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Phonetic Sounds Visuals Packet Phonetic Sounds Visuals Packet:

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Teach Math Faster (Kindle book) Teach Math Faster (Kindle book):

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Kindergarten Songs and Rhythms (audio CD) Kindergarten Songs and Rhythms (audio CD):

Enjoy this sweet,calming music for families with young children.  Music plays a beautiful role in a godly… more >>

About Us


These materials are a product of Homeschool How-To’s, which is a family business of Todd and Renee Ellison, since 1989.

  The Inside Scoop, written by our daughter Melanie, is a heartwarming, faith-building adventure story of traveling to homeschool conventions over the past decade. This fun look behind the scenes shows you what vendors go through to bring you their wares. Contact us if you would like us to come to your area!

About the author and inventor, Renee Ellison

Mrs. Ellison has more than 30 years of experience in the field of education—in Christian, private, secular, and home school settings.  She home educated for nearly 20 years.  Renee has taught nearly all grade levels, and was an elementary principal, head of a high school English department, was awarded Teacher of the Year, developed and ran gifted and talented programs, and has conducted numerous teacher training workshops. (Click here for Renee’s resume.)

Renee invented a system for learning how to touch-type that has been sold around the world [now also available for learning to type the Hebrew alphabet on your regular keyboard], as has her similar system for learning how to play the piano.  As a Bible-believing home-schooling mom, she delights in using her professional academic background to help others teach and train more effectively at home.  Renee and her husband are the parents of one child (more in heaven), and work together to create homeschool how-to’s and make them available to you.

For inspiration while you’re your homeschooling, listen to Renee’s weekly half-hour radio show on homeschooling,  Listen live at 10 a.m. Mountain Time Sunday mornings on LAMB Radio, or hear the podcasts of past broadcasts whenever you want.  Listen while you do dishes.  Fly through your chores while living off ideas for how to homeschool yet better and better.

Conventions and workshops schedule for Renee Ellison ~ Homeschool How-To’s

Think about attending your region’s home educators’ conference this year.  If you don’t break down and cry from stimulation overload from the first moment you enter the exhibit hall, it can be a most fun time.  You and some other moms might want to go together.  The men could perhaps man the children!  Or, ask the grandparents to watch your children, and both you and your husband make a date of attending.  You’ll have to hang on to your pocketbook because it is fairly common for first timers to unload $500 to $1000 on materials in those few days.  Then in subsequent years they get wise, do the kinds of things Renee has written about in The Right Stuff, and can teach for $25.00 a year, or less!  But the speakers are fabulous, and the networking with other moms can be an earlier heaven.  Tears, confessions, inspirations, Solomon-like insights are all mangled up in your emotions when you leave as you glory anew in your motherhood.

Come see us at a convention or at your support group (click here to see our schedule)

Please contact us for more information, and with your suggestions and recommendations for participating in future home educators’ conferences.  Our policy is to only participate at conventions and meetings where Renee is invited as a speaker.

Shop on Thursday and Friday!  If you see us at a convention you’ll see that if you want to buy something from our booth, you’ll need to do it before Friday when it gets dark.  As a means of honoring the Lord’s Sabbath while we are at conventions, we do all the selling and transmission of our materials only on the Thursday and Friday, and are there for fellowshipping and counseling and homeschooling pep-talking on the Saturday. Most of our materials (except for the typing and piano courses and the audio CDs) are available electronically over our website, but if you want to leave the convention with products from our booth, please visit it before sundown on Friday.

What is distinctive about our products?

(1.) Our products help you to cross over from inability to ability, from a slow way to accomplish something to a fast way, from inefficiency to efficiency, from sluggish left brain techniques to hyper-drive right-brain freeways—and from inferior products to superior ones for your health and exercise.
(2.) We are impelled and enabled by the power of what Messiah accomplished by His death and resurrection.  (Click here to read our statement of beliefs.)
(3.) Renee always has you, the person who is facing a challenge in some area of homeschooling, in her sights when she is developing materials and teaching other moms.  What thrills us most is to find that our materials have helped you to not reinvent the wheel.  (Click here to read what our customers have told us.)