHAT was goin’ on. She’d lie there and wheeze and arch her head way back with a “You’ve gotta be kidding; this pain is over the top!”—then she’d get up and paw the ground like a bull in Spain facing a red cape. “I want this outa’ here NOW! What kind of game IS this?” Then she’d collapse on the ground and wheeze again. “Whatever this is all about, I don’t want it to EVER happen to me again, understand!”, as her sides cramped in so badly, she looked like the last squeeze on a tube of toothpaste. Out popped three—she went into overdrive—she’d be lickin’ the first and then swing around and try to deliver the second, etc., round and round like a crazy woman. “Well, WHICH am I supposed to be doin’?” The first kid would go for the Dairy Queen bit and she’d glare at her: “You’re not gonna nurse NOW, WHILE I’m delivering? You’ve gotta be kiddin’!”

Meanwhile, old Tom Turkey strutted around like a czar smokin’ cigars. Never did a turkey do less and take more credit!

Quick morning nutritional start-ups

Sunday, 18. March 2012 by Renee Ellison


Here’s a super-duper morning detoxing protocol that is easy to do and costs almost NOTHING. [1.] Upon rising, put about 1 tsp. water in your mouth; swish and pull vigorously. Continue doing this until your mouth muscles just barely begin to ache from the EXERCISE… five minutes or so…. then spit it out. The junk that is pulled through your mucous lining in your mouth may be voluminous. This is helpful for pulling bacteria, fungus, etc. out of your system.

[2.] Wait until your muscles totally relax in the mouth and do it again, but this time with 1/4 tsp. or less of coconut oil. (Note: you only use small amounts of water and oil, because the volume swells as your saliva increases.) The coconut oil pulls out even MORE junk, and often even whitens the teeth. Then spit this out.

[3.] Follow this with drinking two full glasses of water, spaced about 15 to 30 minutes apart. Do all of this BEFORE EATING anything. Talk about CLEANSING out the night’s toxins! It is a wonder that such a simple procedure isn’t taught in EVERY health clinic as just BASIC.

Treat yourself to turmeric tea. Turmeric is cancer fighting and anti-inflammatory. Steep 1 tsp. of ground turmeric in boiled hot water. Pour it into a teacup and add a touch of healthy blood sugar balancing stevia (to taste) and 1 tablespoon of coconut milk, as your cream! It tastes fabulous. How much better than dehydrating and acidic coffee.

For a meal on the run, buy a container of Garden of Life® RAW Meal, described at GardenOfLife.com as “formulated to be a meal replacement that satisfies hunger, is naturally filling and provides energy, all while providing the protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals that you would find in a healthy meal of raw foods. RAW Meal provides the nutrition of a well-balanced, healthy raw meal in one delicious serving.” It costs about $40, minus a $5 coupon that you can print out from www.gardenoflife.com/ DesktopModules/ GOL.CouponDisplay/ CouponDownload.ashx?couponId=9 If you take one-scoop servings, it costs $1.25 per serving; if you take the 2-scoop serving that is recommended to replace one entire meal, it works out to $2.50 per serving.

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Conferences as an alternative to college for the homeschooled child

Tuesday, 28. February 2012 by Renee Ellison


Instead of sending your high school graduate off to a godless college, consider sending that child to conferences that are focused on targeted areas of interest. Convention-type learning is different from college learning in a number of positive ways. If your child attends a worldview conference, such as are offered by Summit Ministries, for instance, he or she benefits from advanced training in a focused area of interest but also has the benefit of being influenced by mature believers who have thought DEEPLY in a number of areas and ARE currently influencing the culture.

One advantage is that conferences are often with ADULTS, whereas college surrounds your high school graduate with peers who are hugely influenced by the godless anti-God culture. Summit’s sold-out 50th anniversary adult conference is in full swing in Colorado Springs this week, and every minute is packed with challenging content delivered by top intellectuals who have character to match their brains. At college, your young adult has to endure the lifestyle of those peers, and their immoral uncouth rashnesses, while attempting to “learn.” At a residential college (yes, even at many so-called Christian schools), your child is sleeping and living in the midst of distractions that could entail having to hear loud rock music, enduring the results of others’ drinking and carousing, their night escapades, and their bouts with drugs, foolishness and wickedness. Young adults who are college residents chronically have to live around and absorb the fallout of the CRISES of the guys or gals around them—whether that means a struggle with anorexia or last night’s loss of purity. This can HUGELY take up YOUR high school grad’s time and not advance HIS life one iota.

Second, conferences are infinitely superior to college in that they gather the finest speakers from across the land all in one place for a short period of time. Colleges have scores of duds of professors, with perhaps only ONE good one in a particular area of study. You get far more for your money by having a collection of EXPERTS gather in one place to deliver their finest speeches in a short spurt, rather than to sit under countless duds for a year.

Third, conferences give young grads a burst of personal growth that they take with them. There is a famous quote: “Next year we will be the same people we are today except for the books we’ve read and the people we’ve met.” Think of how expanding it was for you when you went to a special conference, sometime in your past. Your life is richer in insights and people for having done so. Compare that week to that same week lived at home. Home is wonderful for the BULK of our lives. Nonetheless, attending conferences every once in a while, with their mix of new ideas and refreshing people, can expand our home life for the rest of the time.

Fourth, periodic intense learning through conventions, seminars, and conferences widens a person’s horizons and then real life solidifies those concepts. On the other hand, four years of an ivory tower existence without ever getting a chance to TEST the new concepts results in FORGETTING them. Further, much of THAT curriculum is jumping through hoops of someone ELSE’s mental agenda for us, involving scores of additional coursework in areas we aren’t even interested in, or is downright brainwashing from the liberal left.

Fifth, we are meant to challenge our high school grads’ thinking ongoingly, not JUST by their remaining at home, and conferences can do that for us. The normal Joe Blow only uses 1/10th of his brain. The fact that we HAVE the other 9/10ths IMPLIES that we are to move out into our mental muscle as much as is possible. Our Creator wants us to use our minds to the hilt. The bigger and the more exposed a person we become, the further distances we can take our own next generation’s children into refinement, sharp thinking, and fullness of life. Consider if your grown daughter were asked to be the First Lady of the White House tomorrow, entertaining dignitaries, knowing world events and complexities and historical decisions that have been tried that didn’t work, etc. Could she do it if she only had a fourth grade education with no awareness or understanding of the big wide world? Chances are, she would not do very well. Think, on the other hand, if your grown daughter had read VOLUMES of history and been the “First Lady” of your community already—might she then be BETTER prepared for INCREASED responsibility and INFLUENCE in the world?

Education can be attained solely by continuing one’s studies in the home, through copious zealous reading (after all, every book is a conversation with an expert!) or by wisely selecting how to YouTube videos that train people in acquiring a skill (cautiously, though, recognizing that anything tied to the Web can lead into dangerous territory). Abraham Lincoln read at HOME for years and years. He gained a wide education solely by reading next to his fireplace every evening, and emerged a leader of men. However, attending carefully selected conferences can HELP with augmenting that process if and when the time is right, once in a while.

College folly: Is it the time to exit?

Friday, 24. February 2012 by Renee Ellison


Picture lush rolling verdant green landscapes, huge shade trees, old Italian red-roofed architecture, lifetime friends, timeless texts, devoted professors, conscientious students taking notes—voila, the American College. But not anymore. Parents still seem to choose a college by factoring in how beautiful it LOOKS, but without taking even a cursory LOOK inside—deep inside—into what the professors really believe, and what the peers (the great majority arriving with 18,000+ hours of media programming, including X- and R-rated violence, rage, sex and killing) bring WITH them INTO this pastoral scene.

“The modern college is a trip through Babylon. If the content won’t destroy you, the dorm life will.” Doug Phillips, Esq.

It is not uncommon for thousands of students to graduate with their first divorce-like relationship tucked quietly under their belt—an affair (or serial affairs) that lasted four years—but now it’s on to greener (browner) pastures, with even less devotion? In addition, students now graduate with life-time crippling debt—some at over $100,000. Some will never get free of the economic shackles they donned in college, until they die. At $100 a month, they’d have to live 100 years to erase the principal, not to mention the interest. After acquiring even the most modest of homes, most will die with debt. What does life LOOK like starting OUT that buried, as a 22-year old? Grandparents and parents will never know; they didn’t suffer it. They didn’t suffer the pre-marriage marriages, either. And what becomes of a current student’s faith? Their belief in the Judeo-Christian God gets tossed into the jaws of liberalism; it is ripped and torn and pummeled relentlessly without mitigation for four years, both subtly (at the presupposition level) and overtly. The student now emerges with a “tattered rags of a faith” to cling to for the rest of life’s REAL vicissitudes. A concentration camp blasting and brainwashing over loudspeakers could finish it off no better.

How much robbery is a college education worth? Students today trade their virginity, their future economic freedom, and/or their faith—and often all three. Some don’t know WHAT the career is that a general education gave them—it is still a mystery on graduation day. What career does one move into, after majoring in Women’s Studies or Anthropology? Or a minor in Gay Rights Sensitivity Training or Ethnic Studies or Modern Dance? Fully 350,000 college grads around the country are working cashier’s jobs because their college education couldn’t deliver them a job in the real world.

Trade schools can train individuals for specific careers, without the liberal packaging, at half the time and cost, while living apart from dorms that have become full-scale brothels WE live in real homes the rest of our real life—so, why stay at the pagan resort for four years? Only ghettos REQUIRE mob living—heavy metal music, smoking, drinking, sex and drugs…and living in close quarters with previously unknown persons of the SAME sex.

Nonetheless, college advocates STILL balk at the idea of departing from modern colleges. What about a broad general Western Civilization exposure? THAT exposure SHOULD be trained in HIGH SCHOOL English classes, to replace the drivel that now occupies THOSE hours, and then followed by lifetime personal reading. Ask ANY educated person, who continues to grow in culture, and you’ll find that a classical understanding is gained by systematically CONTINUING to read over a lifetime. One couldn’t possibly make a dent in it in a class or two in college. But let’s take the masks off of the masquerade. Are we REALLY losing Western Civilization exposure when we’ve replaced those classics with Islamic literature and literature dripping with Eastern mysticism? One can’t even FIND those traditional cultural literacy classes LISTED in many modern college catalogs. They’ve been replaced with another agenda. Harvard now boasts 27 GLBTQ classes (that stands for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer). Book titles like Dance with Wolves, Miranda, Trapped, and Things Fall Apart, are taught instead of Western Civ classics.

The general “good for you” education is a charade—a vestigial hook to keep the song and dance going. Because of our failing economy, by the sheer FORCE of devastating INSTITUTIONAL economics, brick and mortar educational institutions will have to give way to online education, conventions, seminars, symposiums, and apprenticeships. The shift has already taken place in the lower grades via the homeschool movement. Full curriculums can be purchased and monitored, flanked by tutorials of groups of students for short periods of time, without the live-in sanctioned, unlimited debauchery baptism. What is such an education worth? If we viewed it without the brick and mortar EDIFACE, would we PAY money to have an institution UNdo everything we’ve ever trained into our offspring?

Is it time to exit? To find alternatives? It all depends upon the price you’re willing to pay. In the Bible, when the man went and “sold everything he had” it was for the pearl of great price: a living faith in the Judeo-Christian God. He did not sell everything he had in exchange for MORE loss to himself. He did not PAY to lose his faith. “Blessed is the man who walks NOT in the counsel of the wicked [anti-God professors], nor stands in the way of sinners [godless peers], nor sits in the seat of scoffers” (Psalm 1:1). The liberal Christian colleges are following just behind the secular colleges. One of their course titles is “Why Jesus Was a Homosexual.” One suspects that the scoffers’ seats are nestled mostly in college classrooms. There the sitting down is complete and the metamorphosis is uncontested and total.

There are a growing number of books and articles out now by well known Christians crying the outrage over the moral descent of the college campus—but few are brave enough to say it is perhaps time to exit entirely.

Marvelously MORE Money

Friday, 03. February 2012 by Renee Ellison

Image Forward this to anyone you know who is in personal economic tough times?.

The Simple SURE Road to More Money!

Husbanding your money is MORE important than earning it. If you do these four things, you will guarantee yourself that you will be WEALTHIER this time next year. Teach these steps to your children, too.

The four steps:
1. Stop Spending
2. Sell off Excess
3. Do Not Despise the Lowly Hour
4. Make EXTRA money around the edges

One: Stop spending
Ben Franklin said that a person could become wealthy through this one step alone. Simply buy nothing. At 24 he was financially independent. Then, flip those numbers: at 42, he was independently wealthy. “A penny saved is a penny earned.” It is stored sweat equity. You don’t have to get taxed on it again, nor have to EARN it again. You don’t have to RE-acquire THAT penny.

Since we are not desire-less creatures, do THIS with your desires: Pray for the object FIRST. Ask God. Wait. Buy nothing on impulse. Noise around that you are in need of such and such, and wait some more. Ask: “Does anybody know of a free ______or the possibility of borrowing a ______”?

And for all your intellectual needs/growth/stimulation/desires don’t forget inter-library loan, which can get nearly everything FOR you of a mental nature. What’s more, libraries have acquisitions budgets, so you can ask them to PURCHASE something for you. After all, you are the taxpayer they were designed to serve. Just stop spending. Don’t go near a store of any kind, don’t look at catalogs, and don’t shop online, and you’ll reduce your wants. Consciously become a producer rather than a consumer. Barter and trade for everything you possibly can. Keep a little notebook, as Ben Franklin did, recording WHERE he spent his pennies. Yes, husband even the pennies with pen and ink—corral them on a WRITTEN PAGE of some sort. The keepers of the government would not be in the horrendous mess it is in, if they had shepherded its REAL pennies in an OPEN accounting book, rather than printing fake money behind closed doors. But the two MOST important words for us are: Stop Spending smile

Two: Sell off excess
This is your fastest money. This is your easiest money. You can be richer by nightfall. Use Craigslist and EBay and local bulletin boards and word of mouth. Create a list of things to sell to email to all your personal contacts, too. Next to each object write a suggested price. And make EVERY item an (or best offer). Turn your stuff into cash. Lists are not “garage sale” or weather dependent! They can start working for you the very next hour.

Three: Do not despise the lowly hour
Many people are busy, even VERY busy, while thousands of EARNING hours slip unnoticed through their hands and they make no headway in building a DIFFERENT future for their OWN life. While in debt, evaluate every WORKING-hour for its FISCAL contribution to your life. What was the fiscal bottom line of my last work-time hour? How can I MAKE my NEXT hour put money into MY pocket? Try to aim for working for hire during some part of every day. If you currently don’t have a job, try asking of everyone, neighbors, even perfect strangers: “Do you have a one-time job you could pay me to do FOR you? Do you have some project you’ve longed to get done but simply have been unable to find the time or energy to do?” You have 7 billion potential employers that way. Clean their car, their house, their garage, their storage shed; sort and organize stuff for them; run errands; list THEIR excess on E-bay for them.

Try putting things on E-bay for the elderly…they will give you a percentage of everything you sell for them, because the computer bewilders them. Begin with grandparents, and then other people’s grandparents. They have many things they no longer want in their houses. While working for them, ask for referral names of THEIR friends…and those friends will have further friends…that way you will have continuous referrals. Perhaps try baking bread or wholesome brownies to sell. You can make $50 a day doing this. (Stick with selling/trading with people who KNOW you, otherwise you have to register with a commercial kitchen, etc.).

Wash people’s dogs. Sell stuff at the side of the road during community biking/hiking events. Do stuff for the other guy that puts money in YOUR pocket. Make arrangements ahead of time to be available for seasonal work, delivering flowers on Valentine’s Day, helping with postal and delivery trucks’ increased needs around Christmas, etc. The key principle here is: when money is FLOWING, throw yourself into THAT river until it dries up. Snowstorms mean money for shoveling walks. Windstorms mean picking up yards. Summer means endless yard work, etc. Identify your OWN specific abilities and talents. Hang out your shingle. What do you do well? What do you do easily that is a bear-cat for the next guy to even CONSIDER doing for himself? What lessons can you teach?

You can never, never, never get back TODAY. You only have today to build a foundation for a DIFFERENT tomorrow. This time next year you WILL be WEALTHIER…if you MAKE today produce FOR you. You are NEVER a victim. YOU ALONE make your life. Immigrants have passed by generations of ghetto people (even in just a year), because they refused to be a victim and knew the buck stopped with THEMSELVES alone. They knew that no one ELSE would ever earn their money FOR them. YOU are IT. You determine your own future. It begins with a healthy respect for the lowly work-day hour…EACH lowly hour.

Four: Earn EXTRA around the edges.
Build SEVERAL home-based businesses. This is the ONLY way to get ahead. Wage earning won’t do it. That just keeps you out of jail. You have to earn EXTRA on TOP of wage earnings. You do THIS sort of work around the edges. In twilight hours when other people won’t allow you to work for them…that is when you work for yourself. You do this work between other jobs, even in daylight hours. Eventually when you are out of debt and this self-business-earning real income now EXCEEDS your wage-earning real income for others, then jump ship into YOUR own generated work totally. Wait until you’re ready for that step, however; because of the need for momentum in ANY business, 99% of people cannot live on their home-based businesses ALONE for a good year.

Then, follow with the A,B,C’s listed below. Remember to tithe all along. This reminds you constantly that the earth is the Lord’s and that it is HE alone that is bringing you increase (i.e., He is teaching you the wise principles of money management and is arranging your circumstances favorably).

A: Save enough cash for any unforeseen repair bills of any kind, or unforeseen curve balls. $1,000 is enough. Next, take a significant portion of all your earnings and aggressively pay off all debt, beginning with your smallest debt first. Getting out of debt means getting out of slavery. A debt-free life is a flexible life. Any and all options in the entire world open up to you when you are debt-free. It is “WHEE-time!”

B: Next, turn your earned cash into stored food. Buying food today rather than tomorrow will ALWAYS save you money, because food prices continue to climb. Stored food is INSURANCE and ASSURANCE. Do this until you have a three-month supply of bare-boned basics. (And make sure that they are things you like to eat!)

C: And then sink something (after tithing) progressively and ongoingly into 100% silver coins. Silver preserves your money from getting eaten up by inflation, and will get your money compounding FOR you, as it rises in value, while the economies of the world go in the opposite direction into free-falls. This is money that works FOR you, even while you sleep.

WEALTH begins in your HEAD. Apply these four golden principles and by this time next year, your fingers can be triumphantly fiddling with excess money in your OWN pockets.

P.S. Do you live in Colorado? Plan now to attend the convention of CHEC, the Christian Home Educators of Colorado, June 14-16, 2012, and hear Renee Ellison speak on this and other topics.

Want to read more? Click on the Finances tab of the homeschoolhowtos.com website.

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Truly we are fearfully and wonderfully made AND PROPORTIONED…

Friday, 06. January 2012 by Renee Ellison


The Principle of the Golden Ratio shows that the human body is in perfect mathematical proportions within itself. Try it out on your own body or your children’s bodies!

  • The length of the pointer finger from the tip to the second knuckle is the same as the length of the nose.
  • The forearm, measured from the elbow to the wrist is the same length as the foot.
  • The circumference of a FISTED hand is the same length as the foot.
  • The body height is eight times the length of the head.
  • The span of laterally outstretched arms, measured from finger-tip to finger-tip is equal to the height of the body.
  • The length of the hand is the same as the length of the face.
  • The length from ankle to knee is the same as the length from chin to navel.
  • The height of face equals the length of the hand.

  • That’s Divine Proportion! Wonder what ELSE our God has done in mysteries beyond measure smile

    For quick further reading:

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    Micro Plant Powder is a great addition to the daily diet

    Sunday, 01. January 2012 by Renee Ellison


    Concerned about environmental toxins? Add Micro Plant Powder to your diet. It is tasteless and goes with whatever you’re eating or drinking, but does a world of good for you.

    Here’s what our supplier says about it:

    “MICRO PLANT POWDER has a very strong negative charge. As these millions of cylinders move through the stomach and digestive tract, they attract with a negative charge the positive toxins in the body and absorb bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses, endotoxins, pesticide and drug residues, E-Coli, and heavy metals, molds and mildews, and mycotoxins. These are trapped inside the cylinders and passed out of the body. In addition, any larger parasites that happen to be in the stomach of the digestive tract are destroyed by the MICRO PLANT POWDER without destroying the flora in the stomach and keeping the vitamin B-12 and vitamin K balance. All of these activities result in a much healthier body with less sickness. We often hear the phrase “I just feel better” with our MICRO PLANT POWDER users. This better feeling comes from all the TOXINS being removed from the body and by giving your immune system the “jump start” it needs.”

    Get it now while you can, for the long haul! Micro Plant Powder will last 100 years if kept dry. Its probiotic component is “asleep” and does not become active until exposed to moisture.

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    NEW BOOK RELEASE and GIVEAWAY! Teachers’ Secrets & Motherhood Savvy

    Wednesday, 07. December 2011 by Renee Ellison


    Dear Homeschoolers,

    We have an exciting announcement!! Renee’s new, power-packed 236-page book, Teachers’ Secrets & Motherhood Savvy for Homeschoolers has just been published! Pre-order now to claim your copy, and order several as new-year inspiration gifts for your favorite homeschooling moms! Your copies will be shipped to you, hot off the press, next week!

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    This book is a lifeline for busy moms. It contains scores of terrific ideas that will improve everything you do in the home. Most women get trained for all jobs they undertake in life, EXCEPT for motherhood and managing a home. In these two endeavors, pinch-hitting rules the day. Reading this book it will put a major dent in that deficiency.

    Most moms never had a course in college about how to teach or how to be a great mom. Motherhood and homeschooling has a steep learning curve. Tips help! Put these ideas to use and you’ll exchange domestic floundering for longed-for capability.

    Teachers’ Secrets & Motherhood Savvy contains Renee’s most popular topics: The Power of a Focused Mother; How to Train Your Children, Not Just Discipline Them; 12+ Ways to Trigger the Brain; and Top-notch Home Management Strategies!

    Knock the stomach right out of your incapabilities. Understanding WHAT to do, and how to do it, is 99% of the task. You can’t afford not to get this book. Stay sane by gleaning from Renee’s 30 years of experience.

    What homeschooling moms are saying about it:

  • “Your materials are so exciting to read, they are like brain candy to me! Your how-to’s blow me out of tunnel vision.” Mrs. La Due in Arizona
  • “Finding this way to simplify homeschooling has saved me from quitting!” Mrs. Horn in Florida
  • “There’s no excess verbiage to wade through here in hope of finding treasure. This is quick, applicable real wisdom for hectic parents.” Mrs. Bates in Montana

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