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Conferences as an alternative to college for the homeschooled child

Tuesday, 28. February 2012 by Renee Ellison


Instead of sending your high school graduate off to a godless college, consider sending that child to conferences that are focused on targeted areas of interest. Convention-type learning is different from college learning in a number of positive ways. If your child attends a worldview conference, such as are offered by Summit Ministries, for instance, he or she benefits from advanced training in a focused area of interest but also has the benefit of being influenced by mature believers who have thought DEEPLY in a number of areas and ARE currently influencing the culture.

One advantage is that conferences are often with ADULTS, whereas college surrounds your high school graduate with peers who are hugely influenced by the godless anti-God culture. Summit’s sold-out 50th anniversary adult conference is in full swing in Colorado Springs this week, and every minute is packed with challenging content delivered by top intellectuals who have character to match their brains. At college, your young adult has to endure the lifestyle of those peers, and their immoral uncouth rashnesses, while attempting to “learn.” At a residential college (yes, even at many so-called Christian schools), your child is sleeping and living in the midst of distractions that could entail having to hear loud rock music, enduring the results of others’ drinking and carousing, their night escapades, and their bouts with drugs, foolishness and wickedness. Young adults who are college residents chronically have to live around and absorb the fallout of the CRISES of the guys or gals around them—whether that means a struggle with anorexia or last night’s loss of purity. This can HUGELY take up YOUR high school grad’s time and not advance HIS life one iota.

Second, conferences are infinitely superior to college in that they gather the finest speakers from across the land all in one place for a short period of time. Colleges have scores of duds of professors, with perhaps only ONE good one in a particular area of study. You get far more for your money by having a collection of EXPERTS gather in one place to deliver their finest speeches in a short spurt, rather than to sit under countless duds for a year.

Third, conferences give young grads a burst of personal growth that they take with them. There is a famous quote: “Next year we will be the same people we are today except for the books we’ve read and the people we’ve met.” Think of how expanding it was for you when you went to a special conference, sometime in your past. Your life is richer in insights and people for having done so. Compare that week to that same week lived at home. Home is wonderful for the BULK of our lives. Nonetheless, attending conferences every once in a while, with their mix of new ideas and refreshing people, can expand our home life for the rest of the time.

Fourth, periodic intense learning through conventions, seminars, and conferences widens a person’s horizons and then real life solidifies those concepts. On the other hand, four years of an ivory tower existence without ever getting a chance to TEST the new concepts results in FORGETTING them. Further, much of THAT curriculum is jumping through hoops of someone ELSE’s mental agenda for us, involving scores of additional coursework in areas we aren’t even interested in, or is downright brainwashing from the liberal left.

Fifth, we are meant to challenge our high school grads’ thinking ongoingly, not JUST by their remaining at home, and conferences can do that for us. The normal Joe Blow only uses 1/10th of his brain. The fact that we HAVE the other 9/10ths IMPLIES that we are to move out into our mental muscle as much as is possible. Our Creator wants us to use our minds to the hilt. The bigger and the more exposed a person we become, the further distances we can take our own next generation’s children into refinement, sharp thinking, and fullness of life. Consider if your grown daughter were asked to be the First Lady of the White House tomorrow, entertaining dignitaries, knowing world events and complexities and historical decisions that have been tried that didn’t work, etc. Could she do it if she only had a fourth grade education with no awareness or understanding of the big wide world? Chances are, she would not do very well. Think, on the other hand, if your grown daughter had read VOLUMES of history and been the “First Lady” of your community already—might she then be BETTER prepared for INCREASED responsibility and INFLUENCE in the world?

Education can be attained solely by continuing one’s studies in the home, through copious zealous reading (after all, every book is a conversation with an expert!) or by wisely selecting how to YouTube videos that train people in acquiring a skill (cautiously, though, recognizing that anything tied to the Web can lead into dangerous territory). Abraham Lincoln read at HOME for years and years. He gained a wide education solely by reading next to his fireplace every evening, and emerged a leader of men. However, attending carefully selected conferences can HELP with augmenting that process if and when the time is right, once in a while.

College folly: Is it the time to exit?

Friday, 24. February 2012 by Renee Ellison


Picture lush rolling verdant green landscapes, huge shade trees, old Italian red-roofed architecture, lifetime friends, timeless texts, devoted professors, conscientious students taking notes—voila, the American College. But not anymore. Parents still seem to choose a college by factoring in how beautiful it LOOKS, but without taking even a cursory LOOK inside—deep inside—into what the professors really believe, and what the peers (the great majority arriving with 18,000+ hours of media programming, including X- and R-rated violence, rage, sex and killing) bring WITH them INTO this pastoral scene.

“The modern college is a trip through Babylon. If the content won’t destroy you, the dorm life will.” Doug Phillips, Esq.

It is not uncommon for thousands of students to graduate with their first divorce-like relationship tucked quietly under their belt—an affair (or serial affairs) that lasted four years—but now it’s on to greener (browner) pastures, with even less devotion? In addition, students now graduate with life-time crippling debt—some at over $100,000. Some will never get free of the economic shackles they donned in college, until they die. At $100 a month, they’d have to live 100 years to erase the principal, not to mention the interest. After acquiring even the most modest of homes, most will die with debt. What does life LOOK like starting OUT that buried, as a 22-year old? Grandparents and parents will never know; they didn’t suffer it. They didn’t suffer the pre-marriage marriages, either. And what becomes of a current student’s faith? Their belief in the Judeo-Christian God gets tossed into the jaws of liberalism; it is ripped and torn and pummeled relentlessly without mitigation for four years, both subtly (at the presupposition level) and overtly. The student now emerges with a “tattered rags of a faith” to cling to for the rest of life’s REAL vicissitudes. A concentration camp blasting and brainwashing over loudspeakers could finish it off no better.

How much robbery is a college education worth? Students today trade their virginity, their future economic freedom, and/or their faith—and often all three. Some don’t know WHAT the career is that a general education gave them—it is still a mystery on graduation day. What career does one move into, after majoring in Women’s Studies or Anthropology? Or a minor in Gay Rights Sensitivity Training or Ethnic Studies or Modern Dance? Fully 350,000 college grads around the country are working cashier’s jobs because their college education couldn’t deliver them a job in the real world.

Trade schools can train individuals for specific careers, without the liberal packaging, at half the time and cost, while living apart from dorms that have become full-scale brothels WE live in real homes the rest of our real life—so, why stay at the pagan resort for four years? Only ghettos REQUIRE mob living—heavy metal music, smoking, drinking, sex and drugs…and living in close quarters with previously unknown persons of the SAME sex.

Nonetheless, college advocates STILL balk at the idea of departing from modern colleges. What about a broad general Western Civilization exposure? THAT exposure SHOULD be trained in HIGH SCHOOL English classes, to replace the drivel that now occupies THOSE hours, and then followed by lifetime personal reading. Ask ANY educated person, who continues to grow in culture, and you’ll find that a classical understanding is gained by systematically CONTINUING to read over a lifetime. One couldn’t possibly make a dent in it in a class or two in college. But let’s take the masks off of the masquerade. Are we REALLY losing Western Civilization exposure when we’ve replaced those classics with Islamic literature and literature dripping with Eastern mysticism? One can’t even FIND those traditional cultural literacy classes LISTED in many modern college catalogs. They’ve been replaced with another agenda. Harvard now boasts 27 GLBTQ classes (that stands for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer). Book titles like Dance with Wolves, Miranda, Trapped, and Things Fall Apart, are taught instead of Western Civ classics.

The general “good for you” education is a charade—a vestigial hook to keep the song and dance going. Because of our failing economy, by the sheer FORCE of devastating INSTITUTIONAL economics, brick and mortar educational institutions will have to give way to online education, conventions, seminars, symposiums, and apprenticeships. The shift has already taken place in the lower grades via the homeschool movement. Full curriculums can be purchased and monitored, flanked by tutorials of groups of students for short periods of time, without the live-in sanctioned, unlimited debauchery baptism. What is such an education worth? If we viewed it without the brick and mortar EDIFACE, would we PAY money to have an institution UNdo everything we’ve ever trained into our offspring?

Is it time to exit? To find alternatives? It all depends upon the price you’re willing to pay. In the Bible, when the man went and “sold everything he had” it was for the pearl of great price: a living faith in the Judeo-Christian God. He did not sell everything he had in exchange for MORE loss to himself. He did not PAY to lose his faith. “Blessed is the man who walks NOT in the counsel of the wicked [anti-God professors], nor stands in the way of sinners [godless peers], nor sits in the seat of scoffers” (Psalm 1:1). The liberal Christian colleges are following just behind the secular colleges. One of their course titles is “Why Jesus Was a Homosexual.” One suspects that the scoffers’ seats are nestled mostly in college classrooms. There the sitting down is complete and the metamorphosis is uncontested and total.

There are a growing number of books and articles out now by well known Christians crying the outrage over the moral descent of the college campus—but few are brave enough to say it is perhaps time to exit entirely.

Marvelously MORE Money

Friday, 03. February 2012 by Renee Ellison

Image Forward this to anyone you know who is in personal economic tough times?.

The Simple SURE Road to More Money!

Husbanding your money is MORE important than earning it. If you do these four things, you will guarantee yourself that you will be WEALTHIER this time next year. Teach these steps to your children, too.

The four steps:
1. Stop Spending
2. Sell off Excess
3. Do Not Despise the Lowly Hour
4. Make EXTRA money around the edges

One: Stop spending
Ben Franklin said that a person could become wealthy through this one step alone. Simply buy nothing. At 24 he was financially independent. Then, flip those numbers: at 42, he was independently wealthy. “A penny saved is a penny earned.” It is stored sweat equity. You don’t have to get taxed on it again, nor have to EARN it again. You don’t have to RE-acquire THAT penny.

Since we are not desire-less creatures, do THIS with your desires: Pray for the object FIRST. Ask God. Wait. Buy nothing on impulse. Noise around that you are in need of such and such, and wait some more. Ask: “Does anybody know of a free ______or the possibility of borrowing a ______”?

And for all your intellectual needs/growth/stimulation/desires don’t forget inter-library loan, which can get nearly everything FOR you of a mental nature. What’s more, libraries have acquisitions budgets, so you can ask them to PURCHASE something for you. After all, you are the taxpayer they were designed to serve. Just stop spending. Don’t go near a store of any kind, don’t look at catalogs, and don’t shop online, and you’ll reduce your wants. Consciously become a producer rather than a consumer. Barter and trade for everything you possibly can. Keep a little notebook, as Ben Franklin did, recording WHERE he spent his pennies. Yes, husband even the pennies with pen and ink—corral them on a WRITTEN PAGE of some sort. The keepers of the government would not be in the horrendous mess it is in, if they had shepherded its REAL pennies in an OPEN accounting book, rather than printing fake money behind closed doors. But the two MOST important words for us are: Stop Spending smile

Two: Sell off excess
This is your fastest money. This is your easiest money. You can be richer by nightfall. Use Craigslist and EBay and local bulletin boards and word of mouth. Create a list of things to sell to email to all your personal contacts, too. Next to each object write a suggested price. And make EVERY item an (or best offer). Turn your stuff into cash. Lists are not “garage sale” or weather dependent! They can start working for you the very next hour.

Three: Do not despise the lowly hour
Many people are busy, even VERY busy, while thousands of EARNING hours slip unnoticed through their hands and they make no headway in building a DIFFERENT future for their OWN life. While in debt, evaluate every WORKING-hour for its FISCAL contribution to your life. What was the fiscal bottom line of my last work-time hour? How can I MAKE my NEXT hour put money into MY pocket? Try to aim for working for hire during some part of every day. If you currently don’t have a job, try asking of everyone, neighbors, even perfect strangers: “Do you have a one-time job you could pay me to do FOR you? Do you have some project you’ve longed to get done but simply have been unable to find the time or energy to do?” You have 7 billion potential employers that way. Clean their car, their house, their garage, their storage shed; sort and organize stuff for them; run errands; list THEIR excess on E-bay for them.

Try putting things on E-bay for the elderly…they will give you a percentage of everything you sell for them, because the computer bewilders them. Begin with grandparents, and then other people’s grandparents. They have many things they no longer want in their houses. While working for them, ask for referral names of THEIR friends…and those friends will have further friends…that way you will have continuous referrals. Perhaps try baking bread or wholesome brownies to sell. You can make $50 a day doing this. (Stick with selling/trading with people who KNOW you, otherwise you have to register with a commercial kitchen, etc.).

Wash people’s dogs. Sell stuff at the side of the road during community biking/hiking events. Do stuff for the other guy that puts money in YOUR pocket. Make arrangements ahead of time to be available for seasonal work, delivering flowers on Valentine’s Day, helping with postal and delivery trucks’ increased needs around Christmas, etc. The key principle here is: when money is FLOWING, throw yourself into THAT river until it dries up. Snowstorms mean money for shoveling walks. Windstorms mean picking up yards. Summer means endless yard work, etc. Identify your OWN specific abilities and talents. Hang out your shingle. What do you do well? What do you do easily that is a bear-cat for the next guy to even CONSIDER doing for himself? What lessons can you teach?

You can never, never, never get back TODAY. You only have today to build a foundation for a DIFFERENT tomorrow. This time next year you WILL be WEALTHIER…if you MAKE today produce FOR you. You are NEVER a victim. YOU ALONE make your life. Immigrants have passed by generations of ghetto people (even in just a year), because they refused to be a victim and knew the buck stopped with THEMSELVES alone. They knew that no one ELSE would ever earn their money FOR them. YOU are IT. You determine your own future. It begins with a healthy respect for the lowly work-day hour…EACH lowly hour.

Four: Earn EXTRA around the edges.
Build SEVERAL home-based businesses. This is the ONLY way to get ahead. Wage earning won’t do it. That just keeps you out of jail. You have to earn EXTRA on TOP of wage earnings. You do THIS sort of work around the edges. In twilight hours when other people won’t allow you to work for them…that is when you work for yourself. You do this work between other jobs, even in daylight hours. Eventually when you are out of debt and this self-business-earning real income now EXCEEDS your wage-earning real income for others, then jump ship into YOUR own generated work totally. Wait until you’re ready for that step, however; because of the need for momentum in ANY business, 99% of people cannot live on their home-based businesses ALONE for a good year.

Then, follow with the A,B,C’s listed below. Remember to tithe all along. This reminds you constantly that the earth is the Lord’s and that it is HE alone that is bringing you increase (i.e., He is teaching you the wise principles of money management and is arranging your circumstances favorably).

A: Save enough cash for any unforeseen repair bills of any kind, or unforeseen curve balls. $1,000 is enough. Next, take a significant portion of all your earnings and aggressively pay off all debt, beginning with your smallest debt first. Getting out of debt means getting out of slavery. A debt-free life is a flexible life. Any and all options in the entire world open up to you when you are debt-free. It is “WHEE-time!”

B: Next, turn your earned cash into stored food. Buying food today rather than tomorrow will ALWAYS save you money, because food prices continue to climb. Stored food is INSURANCE and ASSURANCE. Do this until you have a three-month supply of bare-boned basics. (And make sure that they are things you like to eat!)

C: And then sink something (after tithing) progressively and ongoingly into 100% silver coins. Silver preserves your money from getting eaten up by inflation, and will get your money compounding FOR you, as it rises in value, while the economies of the world go in the opposite direction into free-falls. This is money that works FOR you, even while you sleep.

WEALTH begins in your HEAD. Apply these four golden principles and by this time next year, your fingers can be triumphantly fiddling with excess money in your OWN pockets.

P.S. Do you live in Colorado? Plan now to attend the convention of CHEC, the Christian Home Educators of Colorado, June 14-16, 2012, and hear Renee Ellison speak on this and other topics.

Want to read more? Click on the Finances tab of the homeschoolhowtos.com website.

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Truly we are fearfully and wonderfully made AND PROPORTIONED…

Friday, 06. January 2012 by Renee Ellison


The Principle of the Golden Ratio shows that the human body is in perfect mathematical proportions within itself. Try it out on your own body or your children’s bodies!

  • The length of the pointer finger from the tip to the second knuckle is the same as the length of the nose.
  • The forearm, measured from the elbow to the wrist is the same length as the foot.
  • The circumference of a FISTED hand is the same length as the foot.
  • The body height is eight times the length of the head.
  • The span of laterally outstretched arms, measured from finger-tip to finger-tip is equal to the height of the body.
  • The length of the hand is the same as the length of the face.
  • The length from ankle to knee is the same as the length from chin to navel.
  • The height of face equals the length of the hand.

  • That’s Divine Proportion! Wonder what ELSE our God has done in mysteries beyond measure smile

    For quick further reading:

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    Micro Plant Powder is a great addition to the daily diet

    Sunday, 01. January 2012 by Renee Ellison


    Concerned about environmental toxins? Add Micro Plant Powder to your diet. It is tasteless and goes with whatever you’re eating or drinking, but does a world of good for you.

    Here’s what our supplier says about it:

    “MICRO PLANT POWDER has a very strong negative charge. As these millions of cylinders move through the stomach and digestive tract, they attract with a negative charge the positive toxins in the body and absorb bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses, endotoxins, pesticide and drug residues, E-Coli, and heavy metals, molds and mildews, and mycotoxins. These are trapped inside the cylinders and passed out of the body. In addition, any larger parasites that happen to be in the stomach of the digestive tract are destroyed by the MICRO PLANT POWDER without destroying the flora in the stomach and keeping the vitamin B-12 and vitamin K balance. All of these activities result in a much healthier body with less sickness. We often hear the phrase “I just feel better” with our MICRO PLANT POWDER users. This better feeling comes from all the TOXINS being removed from the body and by giving your immune system the “jump start” it needs.”

    Get it now while you can, for the long haul! Micro Plant Powder will last 100 years if kept dry. Its probiotic component is “asleep” and does not become active until exposed to moisture.

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    NEW BOOK RELEASE and GIVEAWAY! Teachers’ Secrets & Motherhood Savvy

    Wednesday, 07. December 2011 by Renee Ellison


    Dear Homeschoolers,

    We have an exciting announcement!! Renee’s new, power-packed 236-page book, Teachers’ Secrets & Motherhood Savvy for Homeschoolers has just been published! Pre-order now to claim your copy, and order several as new-year inspiration gifts for your favorite homeschooling moms! Your copies will be shipped to you, hot off the press, next week!

    And enter the giveaway below!

    This book is a lifeline for busy moms. It contains scores of terrific ideas that will improve everything you do in the home. Most women get trained for all jobs they undertake in life, EXCEPT for motherhood and managing a home. In these two endeavors, pinch-hitting rules the day. Reading this book it will put a major dent in that deficiency.

    Most moms never had a course in college about how to teach or how to be a great mom. Motherhood and homeschooling has a steep learning curve. Tips help! Put these ideas to use and you’ll exchange domestic floundering for longed-for capability.

    Teachers’ Secrets & Motherhood Savvy contains Renee’s most popular topics: The Power of a Focused Mother; How to Train Your Children, Not Just Discipline Them; 12+ Ways to Trigger the Brain; and Top-notch Home Management Strategies!

    Knock the stomach right out of your incapabilities. Understanding WHAT to do, and how to do it, is 99% of the task. You can’t afford not to get this book. Stay sane by gleaning from Renee’s 30 years of experience.

    What homeschooling moms are saying about it:

  • “Your materials are so exciting to read, they are like brain candy to me! Your how-to’s blow me out of tunnel vision.” Mrs. La Due in Arizona
  • “Finding this way to simplify homeschooling has saved me from quitting!” Mrs. Horn in Florida
  • “There’s no excess verbiage to wade through here in hope of finding treasure. This is quick, applicable real wisdom for hectic parents.” Mrs. Bates in Montana

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    Giveaway ends Sunday, December 18th, at 11 pm MST, and the winner (chosen randomly) will be notified via email the next day! Prefer to win the Kindle version? That’s your choice after you win.

    Bonus: can’t wait to see if you won to claim your copy? Order now, and your money will be refunded if you win!!

    A Thanksgiving your tummy will thank you for :)

    Tuesday, 22. November 2011 by Renee Ellison


    This blog is about how to DO Thanksgiving while also building your health, by making wise nutritional choices and having thanksgiving in your heart and in your mouth.

    Remember that sluggish feeling after Thanksgiving dinner—when all you want to do is flop onto the couch? Well, that doesn’t have to be!!! If you combine your food correctly your tummy will thank you and you will have none of that aftermath “downer” brain fog fatigue to deal with. You’ll have loads of energy to enjoy each other more.

    Proteins and starches use entirely different digestive juices—

    proteins need the acidic environment of the stomach, whereas starches

    are digested in the alkaline environment of the intestines—so separate them! A turkey can be stuffed with quinoa in order to avoid the bread; fill it out with celery, onion, garlic, spices, etc…

    Have your meat and a delicious robust salad one meal, early, then several hours later, for your later dinner, have the potatoes, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. You are going to eat all the Thanksgiving fixin’s later anyway for a light dinner, so it might as well be a continuation of the earlier meal instead of a repeat.

    You won’t believe the difference in how you feel and you’ll enjoy all the tastes so much better. Take digestive enzymes too, before you eat, if you want even more tummy ease.


    While we’re on that topic: here’s a hyperlinked list of 16 DVDs that can inspire you to improve your diet and reboot your health.

    We recently watched the movie, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Have you seen it? It documents two men’s turn-arounds to restored complete health. They rebooted by juicing for 60 days and vigorously exercising. An amazing story…SOOOOOOOOOOO inspiring. Funny, too…superb cartoons of what happens inside your body. First rate all the way—good for the whole family to watch—very entertaining.

    This is one of 16 movies to pass on to anyone who is suffering through cancer or others who are in the stages of degenerative disease (i.e., nearly everyone). The whole family might progressively watch through them together so that everyone is on the same page. Look for them at your local library, Amazon, Netflix or directly from the producer by searching for that title on the Internet. Some, you can watch right on your computer, at least in part.

    Forks Over Knives
    Dying to have Known
    The Gerson Miracle
    Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days
    Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
    Processed People
    Healing Cancer from the Inside Out
    Cancer is Curable Now
    The Beautiful Truth (from Gerson Institute)
    The Gerson Story (see YouTube link above)
    Got the Facts on Milk
    Super Size Me
    Food, Inc.


    Thanksgiving (the attitude, not the holiday) is an important facet of health. It’s a great time for training our children in thankfulness?. In his book, A Woman’s Wisdom (a book which we don’t, on the whole, recommend however), Rabbi Shalom Arush writes about the value of training thankfulness in a child. Here are some quotes:

    * Your child needs to be taught to say a proper thank you to God, to mom, and to dad often even for something as simple as a cup of water. That way, the child learns not to take anything for granted and grows up appreciative, unspoiled, and happy with whatever he has. Such children are never jealous or disgruntled.

    * By contrast, parents who don’t require this are almost guaranteeing that their child will acquire terrible character traits—lack of appreciation, an inflated sense of entitlement, jealousy, anger, and ingratitude. The child that never learns to appreciate and say thank-you becomes a spoiled child who is always yelling and demanding to have things that don’t belong to him. Today, he’s maladjusted in kindergarten and tomorrow, he’s a self centered individual that’s on the way to his second or third divorce.

    * Parents themselves can become so sick of their own spoiled child’s ingratitude that eventually they stop wanting to give anything to their child.

    * The child needs to say the thank you for the child’s own sake. To be required to say it, by wise parents, is good for the soul of the child. God loves our praises not for his own sake but because it looks good on our faces !!! “Praise is becoming to the righteous”. He doesn’t need our praises any more than a parent needs a child’s gratefulness…but the child needs it.

    Frustrated: Should I send my child back to public school?

    Sunday, 30. October 2011 by Renee Ellison


    Sometimes by this time of year, one begins to look longingly at the public school as an escape from the current trials caused by homeschooling in your home. But why is this not a good place to go in your thinking? The issue is not how wonderful the school is, or how academically strong, or how fine the teachers are, or what an outstanding curriculum it has. The issue is the peers. Peers don’t have enough of an experience base to mentor another peer. And that IS what will be going on. The peers mentor and influence each other far more thoroughly than the textbooks or the teacher. So let’s look at that influence. Statistically, at least 60% of those other students come from broken homes—which means they have seen a great deal of fighting, yelling, and screaming and addictive behaviors of all sorts and shades behind their front doors in their most formative years. Those young children have learned socialization from their dysfunctional homes—and they will smear that “language” all over your child. And 100% of them will have been raised on television—whether the home is parented by believers or not.

    What’s the matter with all that TV-watching? No matter how wholesome the TV program is, or how much the good guy wins, it is the secondary messages in the stories that devastate. The children learn rebellion and all its ways from this relentless foul programming. They observe how pouting and sass operate, and find out just how to “do it”. And at the presupposition level they absorb subtle occultism and anti-God brainwashing through all of its programming. Like a fish in a filthy fishbowl, the children grow up thinking this is normal air. Your child, so influenced/trained, grows up rubber-stamped with the culture, just like everyone else. If you want an unusual child, a unique child, a highly creative child, a truly holy child, he or she must grow up and thrive under the private, superior, mature tutelage of a wise, loving adult, and optimally that adult is the parent.

    Basically, you can teach a child with any book. The mother is the key, not the book. Specifically, the mother’s exhaustion factor is the supportable or insupportable variable to all that even happening, much less continuing. A mother called me the other day saying that after 11 years of homeschooling she was burned out. We hear it countless times through tears, after only one year. Mothers secretly want to put their children back in public school…why?... not because it is better for the child, but because the mother is worn-out and can’t cope any more. The public school option is a temptation for the sake of expediency, not for ideological reasons. By the way,

    the single biggest cause of burnout is the wrong curriculum

    : is it mother-taxing, or mother-friendly? If interested, contact us for advice about what we have found to be the easiest curriculum to administer that eliminates this problem entirely.

    Just keep your children out of public school. If you don’t, you’ll trade your current lesser nightmare for the greater nightmare of a thorough and complete brainwashing. Your child will emerge a child of the secular pop culture and you won’t like living with those results for the rest of your life.

    Healing FASTER: A summary of the most current health research

    Sunday, 23. October 2011 by Renee Ellison


    If you are feeling under the weather or are coping with a serious disease and you want to listen in, here are some health tips, laid out for you. If not, skip it smile It is a compilation of research I’ve done over the past two months into the accomplishments of some of the most prestigious healing clinics of the world—and hours and hours and hours of reading current research in the field of alternative medicine. It has been quite the eye-opener.

    Many people have been healed by using alternative means.
    Enough people have been healed from dread diseases over the past several decades, going the natural route, to draw several conclusions by now. These people number not in the hundreds, but in the thousands. Their determination was iron-willed, their discipline incredible. Their testimonies online and in health magazines and books are RINGING!!! A number of them have said, “I could have done it FASTER if I had known THEN what I know now.” So, how does one heal from a terrible illness FASTER? Below are their collective conclusions. Success leaves trails.

    Their winning mindset:

    • They would NOT take no for an answer.
    They determined to get well—so much so that giving up was not an option. Many had seen relatives die under current state-of-the-art hospitalizations, and were fiery in their grit to not go that route. They were upset about “normal” solution/disasters that they had seen all around them.

    • These people were marked by patience.
    They did not EXPECT quick turnarounds. They kept their eyes on what they were doing to improve their input into their body on every level, NOT on their symptoms. They did whatever it took, for as long as it took. They were unmoved by their current condition—having visualized their FUTURE healed condition.

    They realized that they almost didn’t have to have ANY diagnosis to determine what was wrong with them, because they were aware that ALL diseases have the same negative root causes: an internal chronically acid environment, toxic build-up, a stressed lifestyle with no let-up, dead foods that require herculean amounts of effort to digest with no reward, no sunshine, no exercise, unforgiveness, no faith, etc., etc.

    • They understood that addictions lived in them, no matter how refined and unnoticeable.

    Food addictions are the strongest addictions known to man, because they are rooted in childhood and in one’s notion of comfort. Comfort foods have a grip on the body that is superhuman to break. These people EXPECTED a fierce battle with themselves, and were their own policemen. They realized that the buck stopped with them and that no one ELSE would experience the RESULTS of their overcoming themselves or of not overcoming themselves, down to minute multiple bodily and mental disciplines.

    What they did:

    • Ate nothing but raw food for one to two years and MEGADOSED on all superfoods… including spirulina, chlorella, blue green algae, wheat grass, barley green, ginger, turmeric, garlic, lemon, sprouts of all sorts, cultured veggies, acidophilus, vitamin C, chia seeds, flax seed, and hemp seed.
    • Replaced ALL sugars, including ALL fruit for VERY ill patients, with nothing but stevia. Sugar feeds parasites, mold, fungus, yeast and CANCER. Simple sugars are disastrous to a compromised system.
    • Replaced all salt with celery (nature’s most natural and complete source of sodium) by dehydrating the celery and crushing it to a salt like powder.
    • Drank the most pure water they could find—and drank AT LEAST half their body weight in ounces, every day.
    • Juiced 2 to 12 times a day (comprised of raw vegetable juices)
    And juice-FASTED one day a week.
    • Detoxed one organ after another successively, and repeated the process.

    They employed every ADDIlTIONAL means possible to heal:
    Got healthy sunshine, getting in the sun as much as possible, before 9 am and after 4 pm.
    • Sweated out toxins through near- or far-infrared saunas or mineral hot springs or steam baths—and soaked in Epsom salts.
    • Deep breathed for five minutes each morning and each afternoon to get a hold of their stress levels.
    • Forgave everyone.
    Ascertained the continuing sources of CURRENT stress, and WROTE OUT different means of coping with it that would not sabotage their health any more. They reduced ALL stress—from every source.
    They avoided almost all media, either for news or entertainment, and captured an old-fashioned lifestyle of serious productive reading, resisting passivity.
    Removed all the mercury in their teeth from old silver fillings.
    Took out all radioactive toxins by using tinctures and cilantro.
    Got *EMF shields to counter electromagnetic frequencies, and top-notch indoor *air purifiers.
    Used *essential oils liberally, in place of toxic drugs. This was an alternative HEALTHY pharmacy, with no side effects. They used only therapeutic grade (most oils obtained in health stores are extracted by solvents and can be toxic). They used the raindrop technique to apply certain oils in certain sequences, up the spine.
    Got their back straightened by a chiropractor.
    Got massages.
    Wore *linen. Linen delivers 5,000 positive healing frequencies into your body, as does wool. They didn’t wear linen and wool together, which would have canceled each other’s frequencies out. Our body’s optimum frequency is 100. ORGANIC cotton delivers 100, silk delivers only 15. All synthetic fabrics deliver NEGATIVE numbered frequencies, and fight with our body’s electromagnetic field, compounding our stress significantly. Linen is the only fabric used on internal surgical sutures and is antibiotic and antiviral. People sweat far less in linen than any other fabric. It is a super healing fabric. (For women’s linen menstrual pads, see pleasantpads.com)

    They were fueled by the success stories of others.
    They kept these stories continually before them, through health magazines and books and were well-researched and well-read in the alternative health fields in general.
    Watch the documentary DVD Forks over Knives (now available from Netflix and in movie rental stores or for purchase or rent from Amazon.com). It documents the largest nutritional study ever conducted. It is fascinating.

    They resisted preoccupation.
    They realized that MISSED hours to input the body mean delayed and slower healing.
    They set a timer to COUNTER the tendency to become preoccupied with all lesser matters, realizing that yielding to the tyranny of the urgent would only leave them in a diseased condition.

    They required steady, relentless incremental discipline of themselves, especially when it came to exercise. Routine, consistent exercise increases the rate of healing 8X!!!
    They learned to exercise in three ways DAILY (aerobics, weight training, stretching), even if it meant that someone else moved their limbs for them to begin the process.
    They began SLOWLY, and did not crash and burn.
    They realized that they were addicted to their own sluggishness and LACK of exercise, and that now being ill, they were ACCUSTOMED to doing nearly none, and that there would be a hefty amount of brow beating with themselves to get them to reverse this trend.
    They moved into exercise SLOWLY each time, but with iron-willed determination, and increased each type of exercise by only five minutes each week. Their target goals? 3-mile walks, 10 reps in all weight lifting, and stretching every muscle group.

    IS there an alternative?
    Doing all of this is not an easy journey, but dying is no picnic either. Neither is training for the Olympics. Or raising children. Or writing a book. Or gardening. Or even picnicking! Nothing is easy. We delude ourselves that health is easy, and that it alone SHOULD escape the glories of all other successes, ALL of which are achieved by nothing but discipline. None of them are exempt. For most of us, the biggest surprise of our life was that investing in our health should even BE a goal… until we lose it.

    This is the American health conundrum…right here in the Bible: 2 Kings 5:13: “If the prophet had told you to do some great thing, would you have done it? How much more when he tells you, wash and be cleansed!” Our culture PREFERS drugs and surgery to the hard work of SELF-discipline.

    * (email us for the best source)

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    Time management means managing yourSELF

    Wednesday, 21. September 2011 by Renee Ellison


    Time management has nothing to do with when the work day starts… or when an activity WITHIN that day starts. A person’s day COULD begin at 6 a.m. or at 7:30 or at 8 or at 9 and the person would STILL be late who has not seen that life is a bunch of jigsaw pieces that must FIT TOGETHER in deference for the EXISTENCE of other jigsaw pieces in order for life to run smoothly. The pieces have to lie down NEXT to each other. Every time they overlap—even a smidgeon—or are stacked on TOP of each other, the direct result is various levels of chaos.

    One must manage ONESELF in relation to time…choosing to fit IN one’s personal agenda time-piece into the world’s time-piece. It is a perfectionistic refusal to let some things go (if they were INITIATED by oneself… one’s own plan/design…) in favor of a prior larger world’s design… in favor of other’s FIXED prior agendas or THEIR time commitments.

    Two things cannot occupy the same space. What you gain in making that last-minute food preparation when you really need to be out the door, you lose in toxic cortisol production. Every time your body is in hurry/panic mode, you lose. If you maintain a relentless perfectionism re: achieving your OWN GOALS no matter the cost, you can whip your body into trauma, day after day. Such a person may not be aware of it, but he/she chooses the cortisol.

    For further reading on this topic, order our quick booklets on Coping with Personally Induced Stress and Goal Setting and Time Management.

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